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2023-01-08 22:43:45

I am to please and be pleased sexually. I love being licked and teased and I love having a second man every four weeks or so, not mention another woman as a balance for my man – and me.

“I told two of my girlfriends about our sex life over coffee today baby,” I tell my man with a self satisfied smile. “They are the same page as us.

“I told them you think my big, firm ass is glorious and how you love licking and kissing my ass cheeks as foreplay while I watch in a mirror.

“And how I love you licking me to multi-orgasms with my legs over your shoulders while I watch in a mirror. Before I blow your thick, nine-inch erection.

“And sometimes we have an extra person, male or female join us.”

“Is that true Sarah?,” they asked rather incredulously. “We have never had that from our men. Is his cock really that big?”

“Would you like to watch us in action and see if it’s true? One of my favorite turn ons is sex with an audience,” I told them.

“Would you like to perform for me and pleasure me while they watch?,” I teased my man that night knowing he will readily agree. He loves flaunting his large, thick cock for my friends, male and female.

“Next Sunday at two-thirty,” he tells me as he hands me the phone to confirm the arrangement. “I want them to watch me worship your glorious ass. And I want to flaunt my large, thick cock for them.”

“One of them wants to bring her man Tony along. Even more exciting for me baby, two women and a man watching you worship my ass. Are you fine with that?,” I ask as I finalize the arrangements.

Wonderful love making and sex on the Friday. We made a pact, no more sex before Sunday so we would be at our best for our guests on Sunday. Though we did enjoy discussing our plans for Sunday with an audience while we fucked.

“Let’s make it really exciting for today’s guests baby, you know my exhibitionist side loves sex with an audience. Even better with both sexes watching,” I tell my man as we shave each other’s pubic area on Sunday as we prepare for our guests. We are both almost bald apart from a neatly trimmed triangular area above our sex.

“What shall we wear for our guests? You know part of my turn on is undressing for our guests.”

“Your thigh high boots with heels and a very short dress so lots of bare thigh is showing,” my man tells me as he smears some expensive oil into my naked ass cheeks.

“And your cup-less, string bra,” he adds as he licks my nipples while he watches me put it on.

“What are you going to wear for our guests?,” I ask as I tease his engorged cock with my fingertips.

“Have I turned you on wearing just my boots and my cup-less string bra?”

“Yes, you know you always do,” he tells me as I hand him a tiny black jock strap.

“And you always turn me on wearing nothing but this,” I tell him as I do up the clip at the side of it. “Wear a shirt for me with all the buttons undone as well.”

Our guests let themselves in as we arranged. We could hear them remarking on the mirrors on all the walls and ceiling and wondering what the high stool and massage table was for. When they had settled down with a drink my man and I made our entrance, holding hands.

Huge sexual tension as we are tongue kissing passionately with two women and a man watching intently, before I ask my man, “Tell our guests what you are going to do to me for our sexual pleasure while they watch baby,”

“Fuck you with my tongue after I worship your ass,” he tells me loud enough for them to hear as he slowly slides my dress up to expose my oily, naked ass as I part my legs.

“Oh wow, what an ass,” our three guests exclaim to my great satisfaction as my man removes my dress. I always enjoy showing my naked body to either sex for the first time - an extra buzz for me today with both sexes watching.

“Love your outfit Sarah, thigh high boots and a cup-less string bra, nothing else apart from oil on your naked ass, love it,” one of the women tells me in an agitated voice as I pirouette and walk for them with my hands on my hips to flaunt both sides of my almost naked body. My man loves the way my naked ass moves when I walk. So do our guests it seems as I study the looks on their faces.

My man has his hands all over my oily ass as we resume tongue kissing and I help him remove his shirt. His erection is bulging out of his jock strap as he lowers it under his balls.

“Oh fuck, he is hung and thick,” Tony, our male guest mutters as my man flaunts his erection for the three of them with his hands on his hips.

