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Always Pull Your Curtains - Chapter 7

2022-01-29 13:06:45

Hailey heard Julie's car squeal away from outside and looked round the room trying to take in what had just happened. Randy had clapped his hands and the two giants had removed Harry's inert body, heaven only knows where to, before turning back to Hailey looking at her expectantly and waiting for her instructions. Randy produced a snowy white handkerchief and removed a dab of blood from Hailey’s cheek before placing the palms of his hands together as if in prayer, and Marge was smiling kindly at her like the vicar’s wife she was. The silence in office was deafening and Hailey couldn’t help but blurt out, “well I am fucked if I know what to do.”

“Perhaps I can offer a few suggestions,” said Randy with a beaming grin, “after all I do have some experience in this area. If you leave the… err… performance area to us and you and Marge check on the performers.”

Hailey looked a little blank until Marge gave a stage whisper, “the dogs you ninny,” and with that Hailey & Marge linked arms and went off the kennels like two women going to the shops.

“So how many dogs do you think?” said Hailey as they approached the cages full of barking and yapping dogs.

Marge looked thoughtful for a moment then said, “I think one for you to start, with me helping, that's assuming Randy sticks to his favourite . Then a matching pair, if we can find two that is, and then for the finale a couple of good sized dogs.”

For the next 30 minutes the two women worked their way through the cages, checking the dogs for gender and that they were still intact. As they moved they compared notes and comments on each possible dog, like they were shopping for a dress for an evening out then Hailey shyly asked Marge, “where do you Julie from? can’t imagine she is part of the church circle,” referring to Marge’s vicar husband.

“Henry and I haven’t always done the work of the Lord,” Marge laughed, “in fact you could say we worked for the other side which would make Julie the Devil’s handmaiden.” Hailey looked quizzically at Marge as she went on. “Let’s just say Julie gets the right things done in a way that most would consider the wrong way.” Seeing the look of non-comprehension on Hailey’s face she concluded with, “just be thankful she likes you, she is not someone to be on the wrong side of.”

Hailey shuddered as she recalled the shooting of Harry which was carried out in such a matter of fact way and couldn’t help blurting out, “Do you really think she likes me?”

“Oh yes,” Marge said with a deep throaty chuckle, “she definitely likes you,” and winked broadly at Hailey. As the realisation of what Marge meant dawned on her, Hailey felt her pussy moisten at the thought and the scent caught the nostrils of a few of the males dogs who started barking in interest.

“What about these dogs?” said Hailey as they stood before a cage that contained a pair of stunning Dalmatians who by the fact they were both showing were clearly intact.

“Perfect,” said Marge, clapping her hands in glee, before turning to Hailey and saying, “I helped her set up Perro Mundo,” and seeing the lack of comprehension on Hailey’s face laughed, “I will tell you about it another time, now come on girl, we still need the finale,” as her eyes came to rest on a magnificent Great Dane.

“Bruno,” whispered Hailey in awe as she recalled how the Dane had fucked her last time with his huge 12” cock and her mouth fell open as she watched Marge expertly manipulate his cock to start to show quickly.

“Oh yes he will do very nicely,” said Marge as she stood, her hand covered in the dog’s copious pre-cum. Before she could do anything, Hailey grabbed her hand and started to lick it clean making little moans of pleasure as she savoured the taste. Marge laughed as she watched Hailey licking her fingers, “I guess you have been pleasured by him before, but what about me?” As she spoke Marge’s eyes fell on a large heavy Mastiff with its wrinkled and almost sad face and hanging down between his legs was a heavy red cock that was slowly emerging from its sheath. The dog just looked at Marge with its implacable face but its eyes seem to shout that it would breed Marge like a bitch. “Oh yes,” sighed Marge with lust feeling her tummy churn as it almost seemed like the mastiff winked at her and its cock twitched with a promise of what was to come. Slapping Hailey on her ass Marge announced, “well that the performers selected for tomorrow, I am quite looking forward to it. Wonder how the boys are getting on?”

