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My Wife Paid for My Mistakes - Part 2

2023-01-24 00:08:43

In the days immediately following her rape, Kel had found out she was not pregnant. But her rapist left her with an indelible change just as profound. She had insisted from the outset that we didn’t file a police report. She couldn’t deal with the questions and because she felt she was clearly to blame, it would be of no use anyway.

For weeks following her rape Kel wandered aimlessly around the house in dazed and contemplative silence. We seldom spoke and when we did the conversation was always degraded to the same conversation. I would tell her that it wasn’t her fault and that I should have never let it have gone so far. She would shake her head and say ‘NO’, she talked me into letting him take her into the parking lot, it’s her fault, she’s stupid, she’s a fucking slut who got what she deserved. I tried to be supportive especially since I knew my own thoughtless complicity in her attack, but my encouragement and support fell on deaf ears. My suggestions of professional help were received with outright anger. She was NOT going to talk to a stranger about what a whore she was. She said she could figure that one out all by herself.

Then about the sixth or seventh week after the attack, Kel woke up one Saturday and started to act normal…..or at least so I thought. I cautiously smiled to watch Kelly move with a little more energy. She got up, showered, got dressed in something other than the old sweats that had become her uniform for the last difficult weeks, then she went downstairs and started to cook breakfast. I joined Kel downstairs in the kitchen and shyly asked..’are you feeling a little better today honey?’ Kel, looked at me and said ‘Sure babe, I’m feeling a little better, I had an epiphany last night and my head is clearer today.’ ‘An epiphany?’ I asked, ‘Would you like to talk about it?’ Kel, said ‘Yes, we better talk, things were going to be a little different from now on.’

I sat down at the kitchen table with a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. Watching Kel the last seven weeks was pure hell and while part of me is happy just to see her back among the living, the selfish part of me just wanted things to go back to the way they were ‘before’. Not different, not new…..just the same. But I of course knew better.

Kel continued… ‘I have come to the realization that, well, I suppose I’m basically a whore at heart.’ ‘Stop right there Kel’ I said. ‘You’re getting your head further twisted everyday, you’re NOT a whore, I…..we ….made a stupid mistake and you paid a terrible price, but you’re NOT a whore. I’m making an appointment for you with the doctor today damit, I should have put my foot down weeks ago!’ Kel looked at me with a determination that I’d NEVER seen in her eyes before. ‘ You call the doctor, you make one move to interfere and you’re dead.’ ‘I’ll ruin you’ I’ll ruin your spotless reputation and then you’ll never see me again’. ‘Is that what you want?’ Come on ! , IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?’ she prodded. ‘No, Kel of course not, I want to help, I love you.’ ‘I can’t fucking stand this’…. ‘Interfere?, with what?’ I asked.

‘Like I was trying to explain…..dear……I have come to the realization that I am a whore.’ ‘ Now, before you get on your fucking high horse again, here me out.’ ‘What you don’t know, what I couldn’t bear to tell you honey, is that while I was being raped a part of me liked it.’ My heart felt like it was in a vise and I’m sure the look on my face said it all to Kelly. Kel continued, ‘I have been wrestling with this for weeks.’ ‘I feel that I have betrayed you, myself or at least my old self and maybe worst of all I feel like I am betraying all the women who are raped each year and are callously told…”You wanted it” or “You liked it” when they didn’t.’ ‘MY problem is, that, and I am sorry honey, I did like it.’ ‘I was scared to death at first’ ‘I thought he would kill me, kill you.’ ‘But after I sensed that he probably wouldn’t murder me, the fear, the thrill, adrenalin rush, the heat of the desire he felt was intoxicating.’ ‘I was afraid for him to cum in me, because I didn’t want a rape baby, but if I wasn’t so fearful of getting pregnant, I know I would have enjoyed feeling him fill me up.’ ‘Honey,…..I’m sorry to drop this on you but maybe now I can heal and be myself’……’Honey?’ Kel paused probably having noticed no response or breathing from my un-souled body. ‘Honey?’….’say something.’

