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The Man Of Sin: Chapter 6_(1)

2023-01-23 00:02:22

Chapter 6


Helena stared at the card in horror, feeling like she was going to scream. That bastard! Bad enough he put her in those awful ropes the other day, now he wanted her to violate herself in sinful vanity! And even worse, he had forbidden her from just skipping school and hiding away from everyone.

“God, I swear to you, I will kill this monster if it’s the last thing I do!”

Her collar then activated, appearing around her neck and rumbling. Xavier wanted her to… touch herself? Right now?! This was too sudden; she had never done this kind of thing before! But she was in her dorm room, which meant she had privacy… at least until Sophie came back. She had given her the same excuse as the morning before yesterday and bought herself some time. How long did she have before her friend came barreling through the door and caught her in the midst of her shameful act of hedonism? The collar’s heat and power increased, telling her that she was running out of time. She had to do it now or else the deal would be broken and Sophie would be served up to Xavier on a silver platter.

“All right, I’ll do it! Just… give me a minute.” ‘And now I’m asking this collar for mercy. Oh how I love my life…’

Resigning herself to her fate, she climbed back into bed and lied on her back. How was she supposed to do this? She had certainly gotten an orientation from that porno, but all the details seemed be slipping out of her mind. If she just… started, maybe she would be able to figure it out. Taking a deep breath and praying for God to forgive her, she slipped her hand into her panties. Her flesh was still as smooth as glass from Xavier’s flames, as if her body was incapable of producing new hair follicles, and she had to admit, the softness of her skin didn’t feel half bad. She slowly traced the petals of her virgin flower with her fingertips, feeling that gentle touch reverberate through her lower body. It was like a tickle, one that didn’t make her laugh but instead made her feel warm. She did this for a couple minutes, letting herself get used to the sensation. Her breath fluttering, she pushed it further and moved her finger between the lips, stroking the pink interior. She could feel herself becoming wet, her body reacting to the stimulation.

She continued on like that for five minutes, the guilt of her sin being washed away by the liquid arousal clinging to her fingertips. She could not deny the pleasure she was feeling, the soft bolts of electricity crackling through her body. But she felt stagnant, knowing that there was more she had to do.

‘How will I know when I’m done? Do I really have to have an orgasm? I’m not sure I’ll get one at this rate, considering what I saw that woman do. Should… should I try going inside?’

With her eyes screwed shut, she slowly inserted her middle finger into her slit, making her shudder in the sudden wave of strange bliss. It felt good. She began moving it back and forth, her finger sliding effortlessly through her velvet sleeve. Her fluttering breaths became deep pants, with her muscles expanding and contracting and making her writhe and stretch.

‘Oh God, oh God, oh God!’

She couldn’t help it; she needed more. She inserted her index finger as well, while her left hand struggled to find something to grab onto. At first she clutched her shoulder, then her arm, but at last settled by grasping her breast. Her hand was under her bra, her palm massaging her womanly shelf. Had her skin always been so soft and smooth? Had her breasts always been this large? She experimentally gave her nipple a soft pinch and gasped, feeling as if a bolt of lightning was stretching between the soft nub and her pussy. Her whole body was becoming tense and hyper, like Restless Leg Syndrome. She started arching her back and then curling up, her voice beginning to slip free between her frantic pants.

A memory flashed through her mind. Xavier had done the very same thing to her in the church. He had embraced her, using one hand to fondle her breasts and the other hand to finger her pussy.

‘No! I can’t think about that now!’

She tried to push the memory out of her mind, feeling it contaminating the pleasure she was feeling. Regardless, it crept in, her imagination syncing up the past and the present so that her hands became his.

‘Get out of my head! I want nothing to do with you!’

She tried even harder to keep the thoughts out, focusing solely on the pleasure and the physical aspects. She was so close; she could feel it. But she could see Xavier’s arms around her, this figment of her imagination flashing in and out of her mind’s eye like a strobe light. She could feel his breath and lips on her neck and smell that masculine scent that his bed shared. Her will broke, those thoughts of Xavier momentarily flooding her mind, and in that moment, she came. Waves of euphoria, indescribable to her innocent soul, submerged her body in a hot bath while billions of tiny massage therapists gave every muscle a deep rubdown. Her voice slipped free, a single moan echoing through her room, while she could feel drops of her arousal splattering against her palm.

Soon, the bliss ended, and she was left gasping for air with her chest heaving and her mind dark. What in the world had become of her? She dreamed of becoming the first female member of the Swiss Guard, but now found herself the captive of the Antichrist, rolling in bed while pleasuring herself like a common heretic. The collar was calm now that she had satisfied the command. With a full day of school and five more sessions to go at random times, how in the world would she do this? Wait, people wouldn’t be able to see it, would they? She sighed. There was no point in worrying about it. She could do nothing but wait for the collar to reactivate and then come up with a plan.