“What’s the story behind them?” Hailey enquired, “how does Julie know a Frenchman and a couple of Russians or whatever they are.

“My dear girl,” Marge replied, “Don’t ever let Randy hear you call him a Frenchman, he is a Corsican and very proud of it. I don’t know all the details but Julie saved his life some time ago and he has been devoted to her ever since, getting involved in fronting some of the more nefarious money-making schemes she has running.”

“And the Russians?” Hailey asked.

“Don’t let the blonde looks fool you, they are actually from Kosovo though they grew up in Slovenia and far as I know Julie rescued them when they were orphaned as small children during the Balkans conflict and has sponsored them ever since.” Marge said, smiling as she recalled how much shit Julie actually got into for breaking so many rules to make sure the two children were cared for and bought up in a safe environment. “You do know that Hugo, Viktor and Randy are a permanent ménage e trios.” and when Hailey’s mouth formed a unspoken question Marge silenced here with an upheld hand, “all I know is Hugo & Viktor are ‘bottoms’ and Randy the ‘top’, but how the hell that works search me.” Hailey giggled to herself as she formed a mental picture of the two giants naked and bent over as Randy hopped about trying to decide which one to fuck first.


The following morning, with the kids safely at their grandparents, Hailey sat on the end of the bed as Craig towelled himself dry before throwing a few things into a small bag. "Best I take a change of clothing just in case it gets messy," said Craig as he saw the look on Hailey's face.

"So what are the plans?" said Hailey as she watched her husband cock bob about making her pussy flip. She had woken up horny that morning and couldn’t stop thinking about that evening when she was going to get fucked by three dogs.

"Well," said Craig, "this afternoon we are going to a polo match, you know how posh Charles is. Then it's dinner at some fancy restaurant and then his best man has something special arranged for the evening, but it’s a big secret."

"Probably strippers," Hailey laughed, "careful they don't get you on stage and start playing with you cock." As she spoke Hailey grabbed Craig's cock and slowly worked the foreskin back and forward over the purple head before sucking it into her mouth.

"Oh, that feels good," moaned Craig as he enjoyed the feeling of his wife's warm wet mouth wrapped round his cock. He had noticed she had been a lot more randy lately but he wasn't complaining. Looking down he could see that Hailey had opened her thighs and was rubbing herself as she worked her head up and down on his hard cock and he could hear her pussy squelching on her fingers. He could see quite clearly that she had 3 fingers inside herself and was fucking herself quite hard. The sight was too much for Craig to hold back and grabbing Hailey's hair thrust himself forward and spurted his cum into her willing mouth. As he emptied his balls he could hear her moaning round his cock as she orgasmed herself.

Wiping her mouth Hailey smiled at her husband, "that was a nice brunch, what time will you be home tonight."

"It will be very late I think," said Craig, "I think after the special show we are going back to Charles club so heaven only knows what time it will all end. What about you with your girlie night out."

"Not sure," said Hailey trying to stay cool, " I think I may well be in bed by the time you get in so best you don't wake me." Hailey thought to herself 'and I will be very full of dog cum' though she didn't say that out loud.


That evening Hailey got to the kennels and after meeting Marge they went into the main part of the kennels and they were both amazed by the transformation the men had made to the performance area. One of the larger cages had been cleared out and a pair of raised benches had been placed in the middle of the cage. Outside of the bars were rows of chairs arranged so that each person would get a full view but would be unable to touch the performers from outside the cage.

"What do you think?” said Randy proudly waving his hard to encompass the area. "You and Marge will be safe in the cage when we lead the dogs in, you perform and then we lead them out. I even have a bar set up where we can supply champagne, at a very reasonable price of course."

Hailey nodded to herself as the whole effect was grungy and real yet at the same time looked clean and safe so things shouldn't get out of control.

