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Caught stealing panties

2023-01-09 00:30:42

I am a long time reader but first time poster to this site. Please leave honest feedback. My favourite genre is "True Stories" as they interest me the most. I'm getting really tired of stories labelled as 'true', that go on to describe a boy with an 18" cock fucking the shit out of his sister and her 9 friends, who are all DD's. So here I present to you my TRUE story, 99.9% true (names have been changed), with no omissions or exagerations. This is exactly how the story goes....

I'm an adult now, and my story takes place when I was a teen, I was 15 years old. I was a highschool kid at an age when I was surrounded by hot girls, boobs, asses, the whole lot. Sometimes girls don't understand the power they hold over men... it's incredible. Anyways. Somedays I feel like a slave to my biology; like a pig for staring at a girl's chest or whatever I may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of. At the time I was about 5'11", and 160lbs. Brown hair, brown eyes. Athletic build but not overly so. At this point I was horned up all the time, masturbating several times a day. I had never had sex or even gotten past first base at this point. All I knew about a girl's body I learned from porno.

The year before, I became friends with this girl named Karen. At the time she had a crush on me and I kinda blew her off, but we remained friends still. The year before she was a dorky young teen girl. However, at 15 years old, she was growing into the woman she'd be for the rest of her life. She was about an inch shorter than me, and she had brown hair and brown eyes; a real brunette. We've all seen gorgeous asses, but this girl had an amazing booty. She played soccer at school and outside of school so she had toned legs and a fit bum. Very round and just perfect. Every now and then I could see her panty line through her pants and it was a turn on. Her breasts were a size B34. So they were on the small side but I find that very erotic and prefer smaller tits. I know her bra size because I stole one of her bras. You see, I had a real obsession with panties. At the time, a girls underwear was the closest I could get to actual nude girls. If I can't get tits and pussy, the next closest thing, literally, are the bra and panties. I probably only had about a dozen or so pairs at my peak. I would steal them from the drawers of friends and such. Sometimes I'd only be invited into a girls house once, but that's all it takes. Turn your back for 2 minutes and I'd be all over your underwear drawer. I took clean panties, but with Karen I went further and snatched dirty ones.

She was 'one of the guys', as in she had more guy friends and than girl friends. We had our little group that always hung out; there was me, Karen, Jordon and Tony. So I got to do a lot of borderline things with her like wrestle, horseplay, piggyback rides, and it was totally normal (albeit hot). More often than not, the group of us would hang out at Karen's house, it was the most chill place. Every now and then I'd get a minute alone and I'd snatch a pair of her panties. I took about 5 pairs and 1 bra (bras arent as fun) in total. From what I saw, she probably only had about 20-25 pairs, so 5 pairs missing is pretty noticable I imagine. But I was really sneaky about it and never got caught, and also I figured if she confronted me I could easily say it may have been Jordon or Tony since we all hang out there alot, sometimes just hanging out in her room.

Karen was very conservative when it came to her sexuality. She had told me that she never really had a real boyfriend. She was the complete opposite of the girls where they bend over and you see miles of thong or cleavage gushing out. She was never into wearing reavealing clothes of any sort. I got a decent look down her shirt every now and then though when horsing around. She reminded me of a proper lady, like a Southern Belle from the olden days. One day it was after school and it was just Karen and I. I always walked her home and sometimes hung out for a bit at her place. Today it was just me and her, in her room, because her computer was in there. Both of her parents weren't due to be home until later in the evening and it was around 3:30pm. She had soccer at some point that day, so she said she was going to go take a shower. She asked if she could have her room for a minute to change, so I got out. Then she extied her room wearing only a towel and went into the bathroom for her shower. I totally got a bonner... that was the most skin I'd ever seen on that girl. Super sexy legs leading up to that perfect behind... and those boobies, I wanted to touch them so bad. So I was in her room alone for at least 10 minutes...hmm, what should I do? Well I went through the panty drawer without wasting a breath. Most of em must've been in the wash or something, there weren't very many in the drawer... so I couldn't risk snatching any clean ones. It would've been too obvious. So I went to the hamper in her closet. Hot damn! The undies she was JUST wearing were on top along with her bra, pants and t-shirt. Maybe I was just imagining it, but they still felt warm. I wanted to whip out my cock and beat off right then and there... It took all my self control not to!

I was definitely thinking with my penis and not my head because I went ahead and pocketed them, swished around the hamper a little, and then sat around waiting for her. When she got out of the bathroom, I left her room again so she could change. Goddamn she looked twice as hot when she was wet! Hair all down, and I wanted to lick those beads of water off her entire body. I was seriously craving her pussy. Now here I am in the hallway, waiting for her to get dressed in her room so we can go back to hanging out. I was actually thinking up some inane excuse to run home so I could freely enjoy her sexy, scented panties. Then my heart hit a brick wall......"Did you go into my closet???"..... I was silent, I didn't know what to say. Karen opened the door to her bedroom and was not looking very happy. I just wanted to die right then... I mean, half the fun of stealing panties is the thought that it's so dangerous and you may get caught, but actually getting caught in the near-act is a terrible feeling. All i could think to do was spit out some spontaneous lie and hope she'd swallow it. "I was looking for your board games", I told her ('what the fuck? I don't even play board games, and she doesn't even have any', I thought to myself). Then she came back with this "Yeah? because I keep BOARD GAMES with my dirty clothes, right?" I was silent. I figured talking could only dig me deeper at this point. "Did you take something?" She said rhetorically. So of course I lied again: "No, i didn't." She saw right through me. "I know what you took, now just give it back". Her tone dropped from rage to just plain disappointment.