After taking a moment to ask God to forgive her for her sinful act, she got dressed and left her dorm room for the cafeteria. There was still plenty of time before breakfast ended. Once there, her friends all began complimenting her, claiming that she had never looked so vibrant and full of life.

Xavier glanced back, hearing the clicking of a camera. He was in a crowded hallway, and holding the camera was a student he had seen before. Tattooed, disheveled, and with a bandana around his head, Xavier remembered seeing in the kitchen. He had also gotten a strange vibe off him. Was he the exorcist that Daphne had told him about?

‘What was his name? Andy Cain? Andrew Bane? No… Alexander Thane. Yeah, that was it. With him taking pictures like that, I can’t use my powers around him. Or wait… what do I look like when I have my picture taken? Wow, the years are starting to take their toll. Oh well, I might as well give him something to chase.’

Trying to maintain her dignity, Helena left the classroom and walked down the hall. The collar had activated and was buzzing around her neck. Luckily, it didn’t seem like anyone had seen or heard it. She was off to commit the sin again, this time in the bathroom. How horrendous. She entered the lavatory and checked each stall to make sure they were empty. Finding herself alone, she locked herself in the corner stall. Muttering curses, she removed her skirt and panties and left them folded on the toilet paper dispenser. She sat on the toilet, her face in her hands, contemplating her shame. The heat of the collar increased, telling her that it was now or never.

Sighing in reluctance, she reached between her legs and began toying with her slit. Her fingers found their way into her much easier than the first time. She leaned back against the tank, letting the pleasure steadily build with the sliding of her fingers. This was only her second time masturbating, but in a sense, it already routine, like she had mastered it years ago and was now just going through the motions.

Hello, what was this? At the top of her vagina, she had found a bump in the corner between her lips. She had seen it before in the porno, but she didn’t know what it was for. It was very sensitive, with the strokes of her fingers sending jolts through her body. She recognized this feeling and location. The other day, there had been a knot in her invisible bonds, pressed to this very location. The more she touched it, the more noticeable it became, soon feeling like one of the frozen peas that Sister Olivia would have her kneel on during detention. She rubbed it with her thumb while working her index and middle finger inside her, liking the sensations she was being blessed with.

The opening of the bathroom door hit her like an invisible punch. Two girls had just stepped in. They were standing by the row of sinks, just talking and complaining about the school. Just by their tones, she could tell these girls were of the same ilk as Daphne. She stopped her hand, waiting for them to leave. Not ten seconds after she pulled her fingers free, the collar reactivated, telling her that if she didn’t resume masturbating, the deal would be broken and Sophie would be put back in danger.

‘Please! Not now! Just wait a minute and I’ll get back to it after they leave!’

The collar didn’t stop and she reluctantly continued pleasuring herself, now using her free hand to cover her mouth and stop her pants from being heard. The girls’ conversation didn’t end quickly; they continued to vent about how much they hated the school. Every word they spoke sent a shiver up Helena’s spine while she pleasured herself. These girls were having a conversation, while not ten feet away, she was stirring her pussy like a biblical whore. What if they were to find out she was there? What if they caught her in the act?! She could get expelled from the school for this! She would never be allowed to enter the Swiss Guard! If she wasn’t careful now, her whole future would be ruined!

One of the girls leaned against the stall door, her shoes right in Helena’s view. Oh god, she was so close! Fear was pumping through her veins like her blood, but that fear was quickening the thrusts of her fingers and strengthening the reaction she felt. Beneath her, the toilet gave the slightest creak from her shifting wait. To Helena, it was like the roar of a buzz saw, but luckily, the other two girls didn’t seem to hear it. She adjusted her position and kept going. She could feel it bubbling inside her, her next orgasm. Just a little more! A little more! A tidal wave of pleasure at last swept through her, making her whole body writhe as if she were suffering a seizure. But while her hand was over her mouth, her voice managed to slip through.

The two girls heard it, the small squeak, that human whimper. The girl leaning against the door stepped back and turned around. “Hey, is someone in there?!”

For a second, Helena’s mind shattered like glass as her whole ruined future flashed through her mind, but ingenuity immediately struck her. Holding her tongue out tightly between her lips, she blew, imitating the noise of a loud and wet fart.

“Sorry, I was trying to hold that in until you two left.”

Swearing in disgust, the girls rushed out. Helena sat there on the toilet with her fingers still inside her, wearing nothing but a bra and blouse, once again alone. She didn’t know if it was the aftereffects of her orgasm or pride in her brilliance, but she burst into uncontrollable laughter, easily the hardest she had laughed in years.