‘Fuck Kelly’ ‘What the hell do you want me to say?’ ‘And just what is all this “New You” and “things are going to be different” crap I’m hearing?’ ‘It’s not crap and
it’s going to happen’ Kel said firmly. ‘You can help me and love me or you can leave me
to go it alone’. ‘I’m hoping you stay and help me.’ ‘Stay and help you do WHAT, Kel’?

Kelly came over behind me an put her hands on my shoulders to sooth me. ‘I do love you’, she said softly ‘but I need you to help me recapture that feeling’…’I can’t let it go. It’s like an instant addiction.’ Kel then laid out her plan to me. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from my beautiful wife. She wanted, no, she needed, according to her, to have other men take her forcefully and I was to be her rape pimp. ‘What the fuck, Kel ! Have you lost your mind.’ ‘You think, I’m going to “set up” a fantasy rape or rapes for you and stick around to protect you?’ I was sick to my stomach and god help me, I was also so hard at the thought of Kel having sex I had to have her right then.

I grabbed Kelly’s hands and threw her on the kitchen table. Stunning her for a second, I caught the top of her sun dress and pulled it toward me. I could hear and feel the front buttons rip loose as I tore through to get to my goal. ‘You want to be raped?’ – ‘Fucking bitch, I’ll give you raped’. The solid bottom of the front of her dress ripped with a quick zip exposing Kel’s luscious body in bra and panties. I pulled Kel toward me and the edge of the table until her legs were over the side and I leaned into her with my forearm against her neck pinning her to the table. Kel offered no resistance, but seemed to be savoring the force of my attack. I undid the front of her bra and released Kel’s beautiful breasts. My hand quickly pulled at her panties until I could feel her sweet pussy. My finger ran along her already wet slit and I trust a finger into her lubricated hole. My finger was the first thing Kel had put into her cunt since her fuck buddy raped her. Kel moaned and murmered….’Don’t rape me’…’Rape me’. My own raging member was impatient after my seven month hiatus while Kelly dealt with her issues.
I pulled down my pants and shorts and shoved my swollen cock hard into Kel’s heated fuck hole. Kel let out a muffled cry of pain as I proceed to slam my raging cock in her hard. It didn’t take long for me to cum the first time. God I came in buckets, I was thinking, now at least I’m the last guy to cum in Kel.

Kel started to relax and raise up. I pushed her back down with one hand and asked ‘Where do you think you’re going?’ ‘I’m gonna get a few of my seven lost months out of fucking you back before you lift your cunt off this table.’ I don’t normally have the stamina that I did when I was twenty, but right then, right there, after all Kel had said to me and the picture in my mind of Kel lifting herself off that guy’s cock in the parking lot with his cum streaming down her leg, I fucked her to exhaustion. I came four times, Kel came at least as many but hers were in waves so I couldn’t tell. Towards the end though Kelly’s pussy was completely fucked out and very sore. Even though Kel was wincing in pain mixed with pleasure as I shot my last mostly phantom load into her, she gave no resistance or protest.

I released Kel and as she scooted herself off the table she said ‘I hope you feel better now honey. I ‘m so satisfied right now….amazing…. you havn’t fucked me that hard in years. I know you got off on thinking about me being raped and it’s ok, I got off on it too’ ‘But next time you watch, then you can fuck me again, then you watch, fuck me, watch…..get it baby?’ ‘I need this….and I need you to help me….pleeease.’

Although I have the strength to rape her at will, Kel has all the power and she knows it. Basically, I had three choices. One, drag her to a shrink. In which case she’ll leave me and try to ruin me in the process for humiliating her. Two, leave her without protest and hope she doesn’t get killed while trying to go it alone. Or Three, help her by being her fantasy rape pimp and getting to keep her and her love on the side. Fuck, fuck, fuck, my head said the hell with it, choice number one and let the chips fall where they may….but my other ‘head’ tingling with the unthinkable / unbearable possibilities said choice number three. I don’t fully understand my depravity at getting so insanely excited thinking about Kel in the parking lot fucked full of cum, but……Choice number 3 it is, god help me. Cock 1, Brains 0.