I reached into my pocket, scrunched them up, making them as small as possible, and handed them back. Even in such a serious clusterfuck of a situation, in the back of my head I was thinking "damn I can't believe I'm going to miss out on these sweet panties". I said "I'm sorry" while she was returning them to the hamper. I figured I was completely fucked and it really couldn't get worse at this point... she'll probably never talk to me again and tell everyone at school I'm a super perv. So I tried to reconcile, mixing truth with lies, of course. In my mind, i thought the cat was entirely out of the bag, like she must of figured out that all those missing undies over the last while didn't get lost in the wash but actually ended up in my own room. Still, I lied. "I know that was really stupid and I'm really sorry... I've never done that before and I just kind of lost it... you look so amazing and I really like you...and you were in a towel, I just wanted more" ---- HAHA she believed it! Well the 'first time' part. The rest was true. She then asked "why would you take my underwear? That's gross, what would you need them for?"

I was thinking WOW girls are really oblivious to the nature of men. I told her that I didn't know what i would do with them and wasn't sure why I took them. Then she asked "how long have you liked me?" Bingo! I'm just about home free... I said i started to like her over the summer and I really wanted to get with her. "Well taking my underwear isn't going to help" she said to me with a half smile, "don't ever do it again." So i said "It's just... I know, I'm sorry and I'm stupid, but I feel soooooo attracted to you (she smiled as I said this) and you have an amazing body." She surprised me with what she said next "Yeah?... what do you like most?" So I told her I really liked her perfect bum, and stopped short of adding pussy and boobs. Her face got closer to mine, and she told me she never stopped liking me. So I just fuckin went for it and kissed her on the mouth, though I went in slow. I put my hand on her leg and the other held her face while we kissed. I was pitching a tent and there was just no hiding it. She felt it poke her leg and she giggled. "Do you want to get undressed?" I asked--"Yeah".

I stripped down to my boxers, and i was kinda shy. I had a 6" dick that had never been witnessed by the eyes of others... she was in her bra and panties. I took a good couple of seconds to check her out and we started making out and layed down on her bed. It was a couple of minutes before i got the courage to let my hands wander... but the first stop was that goddess ass of her. I squeezed like i was juicing it. Eventually we were totally naked. At this point we were lying down nude on her bed but my lips hadn't left hers yet. I had no condom, and we both knew it, but it felt too damn good to stop. I was getting pre-cum on her legs. Also, her pussy was shaved and the tiny bit of stubble tickled my hard shaft. I asked her if she wanted to do oral, and she said yes. She started to go down on me, but I stopped her and said "No, I mean I'll give you oral". To this she said "oh" and I made my way down her body, making a stop at the tits. Like I said earlier, they're small-ish but those nipples were rock hard. Never been licked and were crying for manly attention! I was agressive with her tits, licking and sucking, then switching boobs, always playing with the one not in my mouth, and gently pinching and twisting the nipple. I glanced up while sucking and she was moaning under her breath, while her eyes were closed. I had no idea girls got so much pleasure from their boobs... sounds like everyone wins. Why don't girls pull them out more often? haha.

One thing I learnt from watching pornos was how to eat a pussy. I was craving her pussy so bad, I thought I was going mad. I kissed from her breasts down to her pelvis/hips, and then told her to go onto her hands and knees. She was confused but she did it anyway. If there is a heaven, this must be it: seeing her in the doggy pose from behind... seeing that shapely ass and beautiful pussy in one view. I will never forget that view as long as I live. I went onto my back and slid my head under and between her hips. I had front row seats her delicious pussy and prime realestate for my hands on her ass. I licked all around the outside of her slit as a tease before the real show. I felt like I harpooned her pussy with my tongue... i dug in like I had to eat pussy to save my life. All the while I was spreading her ass cheeks over and over with my hands. Her scent was intoxicating, I was in love with her pussy. I moved my hands from her ass cheeks to her breasts, which seemed a lot bigger when they were hanging. Her moaning was amped up and it was more fuel for me to eat her pussy out even harded. I'm not sure which of us enjoyed it more to be honest. I must of spent 15 minutes pleasuring her with my tongue down there.... it was amazing. I only stopped because i thought maybe her pussy had had enough. I then slid out from under her and mounted her from behind. I got precum on her bed, and her pussy was wet as could be. Instead of classic doggystyle, I got her to lie down flat on her stomach and I had to spread her ass cheeks (hooray!) to insert into her pussy. At first it felt kinda weird but it slid in so perfectly. I humped and humped, and she moaned and moaned. I felt really good to press against her bum while fucking her pussy at the same time. I pulled out and came on her bum... didn't want to get her preggo now. We got dressed after a quick cuddle and parted ways not too long after.. we didn't really talk about what we had just done. It was never really talked about again actually... we went back to being regular friends like before, pretending it hadn't happened. We never had another sexual experience together, but I will never forget that one time.