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An old flame rekindled

2023-01-15 01:57:40

I was on the prowl – I had been involved with another guy who was married and wanted to see what the other side was like and I had been enjoying male sex for some time with him in a same sex relationship. I had been introduced to male sex as a boy and from time to time enjoyed the change. As a boy of 14 I was seduced by another boy my age and we engaged in oral and anal sex together for a while and then I found girls and I ended the relationship with him. I enjoyed my time with this older guy but I decided to go back to girls.

The girl I became attracted to was one that I had grown up with as a young sub teen. I had moved away from the area and had not seen her for a few years and met her by chance at a party..We were 20 and she had developed into a young woman and her body was developing and she had a great figure. During the evening we recounted our early days and talked a lot about the people we had grown up with and as a result we really got along well and at one stage when the party was relatively dull I suggested that we could move on and find somewhere a bit more lively.

We slipped away quietly and I suggested a couple of bars we may like to try.

She said she wasn’t looking for noise – somewhere quiet would be perfect – if I knew one.

I said as a joke – my place would be great for that.

She said that what I was hoping to hear – is it far.

I said no – we could be there in about 10 minutes.

Do you live alone or do you have a partner.

I said there is another guy shares with me but he is away for a month working – I am alone at the moment.

Could we go there she asked.

I was quietly very pleased – it looked good.

As we drove she moved closer to me and at one stage put her head on my shoulder and kissed me on the neck as I was driving. I said nothing but looked at her and she smiled – I thought this going to be better than I thought.

When we got to my place we went upstairs and when I opened the door she walked in and quietly surveyed the apartment – saw the lounge and kitchen then the two bedrooms asked which was mine and then the bathroom and said would you mind if I used this and shut the door.

I went to the kitchen and opened a bottle of wine and poured two glasses.

She came back and there was something different about her - at first I didn’t notice.

We sat in the lounge and talked for a while about the old days and some of the people. I had left the vicinity a year or so before her and we caught up with some of the kids I had grown up with. I noticed then she had removed her bra and was bra less beneath her top. I could see her hard nipples showing through.

She informed me one girl, Sue, had become pregnant and she wouldn’t name the guy who had impregnated her. There was a lot of gossip and a few of the guys all claimed it was them but she would never reveal who it was. The family moved away. She said to me – you had sex with her before you left didn’t you. I said I plead guilty to it twice, but it was well before I left.

Jan said I know I was there on one occasion you two were doing it.

I said shit I never knew that – when was it.

One afternoon you went to her place and she saw you coming in and she said I am going to fuck him – hide and watch me. I hid in the wardrobe and saw it all.

I said shit I never realised I was putting on a show.

Jan said I know – but Sue was. She got onto the bed for you to fuck her so I could see you doing it from behind – there was no way you would have seen me but I watched it all. I even opened the door wide enough for Sue to see me looking and she started to giggle and you thought it was something you had done to make her laugh. Afterwards we both laughed our head off about it.

I said I can remember there was one occasion WE did it.

She said I remember it vividly – Barry and Meg were on the floor fucking at Daves place and you and I did it standing up, I remember every moment of it even today, I had my pants down and you pushed me against the arm of the lounge and even then you found it hard to keep it in me and you held the cheeks of my ass and pulled me onto your cock – as you pulled me it pulled the cheeks of my ass apart and it felt fantastic with you poking your cock into me and you had one finger almost in my ass pulling me onto you – You didn’t say anything but it felt awesome. Then each time you felt your finger was going into me you pulled your finger away. A couple of times your finger did go in a bit and I thought it felt awesome but I didn’t want to say anything.

That was one of the best fucks I had till then. You were the first guy to cum in me – you and I had fucked once before and like a few of the boys then you couldn’t cum when you came and we didn’t have to worry. That night I never showered I wanted to feel your cum in me and I fingered it for ages feeling it in me. I really felt I wanted to be pregnant – in my mind, but not in fact. Fortunately I wasn’t and I don’t know what would have happened if I was.

I said I cant remember the first time we fucked when was that.