Helena was now in class, listening to Sister Olivia give a lecture on famous pieces of art in the Catholic world. The day of her third trial was still going and she had already masturbated three times. Her eyes were on Xavier, sitting two rows away in the middle of the room, a look of boredom on his face as the lesson progressed. Slowly, he brought down his arm, letting it hang with his hand below his chair. Helena’s heart began to race. What was he doing? He was up to something! He snapped his fingers, so gently that it wasn’t even audible. The collar around her neck activated, heating up and buzzing against her flesh. She could not see it, but he had grown his trademark insidious grin.


She raised her hand, but Sister Olivia had her back turned and was writing on the board. With a twirl of his finger, Xavier increased the activity of the collar. Time was running out, she had to make her escape.

She gave a small cough. *Ahem* “Excuse me, Sister Olivia? May I please be excused? I’m feeling sick.”

The nun turned to her, an annoyed scowl on her face. “No, you may not. If you’re feeling sick, that’s the Lord punishing you for being a bad student. Don’t you dare interrupt my lesson again.”

The collar was still active and becoming more intense, telling Helena that the deal was about to be broken. It was time for something drastic. Turning in her chair, she buckled over and began pretending to dry-heave, causing everyone to look at her with concern. Hiding the movement and acting like she was trying to keep her mouth from opening, she jammed her finger down her throat and triggered her gag reflex. In that moment, every muscle and vein in her head tightened like piano wire, making her feel like her skull would be crushed under the pressure. Her half-digested lunch was poured out onto the floor, sending a rush of disgust through the entire class.

“Out! Out!” Sister Olivia screamed.

Spitting out the disgusting remains, Helena got to her feet and staggered out of the classroom, clutching her now aching stomach. Behind her, the rest of the class was herded into the hallway until a custodian could come and clean up the mess.

Xavier watched her run off, chuckling to himself. ‘Impressive. I’ll have to reward her for that.’

Helena certainly felt better coming back from the bathroom. Her stomach was still a little sore, but she had flushed her body with endorphins when she rubbed one out. Unfortunately, after a stunt like that, she would be the subject of ridicule and gossip for a while. She returned to the classroom, now cleaned up and with the windows open to remove any lingering odor. The other students all tried not to look at her.

“O’Connor, you’ve earned yourself a week of detention.”

The nun’s declaration brought Helena to a dead stop, her face flushed red and her mind rebooting from the indescribable rage now flooding her.

“Excuse me? Are you being serious right now? Did you not just see me throw up after telling you that I was sick?”

Xavier was also looking at Sister Olivia, his eyes lit with anger unbefitting of his character.

The nun exploded, having never before been questioned like this. “Don’t you dare take that tone with me! You interrupted my lesson and defiled my classroom! One more word and I’ll put the fear of God in you!”

The words came out before Helena could stop them. “Fuck you.”

Everyone in the room became as pale as corpses, all feeling like someone was squeezing their innards in a vise. Practically foaming at the mouth, Sister Olivia rushed towards the defiant student, her trusty meter stick raised to beat that spiteful look off Helena’s face. Helena put her right foot back, readying herself to deliver a punch if the nun went through with it. She could easily get expelled for this, but she was too pissed off to care. The flash of a black coat swooped between them with one hand grabbing Sister Olivia’s wrist and the other seizing Helena’s shoulder. Xavier had gotten in the way, leaping over a row of desks like an acrobat. He held her shoulder with his thumb pressing down on her arm, using his ungodly strength to keep her from moving that joint or bringing her arm forward. He wasn’t just keeping her safe from Sister Olivia; he was actually stopping her from doing something reckless.

“As a student, I have no right to speak, but I can no longer condone your cruel and draconian means of discipline. No teacher worth their salt would ever lay their hand on a student. Helena was sick and you denied her a chance to recover from her illness discretely. This is your fault, not hers. You have no reason to punish her.”

“I’ll see you both expelled for this! You ungrateful, belligerent maggots!”

With lightning speed, Xavier snatched the meter stick out of her hand and began spinning it. “And I’ll see you fired. If you want us punished, get on your knees and beg the Disciplinary Committee to take action.” He then snapped the meter stick with his fingers, sending splinters flying and making all the students shiver. “Because I certainly won’t answer to you.”

Whether it was the strength of his words or some kind of unholy power, Helena wasn’t sure, but whatever it was, it made Sister Olivia storm out of the classroom to find the Disciplinary Committee.

“Helena,” said Xavier, making her look up at him though unable to see his face. “I suggest you go back to your dorm room and get some rest. The sick belong in their beds.”

Once again, Helena didn’t know if it was the way he spoke or the effect of his powers, but she wordlessly retrieved her book bag and left.

“What can I do for you, Master?”