Kel and I worked all of the next week on the were’s / how’s and general ground rules of her new obsession. I , for the most part was to be the front man in this. Kel thought that the scenario should be that I would find an appropriate guy or guys at a bar or where ever and approach them with the idea that my wife had a rape fantasy that I wanted to help her with. We would set up the time and place. I would be in an adjacent room and there would be a camera and monitor to my room to watch, with a stun gun by my side, to make sure things didn’t get out of hand. Kel didn’t want to meet or approve of them before hand, although she did set a few modest standards out for me. She wanted to see them for the first time as they came to ‘rape’ her.

I asked Kelly about protection from pregnancy and AIDS, she said not to worry, she had it all worked out. This is where we started to again have some BIG differences. Condoms for Kel were out of the question, she insisted they fuck her bareback to keep the tension / danger at a peak. Having them pull out before they came was also out. Kel said what kind of a rapist would worry about shooting a load in you? Nope, she wanted to feel their passion seed enter her taken body. Kel said at her age the pregnancy thing was pretty slim anyway and she’d take a morning after pill after every rape. As for the disease thing, Kel wanted me to pick out only ‘clean looking’ guys and to ask them about any sexually transmittable disease’s they may have. Ya, like that’s going to work. I figured I may need to do some better up front work to get this one past Kelly. I didn’t want either of us to get some shitty disease just because my wife’s a whore.

I thought about going back to the Gaslight bar where Kel had been raped to see if I could find that asshole and put a bullet through his head for forcing Kel down this spiraling path. But as I thought of the bar, it came to me…..perfect place to get ‘reasonably’ clean guys to rape Kel. As I jotted down notes on several approaches that I could make to prospective fuckers the plan started to come together in my mind.

I was getting off on the thought of setting Kel up for her rape session. What the fuck was wrong with me?

First things first. I purchased several closed circuit surveillance cameras with a DVR the electronics store. Simple enough to set up. A packaged kit with 4 cameras and DVR was perfectly set up for even a novice like me. Next, I figured I’d have to rent a two bedroom apartment for the rapes. I didn’t want any of these jerkoffs knowing where we lived. I also ordered my stun gun and pepper spray from a website on the net.

It took about 2 weeks to get an apartment about 2 miles from our house and about
1-1/2 miles from the Gaslight bar. It was a lower level end unit – furnished - with 2 bedrooms an efficient kitchen and a living / dining area. All Kel had to do was add a few knick knacks and it would be all set. I took the smaller bedroom for my hideout and set up the cameras. One in the kitchen, one in the Living / Dining and two in the adjacent Bedroom.

Kel was visibly excited the first night I went to the Gaslight to set up her rape. She had showered and took extra time to get dressed while I watched. Knowing she was dressing to fuck another man brought feelings that I can’t describe …..erotic… .jealousy, …it just can’t be put into words. I can tell you this, I had an erection that I seriously thought would rupture a blood vessel in my cock. I was so hard watching Kelly dress up for her forced fuck I couldn’t stand it.

We weren’t quite sure if it was going to go down so Kel stayed at home and waited for my call to go to the apartment.

There was a line again at the Gaslight and I felt really strange waiting by myself to get in. I don’t know why I felt self conscious, there were a fair number of single guys waiting to get in, but I doubt any of them were there to set up the rape of their wife.

Once inside I scanned the room for a likely candidate. What emotions I had ‘picking out’ a guy to fuck my wife. I kept coming back to one guy. I crossed him out at first just because of the shear shock of it, but the more I looked….and thought the more I kept thinking, this guy might be prefect. He was a black guy, I’d say in his late 30’s, nicely dressed, pretty well built but not a complete jock type. He was maybe 6’ tall, I figured I could fend him off if things got out of hand.

Kel didn’t give me any guidelines on race so I hesitated again. The thought to a black man raping my wife, when she actually didn’t know in advance his skin color instantly made up my mind.

I though about what line I would use with him. Fuck, you’d think I was picking him up for me….jez. Anyway, He was moving toward the bar so I needed to act fast.
My line for him was just going to be the direct approach, no dancing around. If he didn’t bite, I’d be better off. I’d just go home to Kel and tell her I’ll try again in a day or two.