She said Dave and Loretta were fucking each other – everybody knew it was wrong but she couldn’t help herself – she was 12 and she wanted Dave to do it almost every night. (Loretta and Dave were brother and sister ). One afternoon I was at their place and I was watching him fucking her and you came in. We all watched them then he said do you want to fuck her - and you did. It evidently wasn’t the first time you did it to her either. When I was watching you I was fingering myself as you fucked her. After you came with her you saw me fingering it and said I have got something better than that and you got it hard again and I let you fuck me. You don’t realize it but were the first boy to fuck me; I will never forget you ever. I never realized what losing your virginity was back then – I have often regretted that it was not something special. I don’t know why but I didn’t bleed. I think if I had I would have had a heart attack – I had no idea about virginity etc then.

I said shit I am sorry – I never realized you were my first virgin either. When I started to fuck Loretta she had been fucked a dozen times or more by Dave and their cousin. Now you really mean something to me and I never realized it.

Well she said – I can still mean something to you – if you want me to – if you know what I mean.

I went to her and we kissed – and it became very, very passionate – the both of us were now reliving the experience we never had before.

It didn’t need words to say what we both wanted, I began to feel her breasts and undo the buttons on the back of her clothing and let the dress drop down and expose her beautiful breasts. I bent down and kissed each nipple – I can remember when we first saw each other naked she was as flat as a board. Now she was perfection.

She said take me to bed.

We kissed as I guided us to my room and as we made our way we undressed each other as best we could as we kissed. Finally we were both naked and she looked at me and said now that has grown a lot, since the first time I saw it, now it looks magnificent.

I was looking at her and said well I like what I see too and I think we should reintroduce ourselves to each other.She had trimmed her pubic hair and now it was short and a very small patch. It looked beautiful. The lips of her vulva were firm and full - ready to be fucked.

I sat her on the edge of the bed and she lay back and as she did she went to pull her legs up onto the bed and I said no – not yet - and I slipped down and got between her legs.

What are you doing – she asked.

I want to see for myself what I have enjoyed before and will enjoy again. As I said it I spread her legs and put my head between them and kissed her vagina.

What are you doing – she asked.

I am going to make up for that lost virginity – this time we will both enjoy it.

Then she said – are you going to do it to me with your mouth.

I didn’t reply I just spread her lips with my fingers and licked her slit right up to her clit.

She moaned so loudly and then said what are you doing.

I said that’s the third time you asked me – lay back and enjoy.

Then I proceeded to give her one of my oral experiences and it didn’t ake me more than a minute to realize this was her first experience with oral sex.

I stopped and said – this is the first time you have had this isn’t it.

Oh God she said – I have never done this before.

I said – I cant believe that BUT if I missed out on the first time I took your virginity – I am not going to miss out on this one. Get ready young lady I am going to make you cum doing it this way. I am so happy that I know its your first time this way.

I then applied myself to giving her one of my best oral experiences - and her first. Her scent was a bit strong at first but after I had licked her clean it all tasted great. I licked her slit and her clit and then slipped two fingers into her and she moaned softly as I then went back down on her clit with my mouth and tongue. She was tasting good now and she was very moist. My fingers slid in and out easily and I massaged her G spot and she had never had that done before and she said what are you doing.

I said taking your virginity again only this way not that way. Am I doing it to your satisfaction?

Oh God she said I have never felt anything like this before – it is truly amazing. Keep going don’t stop yet.
I said I wont stop till you cum and if this is the first time – you will have one of the best orgasms you have ever had.

I continued to lick her slit. Suck and rub her clit with my tongue and slip my fingers into her cunt. Then when I could tell she was now getting close to having her orgasm, I slipped a finger into her ass and massaged around her little brown button hole as I fingered her cunt and licked her clit all at the same time. She couldnt control herself any longer and she began to moan and her body began to spasm and jerk and her legs clamped my head between her legs and I was being forced harder onto her cunt and I sucked and licked and fingered as hard as I could and she came and then she began to buck and bounce about and she was virtually screaming with the sensation of her orgasm overwhelming her completely – When I looked up her face was screwed up in ecstasy and she was pulling on her nipples. I kept going far as long as I could and finally she said stop – please stop.

I pulled away from her cunt and looked down at her spread on the bed – legs apart and fondling her nipples and breathing heavily – she was in seventh heaven and I saw her look up at me and she smiled.
I bent over her and kissed her on the lips with my face covered in her cunt syrup. We kissed only for a minute as she was still gasping for breath – then she said that was the most amazing experience of my life.