Smiling, Xavier pulled Daphne close and kissed her. Her eyes rolled back into her head, her Satanic heart overwhelmed with the happiness of being kissed by the Antichrist. But wait, there was something entering her mouth from his, other than his tongue of course. She could feel it running down her throat and filling her whole body. It felt like death. He pulled his lips away, revealing a black miasma flowing into her throat from him. The vaporous stream ended and Daphne fell to her knees, gasping for air.

“Ugh, disgusting. I’m from Hell and the taste of those menthols is making even me sick. Seriously, girl, cut down on the smoking. That’s what you can do for me. In all seriousness, I have just given you a bit of my power. That guy, Thane, he’s been taking pictures in search of me. If you use that power when he snaps a picture, you’ll appear as a black specter. I want you to cause trouble around the school that will send him running. Accidents, injuries, you know, just act like a poltergeist.”

She sat up straight and bowed to him. “I’ll do your bidding. Is there anything else?”

Xavier’s smile gained a sadistic twist. “Yeah, be at my room at 6:30 tonight.”

The redheaded lass was lying in bed, doing everything she could to not think about Xavier. She didn’t even know why she was in her dorm room, she wasn’t actually sick. Oh well, she only had another two classes that day, and after hearing what happened, her teachers would probably be lenient. She could at least use this time to study. About to reach for a textbook, the buzzing of her collar drew a sigh of annoyance. Damn it, this was the fifth time. Oh well, might as well just do it and enjoy the privacy.

She reached into her panties and began massaging her clit, playing with it like a tiny joystick. Her heart began to race, her breathing becoming shallow. She worked her fingers inside herself, relishing the feel of her interior. It was so soft and wet, and hot enough to make her feel like her fingers were melting. With her free hand, she started squeezing her breasts, knowing just how to stimulate herself for the best results.

‘I will admit this does feel wonderful, but this is seriously becoming a chore. Stupid Xavier, that black-hearted devil spawn. Making me sin like this so that my friend doesn’t get raped, how twisted can one man be? And what the hell was that stunt during class? Who is he trying to fool?’

Memories of that scene flashed through her mind, the sight of Xavier jumping in front of her and protecting her from Sister Olivia’s swing, and the feel of his powerful hand on her shoulder, completely immobilizing her with that simple touch.

She rolled on her side, her fingers continuing to slither through her pussy. ‘He was just showing off, cocky bastard. The next time I see him, he’ll probably say something lame like “nobody punishes you but me”. He’s possessive enough as it is, I don’t need him fighting my battles for me.’

She then pulled the blanket of her bed over herself, finding something comforting in the weight on her body and the way it rubbed against her when she moved. ‘Not to mention it was his fault that I’m in this mess. Sister Olivia wouldn’t have been mad at me if he hadn’t put me in that situation. What the hell is he trying to get at with this anyway? Does he think that tying me up or making me touch myself with turn me into some kind of harlot? As if!’

She had her eyes closed with a blush on her face. She was chewing on her thumbnail, while under the blankets, the movements of her other hand increased in speed. ‘The next time I see him, I’ll break his nose. I won’t let this damn collar slow me down. That’s right, the next time. I’ll punch him in his smug face so hard that he’ll go crying back to his daddy.’

She continued fantasizing about beating the crap out of Xavier the next time she saw him, but every time, the dream just got shorter. At first she imagined torturing him like a Spanish Inquisitor, then it shrank down to just beating him up, then to just punching him once, and then just to the moment where she would see him in the hall or bump into him at a corner. Her fingers were moving at their maximum speed, her body exponentially close to an orgasm, while in her mind, his face occupied her imagination. She finally came, while at the same time, her mind flashed her back to the church when he had fingered her.

She came to a stop, panting heavily with the blanket around her feeling like Xavier’s arms. ‘I won’t lose, I won’t let him beat me. He’ll never win my heart.’

Lily stood in front of Xavier’s dorm room, afraid to knock. He had left her a note inviting her, saying that his roommate would be gone and they could spend some time together. It wasn’t the rule forbidding her presence in the boys’ dorm that left her petrified, but the sounds coming from inside. She could hear panting, moaning, and the squeaking of mattress springs. With her eyes wet, she knocked on the door.

“Come on in.”

She opened it and stepped inside, the sight before her hitting her in the chest like a car. Xavier was on his bed with an upperclassman that Lily didn’t recognize, some girl with black hair. He had her on all fours and was thrusting into her dripping cunt with his whole body weight, making her moan as her pale ass clapped against his thighs. He looked at Lily, a smile on his face, as if unaware of the presence of the girl he was fucking.

“Don’t be shy, come on in. Take a seat, make yourself comfortable.”

“Y-you’re cheating on me?!” she cried, stepping closer as if to make sure her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her.

“What? Of course not! How could you even ask me that?! You know I love you!”

He denied it without ever stopping his thrusts.