‘Hey, do you have a sec., I wanted to ask you about something.’

‘Aaaa, ya see, I don’t go that way pal’

‘No, not like that, I have a proposition I think you’ll be interested in.’

‘What then?’

‘Ok, I’ll lay it out straight. My wife (at which point I produce her picture) and I are into ….let’s just say alternative situations. I want to know if you will pretend to forcibly have sex with my wife, with her knowledge and agreement.’

‘Hell No….You trying to set me up or something? You want revenge on you wife or girlfriend and want me to be the dup. Fuck no’

‘No really, I’d even give you a password to say to her when she answers the door…. You say rooster and she’ll respond cock, so you’ll know she’s in on it ….after that nothing is said about her knowledge of the rape, she wants to make it as real as possible with ONE big exception. No beating her. Forceful yes. Hard yes. But you can’t seriously hurt her.’

‘Fuck man, you’re nuts. I’ll walk into that room and you’ll rob me. Man, you think I was born yesterday or what.’

‘Hey, I don’t know what I can do to prove to you that this is for real but I’m not going to beg you to fuck my wife. Sorry I wasted your time pal….good luck tonight.’

As I started to walk off, I heard him say….Hey…..wait…..Let me see that picture again. I show him Kel’s pic and I could see the desire in his eyes. Damn, I don’t want this guy fucking Kel.

‘Where are you going to be for all of this?’ he asked.

‘I’ll be in the another room in our apartment, I would ONLY come out it Kel is in trouble.’ I left the part about the camera’s out. I knew if this guy thought for a second about being caught on video the deal would be out.

‘My names Mike’ he offered. ‘If you’re screwing with me, I will make you sorry, real sorry’

‘No Mike, I’m not screwing with you. You’re just one lucky guy tonight’

With that, I finalized the details with Mike and called Kelly. “Ok babe, it’s on” I could almost hear her gasp with the realization that this was going to happen. ‘I’ll meet you at the apartment in about 5 minutes, Mike will be there in 15. You’re sure about this right?….I can still call it off.’ There was a slight hesitation, then Kel said ‘No hunny, I’m sure…..thanks, I’ll see you there.’ I didn’t tell Kel her rapist was a black guy, she wanted to be raped anyway, I’m not giving that whore anymore power than she already has.

I met Kel at the apartment and she was nervous as a cat near water. I walked over to her and said, ‘This is what you wanted. I hope it makes you happy.’ I kissed her long and deep and I moved my hand up her skirt. Her panties were wet. I slipped back her panties to feel her hot and well lubricated cunt. She let out a soft sigh and then said ‘Stop now hunny, he’ll be here any minute. I love you.’

Mike was about 10 minutes late. I was beginning to think he had gotten cold feet about the arrangement and wasn’t going to show. Then there was the knock at the door. I retreated to my room, locked the door and sat by the split screen monitor with anticipation.
‘Rooster’ Mike said as Kel opened the door. There was a pause. I think Kelly was taking in the fact that Mike was black, then I heard Kel say ‘Cock’.

Mike put his hand on Kelly’s shoulder and moved her back into the apartment. With the door still open Mike did a quick survey of the apartment and then closed the door.

He grabbed Kel by her arms and brought her forward to kiss him. Kel pushed back hard and said ‘What are you doing? Get out of my house, my husband’s here!’. Mike seemed a little confused, taking in if Kel was acting or if this was real. I thought he might bolt out but Mike regained his focus and grabbed Kelly by her waist and pulled her tightly toward him. Kel struggled hard but his grip now resolved with how the game will be played was firm. He took his free hand and immediately went for Kelly’s top pulling it hard I could hear it ripe from both the monitor and from outside the door. We had discussed earlier that he could rip Kel’s clothes, keep her panties as a memento whatever… as long as the cardinal rule of not hurting Kel was kept.

Kel’s right tit popped out of her bra with the shredding of her blouse. As he worked her bra and Kel struggled he pushed her back toward the couch in the Living area.
‘You scream, you so much as say one word cutie and I’ll kill you.’ Mike told Kel
He took a handkerchief from his pocket and shoved it in Kel’s mouth.

