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Meeting Neenee

2022-06-27 00:00:03

This is the story of me finding a true love and a true slut on of all places an adult dating site its based on true events and gets more taboo as it gets along,so hope you enjoy this is my first time writing.

Slutty neenee
I am jason and average guy with a perverted mind who loves reading bout incest young girls and what not.I have had my own experiences with all and just love taboo.
I meet Neenee of an adult dating website and it seems like pure luck that I did or maybe she was just a slut in need.I was tired of all the fake girls and guys hitting on me on the site and was ready to give up when i saw her profile and got hard she was a very sexy slim ebony 19 year old with great tear drop breasts a nice firm bubble butt and very nice lush lips.

I had been frustrated and horny and from her profile she stated she wanted to fuck so I wanted to see if she was for real plus i really loved everything she liked we seemed to have alot in common so I took a chance and left her a messege sayiong "Hey Sexy I am Jason 28 male Puerto rican seeking a girl who wants cumin her pussy and wants to have my baby and be my cum slut and live with me as my wife.

i didnt think i would get a response since this had to be a fake girl she looked to good to be on here and she seemed to slutty with her profile comments.Two days later i got a response back i was expecting either a fuck you asshole or some hooker trying to get pay for play.
To my great surprise it was a messege saying she wanted to know more about me and chat on the phone sometime.I figured what the hell and gave her my aim messenger and we chated on there she told me about how she loved being fucked and had been introduced to alot of freaky things by her ex.
I loved how well she spoke and could be naughty and nasty at the same time we decided on a day to meet and when the day came I was nervous hoping she looked like her pictures as so many people seem to never look like what they post or worse.When I saw a Cab approach I went to it and out poped a 5'1 93lbs Sexy ebony wet dream she looked 15-16 and had great lips that gave me so many ideas.
I in all my genious could only comment on short she was,But she laughed it off and we walked over to my house.On the way I learned we liked alot of the same music and movies and i was so hard waiting to be inside her and see if she was as slutty as we had talked about. Once we got to my room she took off her coat and I got a better view of her nice body she had on jeans and a tight shirt but you could tell she had a flat stomach.As we chatted some more I was sitting on my chair and she was sitting on my bed I motioned for her to come closer I needed to kiss her and taste her.

We kissed and I began to feel her breasts which were so firm and she had such nice nipples I kept feeling then through the shirt.when we broke our kiss SHe started to take off her clothes and looked like a differant person she was horny! she got naked and dropped to her knees and took off my pants she grabbed my cock looked up at me with lust filled eyes and began inhaling my 7 inch cock it felt so good to be having my ebony slut on her knees making me feel so good with her wet lips warm mouth and talented tongue.
When I was about ready to cum she stopped me and got back on the bed bent over telling me to not waste my cum and to fill her pussy like a good slut.She wanted to be pregnant and have me use her so I slid my cock just like she wanted into her very tight and wet pussy and began fucking her gently in and out,But she started to moan and yell for me to fuck her not be gentle but treat her like a slut! I started slamming balls deep into her fucking her like a whore and she loved it.

SHe told me to spank her ass and i did I loved hearing her tell me to treat her like a fuck toy and fill her pussy i started to pull her long hair and tell her How much of a slut she was and How I could not wait to fill her up.she was so tight I could feel her pussy tighten as she told me she was coming I whipered in her ear who she belonged to and she screamed out my name I knew she was one of a kind a true slut and I buried my cock in her as I shot load after load into her fertle cunt.
We take a couple of breathes and relaxed as we enjoyed the passing orgasms and We had lunch after I asked her if she would like to stay the night she said yes but would have to call her parents i had no problem and watched as she made an excuse as to why she would not be home.
then she turned to me and asked what next??? I layed her down and started to lick out her pussy which was creaming like crazy she was moaning telling me how she loved having my tongue inside her and i started to focus on her clit as i placed to fingers at her fuck hole and started to slide in and out of her freshly used pussy she squirmed back and forth on the bed telling me how much she loved it and how she was about to cum I asked her if she wanted to be my slut and she yelled yes not to stop I watched as her orgasm over took her and she had a look of pure pleasure on her face.
I got up and placed my flaccid cock by her mouth she just smiled and asked me if I needed my cock sucked and did not wait for a response like a good slut she sucked on my and worked my shaft with her petite hands i was hard in no time and ready to be inside my ebony whore.I could not believe her ex would not want a slut like this but very thankful for his loss.
I had her lay on her back and slid right into her and started to fuck her hole like she had asked to before she wanted to be used and i was going to use her cum hole good.

I loved how tight she was and what a nasty mouth she had when being fucked she started to tel me what a slutty nigger she was and to fuck her she called me her master and asked me to keep filling her cunt with cum.as I was pulling her hair and slamming my cock into her she said she loved me and I knew I loved her as well not just lust I wanted this girl she was perfect.
I was so excited I blew my load and kept pumping till I could not continue and withdrew.She looked at me and we both kissed then I saw her reach between her legs and scoop out some of my cum and preceed to lick it up she saw me staring and just smiled and said I wanted to know how you taste.
We both laughed and i asked her if she was looking for just sex or if she wanted more she said just sex and I told her i was fine with that but if she wanted more i would be fine with it and we went to sleep for the night.I kept thinking I wanted her for more then just sex she was perfect she was freaky and a slut I could not wait till we got up so we could play more and looked forward to seeing just how much of a slut she could be.

Part 2 will be coming soon this is a true story wether you choose to think so or not i am very lucky to have met this naughty slut that I love talking about our naughty adventures togther since meeting please i know my writing is night great and would love comments on how to make it better so hope to hear form you all and hope you enjoy the story!!!