“But you’re making love to another girl!”

“Her? Oh no, you misunderstand. This is Daphne, a good friend of mine, and this is a game we’ve been playing since we were kids. We’re not making love, just goofing around. It’s only sex. It doesn’t mean anything. I only make love to you, Lily. I love you with all my heart. Remember the rules? We both have to love each other more than anyone else possibly could? I still love you more than anything, and I guarantee you you’ll never find someone who loves you more than I do. Understand? I would never cheat on you because I love you. Take a seat, relax.”

While Xavier tried to calm Lily down, Daphne was intoxicated with sexual pleasure. This was the best fuck she had ever had. Xavier was brutal, knowing which spot to hit and slamming it like a sledgehammer. He didn’t give her any rest, any mercy, or even a moment to think between thrusts. She felt like a porn star. “Oh yes! Harder! Faster! Fuck me more! Shove your cock deep into my slutty pussy!”

Lily’s mind was screaming at her that this was wrong, that he was tricking her, that he didn’t love her, but her heart was too terrified to believe it. He had always told her he loved her, why would he lie? He loved her, that’s all that mattered. He wasn’t cheating on her, just playing with a friend of his. It was ok, she had no reason to doubt him. She couldn’t handle losing him; no one would love her as much as he did. Yes, it was better to just agree and not rock the boat. If she made the fuss, she would have to punished, and that would hurt them both. She had to be a good girl.

She sat down on the floor, switching her gaze between Xavier and Daphne and the floor over and over again. No matter how much she rationalized it, seeing Xavier thrusting his manhood into another woman made her feel sick, but she didn’t have the will to disobey him. She would look down at the rug, telling herself that everything was ok, but then a moan or grunt would draw her eyes back up and she would see the two of them drenched in sweat, their naked bodies pressed together, sucking on each other’s tongues, and doing all the things that he did with Lily.

The knot in her stomach tightened as Xavier grunted, telling her he had just ejaculated. He pulled out of the girl with a string of semen still connecting her pussy to his deflating manhood.

“You… you came inside her. You gave her your love! You’re only supposed to that with me!”

“Lily, darling, relax. It was just a physical reaction. Besides, it’s still yours. Daphne, give it to her.”

She got to her feet and approached Lily. She stood over her and spread the lips of her pussy, the girl’s tear-streaked face inches from the dribbling semen.

She gave a coy smile. “Come on, this is what you want, right?”

Lily stared at it with shock and terror. How could she be expected to do something so revolting? Xavier had convinced her to do a lot of things that scared and embarrassed her, but this was too much. She couldn’t…

“Lily, what are you waiting for? Don’t you want my love? I thought you didn’t want to be alone anymore.”

The words broke what little will she had left, and with fresh tears rolling down her cheeks, she leaned forward and hesitantly flicked her tongue against the exposed labia. She could taste Xavier’s semen, and it gave her the courage to continue licking. Daphne giggled and put her hand on the back of Lily’s head, pushing her deeper. She didn’t resist the girl’s hold on her, she simply continued licking the semen out of her pussy while trying to ignore the vileness of the act. She could taste it, her female essence. It made her own body shiver as she realized that this was how she too tasted. Once Daphne’s pussy was cleaned out, Lily licked up the white streams that had run down her thighs.

“Ok Daphne, you can go.”

She wordlessly obeyed, picking up the heap of her clothes and stepping naked into the hallway.

Lily remained on the floor, overwhelmed with disgust. Xavier got up and stepped over to her, standing over her as Daphne had done. She looked up at him, staring at his hardening manhood.

“I still have lots of love for you if you want it.”

Her eyes blank, she nodded and took his cock in her mouth, sucking it clean of semen and the other girl’s wetness.

Xavier rubbed the top of her head. “See? Good girls get rewarded.”

“So what do you think is going to happen when Sister Olivia shows up?”

Helena perked up, turning to Sophie. She was eating breakfast with her friends and the mood had suddenly turned sour.


“You didn’t go to detention last night. She’ll probably burst in like the Four Horsemen and behead you with a flaming sword.”

A flare of spiteful anger allowed Helena to regain her composure. “Well unless she tells me that I’ve actually been expelled, I don’t care about what she has to say. I’m done being afraid of her.”

“You sound like Xavier,” said one of her friends.

The words sent a bolt of electricity up her spine.

Sophie began to giggle. “Yeah, you really do. Lord, forgive my sinful feelings, but when he jumped between you two and broke her ruler, it was one of the coolest things I had ever seen. I could have almost fallen for him.”