“He is, isn’t he,” the two women chime in as my man helps me sit on the high stool with my back to them. “And I like his ass,” one of the women chips in.

“Your glorious ass looks absolutely magnificent with you sitting on that stool,” he tells me as he licks and kisses my ass cheeks. I am watching in the mirrors and enjoying the reaction on our guests’ faces and the hold I have over them as I soak up the sexual pleasure.

My exhibitionist streak is in overdrive as my man is worshiping my ass with two females and a male watching. “Do you like watching my man worshiping my ass Tony?,” I ask as with a smirk as I hold his gaze with a hand pushing on my man’s head to increase the pressure and pleasure as he licks and kisses my ass cheeks.

“Does it turn you on? I love an audience, especially another man watching my man licking and kissing my ass cheeks, an extra turn on for me,” I ask rhetorically as I can see his erection under his trousers.

My man turns me around on the stool so I am facing our guests. He is standing between my legs, licking and sucking my nipples as he teases our guests by asking me, “Do you want me to fuck you with my tongue?”

“Yes please baby, bring me to orgasm for our guests, I want to show them I am multi-orgasmic,” I reply as he kneels and I put one of my legs over his shoulder. The tip of his tongue on my wet cunt lips is sexual heaven with three people watching on in awe.

My man and I want to show the two women what they have been missing out on - they had both confided they had never had a man lick them to orgasm.

The tip of his tongue is sliding along and teasing my very wet cunt lips as he pinches my nipples - pleasure and pain, I love it.

After my second orgasm my man lays on his back on the massage table and I organize myself so I am kneeling over his face and facing our guests. I want him to lick my cunt in this position while our guests watch. Without moving from their seats they can see my man’s erection pointing to the ceiling in the mirrors on all sides, as well as my ass.

My man has his hands on my ass cheeks as he slowly slides my cunt lips along his tongue. Exquisite sexual pleasure for me with two females and a male watching on as I hold their gaze without a word being said. So good.

I am fighting to hold back my third orgasm, I am so close as I am involuntary moaning, ‘fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt.” An extra turn on for our guests. My third orgasm is magical with two women and a male watching as my whole body spasms.

“Now you baby, are you ready for a blow job?,” I tease for the benefit of our guests as we change positions. I am laying face down on the table resting on my elbows.

My man is standing looking down on my ass while our guests watch from side on. I want them to see how big my man’s cock is when fully erect. And I want them to watch his erection sliding between my pursed lips.

I love demonstrating my blow job techniques and skills to another woman, today I am going to demonstrate them for two women and a man.

“Now you baby, are you ready for my blow job?,” I tease again as I run my fingers along his rock hard erection while he teases his nipples with a finger tip as I lick his balls.

The absolute silence and sexual tension from our guests is an extra turn on as I suck his balls. His cock is absolutely rock hard as I lick the tip of it, then commence sucking it.

After a few minutes I turn over onto my back with my head hanging over the end of the table. I have blown my man in this position a number of times. This time is special for both of us, three people, two women and a man are watching as he strokes his erection.

The only contact we have is his rock hard cock between my tightly pursed lips. Most men are convinced this is the ultimate position for a blow job. And I do enjoy being used in this position.

My man has his hands on his hips as he slides his erection into me. I can see his taut ass cheeks in the mirrors, he is enjoying demonstrating his sexual prowess to our guests. So am I, I love sex with an audience.

“Nearly there, so good baby. Swallow or hand,” he mutters as his body tenses.

“Both please,” I manage to reply.

I am licking and sucking just the tip of his erection as he masturbates. Our guests have obviously never had or seen this sexual variation before, an extra buzz for me. “So good, so fucking good,” he moans as our guests watch him blow and I swallow.

The next day Tony’s lady phoned me, “As soon as we arrived home Tony did wonderful things to my naked body while my girlfriend watched. He wanted to emulate you and your man - and he did. The best sex we have ever had.