I said I am so happy for you – I never realized when I had you the first time it was your first and I got your virginity – now I hope I have made up for that.

She said made up for it in a way I would never imagine possible.

I said I am surprised that it is the first time anybody has done that to you.

She said so am I – but I never ever considered it before and while I have had a couple of boyfriends and we have slept together – none of them has ever wanted to do that. They want me to suck them off but they have never asked or wanted to do that. I am so happy that it was you who did it to me the first time – it made up for everything I missed out on before and more. Thank you – I will never forget that either. My memories will be full of you.

I said and something else too I hope.

She said I will do anything you ask now – I have done it all – unless you have another trick up your sleeve.
I said after I have renewed my earlier relationship with you – we can talk about whatever else you would like to do.

All I want you to do now is fuck me – make love to me - do as you please – my body is for your pleasure do with it as you wish. I will even suck your cock for you if you want me to.

I said that can wait – there is something else I want to do first and this time with you laying down – later on I will try it again standing up. This time we will both know what we are doing.
She got up on the bed properly and opened her legs and lifted her knees – is this what you want.

I said well we can start here – the night is long and we have nothing better to do than renew our acquaintance.

I climbed up on the bed and my cock was ready and I held it and guided it to her waiting cunt.

Are you ready for this I asked.

Almost begging for it – this will be far better than the last time.

I guided my cock head to her pussy lips and just pushed the top of it into her – virtually parting her lips then I moved it in a little bit and it went in easily and then right down and up into her body as far as I could get it to go. My balls were being squeezed against her body. How is that I asked.

Absolutely wonderful. Far better than the first time and better than any I can remember.I can feel it going right in and up inside me - its so big - I love it.

Have you don’t it a lot.

Not really – probably half a dozen times since you did it. I wont count you and Dave – that would be another half dozen times but that was before I realized what I was doing. It was just something naughty back then – I cant even say I can remember it being nice. The first time I really enjoyed it was about the second time I did it with my first real boyfriend. The first time with him was in the back of his car and uncomfortable and not very successful – he came – I didn’t. I wasn’t safe and he tried to get it out before he came but only managed to get it half out before he ejaculated and I got half of his cum inside me and the other half all over me. It was not very pleasant.

The second time I made him take me to a motel and the guy knew exactly what we were going to do when we checked in and leered at me. I felt very guilty but we did enjoy that fuck and he used a condom, in fact we fucked three times and I managed to cum once while he was fucking me – it was good.

My next boyfriend did it a few times but like before it was in his car but it was a SUV and we had plenty of room in the back. I didn’t mind and I came a couple of times with him – he was better that the first guy – but neither of them felt as good as this does. This is what fucking is all about.

I worked on her for about ten minutes and then she said I am cumming do it harder and I knew exactly what she wanted and I had her cumming under me in a minute. It was great hearing her and feeling her body respond to her orgasm as I fucked her. The second time tonight. Then I worked on her myself and was working up to an orgasm and just before I came I said shit – are you safe. She nodded and then I went for a big finish and in a few seconds I was grunting and spurting and filling her with hot steamy cum. Each time I spurted I grunted and she was looking up at me as I did. We were both more than satisfied.

After I came I rolled off her and we lay together for ages not talking.

She said shit - its all stating to run out again.

I looked down at her cunt and my cum was oozing out of her cunt and down over her little brown ass hole - it looked very sexy.

Then she said – whenever you are ready I am – lets not waste this wonderful time we are having.

She spent the entire night with me and all the next two days – we hardly left the bedroom – and made up for a few years of absence – and the fact I hadn’t realized I had taken her virginity. The two of us more than made up for it that weekend and many many times since.

The two of us spent more time together naked than we did with our clothes on and the sex we had seemed to get better every time – we are now lovers in every sense of the word and apart from anal sex – which we tried and she didn’t enjoy – there is nothing else in the Karma Sutra we haven’t tried. I have more than made up for the inadvertent deflowering of her when neither of us realized what we were doing. Her blonde curly hair spends more time on my pillow or wrapped around my cock than anywhere else when we have no clothes on. One day we may become more than lovers – time will tell.