The other girls all squealed and laughed, but Helena had to contain her look of disbelief and terror. She had seen Xavier rape Sophie for hours on end, and even if her memories had been erased, to hear her say such a thing about Xavier made her want to throw up. Then there was her other reason to be concerned: Xavier hadn’t yet given her a task for the day. The card had just told her to wait, but it was the waiting that was truly killing her. Regardless of her fear, the memory of him shielding her from Sister Olivia flashed through her mind as it had again and again, and for the rest of breakfast, she couldn’t get it out.

Helena sat at her desk, waiting for the first class to start. Everyone was anxious, unsure of what would happen when Sister Olivia arrived. Neither Helena nor Xavier had attended detention the night before, both because they weren’t sure they still had it and as a sign of protest if they did. The door opened and the nun stepped inside, looking far more tired than usual. She avoided looking at the class and simply began writing at the bored. Helena’s tension increased, almost wishing that whatever was going to happen would just happen already. The class progressed without any incidents. Not once did Sister Olivia raise her voice, scold anyone, or even look at the class. What was with her? Was she so angry that she had actually snapped? Or was there some other reason for her behavior?

Ten hours earlier:

Olivia looked around, wondering whether or not she was dreaming. She was standing in the university church, but she couldn’t remember how she had gotten there. She remembered going to bed, she was even wearing her nightgown. The look of the church… was different from what it would usually be. All the candles were lit, but instead of the beautiful light they usually cast, they instead produced an ominous, almost bloody radiance.

“At first I thought it was simply anger issues, but I’m pretty sure I have you figured out. Your strict rules and itchy trigger finger when it comes to punishment, it isn’t regular nun cruelty. You simply love to inflict pain.”

She turned around, spotting Xavier walking down the aisle. Like the church, there was something different about him. His eyes were wider than before, bloodshot, and his grin was savage.

“Xavier?! What in the Lord’s name are you doing here?! Students aren’t allowed in the church after hours and you’re in enough trouble as it is! Get—”

Her limbs and torso burst in a chain of small explosions, splattering her blood across the pews, as if she had just been hit with half a dozen deer slugs. She was thrown back, pouring blood from her wounds and mouth, but when she hit the ground, her body was completely intact. She lay on the floor, panting like she had just run a marathon as she tried to fathom what had just happened to her.

“But that is a problem. You see, when two sadists meet, there is an unavoidable fate…” Xavier stood over her, his face having lost the mask of humanity. He grinned at her with his teeth looking like the cartridge of a nail gun. He had his hand over his face like a mask, with his tongue now several times its original length and wrapped around his wrist, and razor claws at the tips of his fingers, one of which he dragged across the surface of his eye and tore open. “When two sadists meet, one inevitably devours the other, and you are way out of your league.”

She stared at him, all courage and strength robbed from her soul at the sight of his unholy creature. “What in God’s name are you?”

“I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been asked of that question. In a way, it’s flattering, but now I’m kind of sick of hearing it.”

With a twirl of his finger, he materialized a ball gag that wrapped around her head and secured itself in her mouth. She tried to pull it out, but from the rafters of the church, a rope reached down and snapped around her wrists. It locked her arms behind her back and pulled upwards, forcing her to her feet and threatening to dislocate her shoulders.

“Normally I would let you have your fun. After all, there is nothing I love more than watching others suffer. However, when you start hassling Helena, I become annoyed. I don’t blame you for not knowing, but that girl belongs to me. She is my property. I have plenty of other toys that I would happily let you abuse, but she’s special. I’m the only one who gets to torment her, and since you got in my way, I decided it’s time for you to face some punishment of your own.”

He snapped his fingers, summoning his malicious flames to burn away her clothes and all of her body hair. The church was filled with the sound of her screams, but nobody would ever hear her. The flames receded and she whimpered in pain, but her rage allowed her to overcome her embarrassment. She glared at him, as if to ask “how dare you?”

“You are not the first sadist I’ve encountered in my long life. I’ve tortured plenty of others, and I must say, they can be the most entertaining.”

Xavier strode past her and gave a lazy swish of his hand. Without even touching her, he opened four long cuts across her belly. She screamed through her gag with her blood running down her legs and dripping on the carpet.

“You see… it is not quite pain that sadists are after, but the power of inflicting pain. They seek the knowledge that they can do whatever they want to someone and face no repercussions from it. They enjoy the power difference between their victim and themselves and want their victim to be as aware of it as possible.” He began whisking his claws against her back, one finger at a time, each one drawing forth more blood. “They remind their victim of this with every… last… scratch.”

He came around to her front and dragged the claw of his index finger across her collarbone, sending trickles of crimson running down her chest. Leaning down, he laughed and gluttonously licked the blood off her melon-sized tits, taking extra time to suck on her nipples. She shuddered in revulsion, feeling him tickle her areolas with his tongue and lips.