Part of me wanted to go out and stop this. How can I watch Kel fuck another guy? How can I watch Kel get rapped….again and do nothing? I had a raging hard on and I had to pull my cock out as I watched the erotic sex show on the monitors in front of me. I only stroked my cock a couple of times while Mike was forcing Kel down on the couch when I shot my first load.

Mike had Kellys bra off now he had his face buried in her beautiful breasts. I could see he was sucking and biting. Kel did her part of struggling but I could see her resolve was melting. With Kel down on the couch he started to tear at her skirt, pulling it down her long legs. Even with Kel kicking, he seemed to overpower her easily enough. He didn’t wait to get her panties off before he positioned himself between her legs and lifted her pussy to his mouth. Using his tongue to explore the sweet fluid below her panties he found the nectar he was looking for. He roughly licked Kel’s wet pussy while Kel’s body arched with ecstasy. He was over the edge now. He held Kel down with one hand to her mid section as he undid his belt and pulled down his pants and shorts.

OMG, I thought the fucker that raped Kel at the bar was big! Even on the split monitor I could see the enormity of his stiff member. Not just the length….but the damn thing had a huge diameter. I’m not small, but next to this guy, I’d look like a fucking schoolboy. I was afraid he would hurt Kelly irreparably with that bat.

As he positioned himself at the entrance to Kel’s juice flowing cunt, my excitement was uncontainable. Kel’s eyes widened with fear as she saw the huge
rod about to violate her. ‘Oh, you’re going to like this’ Mike said as he pushed his cock into my wife. I came again with the sound of Kel’s muffled cry as he stretched her pussy beyond its limit.

He pushed hard into Kelly’s body racking her with pain as his balls slammed the
entrance of her womanhood. Kel had managed to spit the kerchief out of her mouth. ‘Oh god’ Kel cried, ‘please stop, don’t do this to me.’ But Mike no longer cared about anything but busting his nut in my beautiful wife’s cunt. His rhythms increased in tempo as he pounded his massive cock in an out of my wife’s yielding pussy. Kelly, despite what seemed to be her best efforts now seemed to be involuntarily fucking him back as her own desires raged within her. ‘Don’t make me pregnant.’ She moaned ‘ Please, I don’t want a black baby inside me’ Mike continued his deep thrusts. ‘I know a guy who say’s differently whore, I’m going to fill your twat with my black seed and you will get pregnant bitch’ Kel was lost in the moment as her own orgasm was beginning to peak. ‘Stop, stop’she cried, then her back arched up to meet his trust and she came violently. Her love juice literally squirted out the sides of her overstuffed pussy and covered Mikes balls with warm juice. Mike blew his load of cum deep, deep inside Kel as she moaned, still reeling for her own explosive orgasm.

Somewhere during this I came a third time. I was so conflicted yet turned on by seeing Kelly raped and probably impregnated. Mike lifted himself off Kel and grabbed her cheeks with his hand. ‘See babe, I told you you’d like it’. Then, Mike pulled his pants back up and left only stopping briefly at the door to say ‘I’ll come back for more of that sweet pussy anytime.’

I rushed out of the bedroom to find Kel still laying prone on the couch. Her legs spread and wet with sex juices, I could see Mike’s cum still oozing out of my wife’s thrashed hole. Kel was in a dreamlike state with her eyes glazed at the ceiling. ‘Are you ok?’ I asked. Kel nodded yes and slowly came back to life. My cock was again fully erect and sore as I laid my eyes on Kelly’s abused , sex filled body.
I stuck my cock in Kelly’s cunt squishing out more of Mike’s massive load from my daring wife’s raped gash. Although Kel’s used pussy was not tight on my cock, I could feel her incredible warmth as I gently loved her.

I hate to admit this but I had never had such an exciting sexual experience in my life. I even considered going down on Kel and cleaning her out after I fucked her. My life is truly in the shitter. My beautiful wife , raped and made into a whore and me….. well, I guess I’ve became a whore of sorts too…..an whore to my wife’s sexuality.