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The She Devil Part 1

2023-01-13 00:46:27

My wife and I often participate in BDSM and have been doing so for almost five years now. Since the day of our first session she has loved every minute of serving me as my submissive. But after three years I was starting to get seriously bored of the same things.
Secretly over time Ive been developing more and more of a submissive side that had remained hidden from her. I was afraid that if she found out, she would start to lose interest in our sex life all together. I kept thinking to myself I have to tell her at some point and just see how she reacts. Last weekend I did exactly that and this is what happened.

It was early Saturday morning and I had just stepped out of bed. I walked down towards the kitchen to make a coffee while my wife gets her additional beauty sleep. She is what you'd call a bigger girl or BBW for short. As I was pouring the kettle into my mug I could hear her tossing and turning in her sleep, making the bed creak as she shifted her weight. I didnt care that she was overweight. In fact I loved it.
After making my coffee I walked back into the bedroom to see her slowly awaken from her sleep. She looked beautiful with her smooth pale skin, sapphire blue eyes and long scarlet red hair.

"Good morning baby, how did you sleep?" I asked her.
"Morning. I slept well considering I had some particular dreams last night". She replied with a cute tone in her voice.
I sat down next to her on the bed and looked at her as if to say "what dreams?" Without saying anything else she just lifted the blanket slightly and glanced down towards her legs. With my hand I had a feel of her pussy and just as I has suspected it was soaking wet.
So I asked her "What dreams were you having anyway?"
She smiled and said "The sort of dreams where your blood gets pumping at the mere thought of them, the kinky kind that is".
I smiled back at her to acknowledge what she was hinting at before staring down into my coffee. Well I guess this would be the best time to tell her about my hidden sub side. I took a breath in and told her outright without any hesitating or second thoughts. Her reply shocked me as she said "Oh really? before we met I used to have a dominant streak in me that almost faded away". She continued to say "Every second week I would have encounters with slave boys from the inner city". This really had me surprised, so I asked her why she had never told me of this before hand. She said she was afraid that I wouldn't be into anything like that.

After a while of opening up and talking to each other on the subject she offered to dominate me for the weekend to see if I would like it.
I said yes and accepted her offer while my heart was nearly beating through my chest in anticipation and excitement. I opened my mouth to say thank you, but before I could she cut me off and said: "You must understand this though, I don't play without consensual non-consent". I raised an eyebrow as I wasn't to clear on what she meant by that statement. She continued to explain that if she were to take me as her slave for the weekend, I would have no say over anything she does. This thought of this turned me on, so much that it made my cock harder than diamond in mere seconds. I told her she may do whatever she pleases with me so long as she doesn't put me in any serious danger, which I doubt she would anyway. I said thank you and accepted her offer without any further discussion.
Although I did wonder why it had to be consensual non-consent. I mean what is she planning to do to me anyway?

Later that morning I was sitting at my computer in the living room. Out of nowhere she walked into the room wearing nothing but white panties and a brown leather corset. Immediately I froze as I had taken one glance at her standing there looking sexy as all hell. She then opened our toy chest and pulled out a leather belt, locking hand mittens, and a long black riding crop. I was ordered to get down on my knees in front of her as she grasped the crop tightly in one hand. She then grabbed my hair and pulled my head into her soaking wet crotch. I could smell her pussy strongly through the panties and tried to turn away but she yanked me back into position by the hair on my head. "You will keep your nose buried in there or else I'll cut your fucking nipples off!!!" she said in a very serious tone of voice.
"Fuck, of fuck" I thought to myself as I realized what I was getting myself into. I had no idea she could be like this!

She began to tap my ass with the riding crop, softly at first and then gradually harder and harder again. At this point I was glad that my clothing was still on and that my jeans were somewhat literally saving my ass. But just when I thought I was safe she order me to strip all of my clothing off. I replied with "yes Mistress" and proceeded to do as she told me. She rubbed her fingers through my hair and said "That's a good little boy, you will address me as mistress every single time you speak! Is that clear?" I replied with "yes mistress" as I removed the last of my clothing. Apparently the hitting with the crop was just a light warm up and that she was only scratching the surface of thing to come yet. I swallowed in fear of what evil things she has kept hidden from me all these years. Once I was butt naked I kneeled on the floor before her yet again, and yet again she pulled my face into her wet crotch by my hair and continued to beat me.
Progressively she got to the point where my ass was so sore and stingy that I could not bare it any more. I had even broken into tears from the pain and emotional distortion that followed with each strike. She looked down at me and smiled sarcastically before spitting on my face. "Your pathetic if that's all you can take!" she said.
I then felt cable ties being pulled tightly against my wrist as she locked them behind my back. I then had the leather belt pulled tightly around my neck (the one she had grabbed out earlier). My heart was racing, I was sweating like crazy and tears didn't seem to stop from rolling down the side of my face. She pulled my face into her crotch for the third time via the belt around my neck and chuckled a little as she did it.

"Do you smell me?" She asked.
"Yes Mistress". I said with a shaky voice.
"Good, because theres more of that to come". She then ordered me to rub her clit with my nose until she has an orgasm. I rubbed it as much as I could trying to bare the smell at the same time. It soon became incredibly hard to breath and so I attempted to shift my head for clean air. Before I could do so she grabbed it with both hands and forced me back into her pussy. I was now seriously in need for oxygen yet had no hope in hell as my hands where tied and my head was being secured against her.
She grasped my head even firmer and said "Almost there, your not breathing until you make me cum first".
I started to panic and in my panic I finally managed to make her orgasm. The second I did she let go of me as I collapsed onto the floor trying to catch my breath and recover.

She left me lying on the hard wooden floor for about 15 minutes before coming back cutting my hands free of the cable ties.
"Thank you Mistress" I said as I rotated my sore wrists. Before I knew it I was being restricted again, this time with the lockable hand mittens she placed on me. I looked up at her and begged her "please Mistress, please no more".
She just shook her and said "Ive got you all weekend remember? You'l do as I fucking say!!"
After the mittens had been locked around my wrists I was lead into a steal dog cage that awaited me on the living room floor.
Once inside of it, she slammed the door shut and locked it to prevent me from escaping.
Before leaving the room she squatted down, looked at me through the bars and said "Your gonna stay here like a good little puppy until late tonight. If I hear you wining Im gonna gag you tightly with my panties. Do I make myself clear?"
I simply nodded my head and replied with "yes Mistress". I sat there and stared across the empty room, thinking to myself I need to get out of here before tonight. God only knows whats coming next. I should have never told her about my sub side in the first place.