He then moved up, licking away her tears while whispering in her ear. “But when the sadist is the victim, they realize just how powerless they really are. All their life has been spent in trying to maintain absolute control over every facet of their world, but now, what little authority they have is taken away from them. Beyond the pain, beyond the humiliation, they are forced to suffer from their greatest fear: the reality that they are mere insects, unable to do anything at all if something steps on them.”

His claws disappeared and he jammed his fingers into her pussy while pinching hard on her clitoris. Sister Olivia screamed at the top of her lungs, having never known that sensations such as these even existed. The brutality invoked pain in her, but the stimulation drew a physiological reaction of a pleasurable feeling. With his other hand, he grabbed throat, leaving her struggling for every breath.

“Tell me, how does it feel? In your classroom, you were a queen, a god even. Your students were terrified of you and you handed out punishment like it was second nature, released it like your breath. Here, you are nothing. Look around. There are no students following your every word, no one is here trying to stay in your good graces. Has it hit you yet? The authority you thought you wielded was nothing more than an illusion, a mere quirk of your position as a teacher. ‘You’re fired’, all you needed to hear were those two words, and in a month, you’d be sucking cock on the street corner to pay your bills. You are nothing more than an insignificant human, clinging to titles and bureaucracy so that you can give meaning to your life through the pain you inflict on others.” He turned around and took a few steps away. “Through my cruelty, I shall teach you kindness. Your body is beautiful, very sexy, and it shall serve as the canvas in which I will paint a portrait of horror. But let’s not rush things; we have all night after all. First things first, I want a taste.”

More ropes reached down from the rafters, this time wrapping around her knees and lifting them up. She cried out from the pain in her shoulders as she was pulled off her feet, using all of the strength in her arms to keep the joints from dislocating when her body was turned horizontal. The ropes then pulled her legs apart, as if the binds were threaded through invisible pulleys. One final tether wrapped around her shoulders and neck, keeping her from tilting all the way over. Xavier approached, running his fingers against her labia. She struggled against her binds, outraged from his violating touch. Smirking, he kneeled down and ran his tongue between her lips. The blood from her cuts had congealed like hot fudge, mixing with the taste of her womanhood into a delicious dessert for the black-hearted Antichrist.

Sister Olivia doubled her efforts to break free of her bonds, struggling not just to escape, but to ignore the sensations pulsing through her. His tongue was slithering inside of her like an eel, several times longer than the tongue of an average human. It almost felt like it was lined with hundreds of tiny suction cups, latching onto every nerve ending in her vagina and pulling on it. He was drinking in her wetness, savoring it like nectar. The nun’s spine locked up, her entire body going rigid as she felt him insert his fingers into her asshole. He began to laugh, continuing to stir his tongue inside her pussy was thrusting his fingers inside her anus. With each push, he could feel her cunt getting wetter and wetter. Olivia’s whimpers of pain and humiliation began to change, becoming shrill whines as undeniable pleasure soaked through her whole body. She could feel something coming; she could feel cracks in the ice beneath her feet. He could sense it as well, prompting him to double his efforts.

Leaning her head back, Olivia cried out through her gag, squirting like a squeezed lemon. Xavier got to his feet, licking his lips in satisfaction. “I thought you would hold out longer. Look at yourself, a couple fingers in your back door and a tongue in your pussy and you turn into a waterfall. Pathetic. Oh how I would love to bring in all of my fellow students and parade them past you, let them see you now. Let them see what even the strictest sister of the church becomes when she meets a force greater than herself. This is true power, the ability to reveal humans as the lowly animals they really are.”

He undressed, revealing his erect manhood. Olivia squealed at the sight of it, knowing what was coming. He stood between her legs, letting his member lay draped over her pussy like a fallen tree.

“A woman’s virginity is a funny thing. Its value changes depending on the age. A little girl’s virginity is priceless, but not in a way that makes it desirable. It is so a part of her body that to take it is an act of pure defilement. To take it when she doesn’t have the maturity or age to know what it is… is like winning a fight by kicking a man in the balls. It’s just a low act. No one but a pedophile would be willing to take a little girl’s virginity, because it would mean destroying the purity and innocence that makes her such a treasure.

When a girl reaches adolescence, it becomes valuable. She is now aware of herself, of her sexuality. She is still young, her sexual essence still pristine and pure, uncontaminated by the world around her. If she feels lust, men will want to satisfy her, to feel her gratitude in welcoming her to the adult world. They want to unleash the vixen, see the energy of youth and help her to explore. If she is shy, men will want to teach her, show her the world she hides from, and see the beautiful cascade of expressions from her pure soul: fear, pain, regret, fulfillment, enjoyment, and finally sexual bliss. They want to know the joy of holding that small, nervous creature in their hands, of having complete control over her and bending her to their will so that they can witness the transformation of shy innocence into sexual self-actualization.

When the girl becomes a woman and leaves puberty, her virginity gains a unique beauty. She becomes like a candy: hard on the outside but soft on the inside. Her mind has grown and adapted to the adult world. Her body has fully developed into the perfect union of youth and maturity. But her heart is still like that of a child, untouched. Her hymen is like an anchor, that tiny handhold that she clings to in order to maintain her innocence. Her virginity is the mountain summit that no man has ever reached. We as a culture expect it to be gone by this time, but the fact that it is still there makes it a true gem. It is a fruit, a “cherry”, that has fully ripened and is ready to be plucked.

Then when she gets older… it gets kind of creepy. After 35, you kind get the feeling that there is something wrong with her. You know that there is some reason why some other man hasn’t sealed the deal, and your instincts tell you to keep your distance. Virginity after that age is just sad.

But I digress; you’ve reached the age where your body has ripened while maintaining that precious innocence. Are you ready to finally become a real woman? To feel a man take you as his own and peel away your defenses?” She desperately shook her head, terrified of what he was about to do. “That’s the spirit!”

Guiding himself in, he buried his cock up to the base in a single thrust of cruelty and strength. Sister Olivia cried out, her voice bouncing among the rafters and between the pews. She could feel him, his phallus having pierced her like the Lance of Longinus. But it wasn’t just her body, she felt as if her very soul had been ripped open like an orange and something toxic and evil was being poured on her exposed insides. She felt dirty, she felt defiled, and she felt broken, crippled almost. Xavier licked his lips to the sound of her screams and the sight of the agony in her eyes, both physical and emotional. He pulled out of her, the blood of her hymen matching the splatters and stains left behind from the cuts he made earlier.

From there, he turned into a machine, grabbing her by the hips and using the head of his cock like a jackhammer on the entrance to her womb. Her untouched womanhood was being turned into a receptacle for his abusive thrusts; her body, created by God, turned into the Antichrist’s toy. She looked back, staring at the crucifix on the back wall of the church, upside down from her perspective. She begged and prayed for God to save her, to protect her from this monster. Her eyes were locked on the statue of Jesus while tears poured from her eyes. The statue remained unmoving, the cast brass proving to be nothing more than that.

Xavier’s thrusts never slowed or faltered, he never stopped to catch his breath or readjust his stance. Olivia’s second unwilling orgasm came ten minutes after the initial penetration, a fountain of her arousal splashing across Xavier. He didn’t stop, he continued barreling into her. If anything, his speed and ferocity increased. His smirk changed into a savage grin, his teeth gleaming in the light of the candles. From there, the floodgates opened, with Olivia cumming again and again, having an orgasm almost every minute. She sobbed harder than ever in her life, humiliated not just because of what was happening to her, but because of how good it felt. Every orgasm was beyond euphoric, shaming every good feeling in her life.

Xavier soon came, shooting so much semen into her with so much pressure that she almost felt it push her back. He pulled out, admiring his handiwork. Olivia assumed it was over, hoping that he would untie her while trying to ignore the feeling of semen and pussy juice trickling out of her. Once again showing the depths of his cruelty, Xavier forced himself into her asshole, sodomizing her while using his semen as a lubricant. For the umpteenth time, she screamed, receiving no pleasure from the anal rape. This time, instead of holding her by the hips, Xavier squeezed her breasts brutally hard, strangling them while he violated her asshole. It continued on like that for hours, Xavier raping her with inhuman stamina, brutalizing every hole to the point of bleeding. He would ride her until he came and then move on to another spot, switching between her ass and pussy without ever stopping to clean himself off, save for when he would skull-fuck her.

Two hours before dawn, Sister Olivia was at last lowered to the floor. Her body was etched with cuts from head to toe and she was wallowing in a puddle of blood and semen. Her glasses were broken, her eyes blank. Xavier stood over her, tired and satisfied. He put his foot on her head, pushing down as if to crush her skull. “How does it feel to be broken? To be powerless? I’m going to make sure you never forget it.”

Sister Olivia bolted up in bed, sobbing and drenched in sweat. She looked around wildly, expecting to see the church. She was in her bedroom, still wearing the same underwear and nightgown she had worn to bed, and there wasn’t a single cut on her body. She grasped her crucifix on her bedside table and began feverishly praying, asking God to protect her from whatever evil had evoked the worst nightmare of her life.

For the rest of the day, Sister Olivia was unable to face her class, but it was Xavier she was the most terrified of. She knew it had just been a bad dream, but it had scared her to the point where she couldn’t look at other students, even classes that Xavier wasn’t in. But in truth, what had happened to her had been real, and just as he had done to Sophie time and time again, he had simply removed all traces of her torture. The only difference was that he hadn’t erased her memories of the night, leaving her with no choice but believe that everything had just been a terrible nightmare.

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