Opening a door to the adjoining office Randy explained, "I will introduce you as a bitch to be bred and Marge here as your Mistress so my suggestion is you play it a bit reluctant and of course you will be wearing masks. I will adlib some stuff about it being your first time and you are desperate for work etc and then Marge will be overcome with lust and will join you. "

Hailey couldn't help giggling at the thought of being reluctant and catching on immediately Marge laughed as she said, "that means no drooling and panting and throwing yourself under the dog, try to act like you are not sure."

"Are you sure you are going to be OK... Mistress" Hailey said laughingly as she nodded towards Marge's ankle which was still heavily strapped.

"Yes, no worries," laughed Marge, "anyway I will be on my hands and knees very quickly, not my feet so will make life mush easier."


Despite her bravado from earlier that evening Hailey was nervous as she sat in the office watching on the CCTV the seats filling up with about 50 people. Adjusting her mask for the 100th time Hailey glanced down her body and could see her nipples were erect with anticipation of what was to come. Hailey was totally naked apart from a studded dog collar round her neck and Marge was dressed in a black leather corset which plunged at the front to make her cleavage look pronounced and it was hemmed with a lace micro skirt though she was naked under it. The look was finished off with a pair of high heels and a black riding crop which Hailey looked at with some trepidation every time Marge swished it through the air.

"The crop is just for show," said Randy, "Marge will lead you in and then Viktor & Hugo will bring in the dogs and remain there while they fuck you, then take them out and bring in the next. Just ignore the crowd and enjoy yourself, and let Marge lead she has done this before," said Randy in a calm reassuring voice.

At his words Hailey could feel her juices running down her inner thighs and then as she glanced at the monitor her heart almost stopped and she uttered a small cry, "Oh my God."

"What is it?" Said Marge looking at Hailey who had one hand over mouth and was repeating the word 'no' over and over like a chant as she pointed at the screen with her other hand. Marge looked at the person Hailey was pointing at and realised that sitting in the front row of the seats was Hailey's husband Craig.

"I can't do it," said Hailey, "Give them their money back and cancel the show."

"Too late for that, it will be fine you will be wearing a mask." said Marge

"He may not know your body," said Hailey on the verge of tears, " but he will know mine for sure," as she sunk into the chair with her head in her hands.

Marge stood looking at Randy with a concerned look on her face, "I suppose they are expecting two of us," she said and saw Randy nod glumly in agreement. Suddenly Marge's face brightened as an idea struck her. "Randy can you stall them for a bit I just need to make a quick call." With that Marge grabbed her mobile phone from her bag and dialling a number from memory spoke quickly down the phone outlining the situation. Hailey could hear the deep throaty laugh that echoed from the phone and she knew exactly who Marge must be speaking to. Clicking the phone off Marge looked at Randy and said, "OK buy us 30 minutes."


Craig could feel the room spinning very slightly as he watched the small Frenchman leave the office and make his way over to where they were all sitting. The champagne had been flowing freely all afternoon and evening and he, along with most of the stag party guests were quite drunk. Craig wasn't quite sure what was happening and why they had come out in the luxury coach to this out of the way kennel but as he saw the benches in the cage it was becoming clearer, though he still couldn’t believe it.

“Gentlemen,” said Randy, “I am sorry but there is going to be a slight delay as one of the … err… performers has been taken unwell.” Holding his hands up to placate the boos he went on, “of course please have a drink on us,” and with that Hugo & Viktor popped corks on champagne bottles and began pouring drinks.

Walking back into the office Randy’s frown turned into a huge grin as he saw Julie hugging Marge and trying to console Hailey. “Don’t worry about it,” Julie said as she quickly stripped, “it will be just like old times for me & Marge and I am quite looking forward to a nice bit of dog cock.”

As Julie reached up to clip the dog collar round her neck the movement caused her back to arch and her breasts to push out, almost straight into Hailey's face. Julie held her position and looked down at Hailey who was trying to hold her breath, so close was the nipple to her mouth. "Well" said Julie sharply as she stared at Hailey and seeing her lack of comprehension went on, "suck my nipple." Hailey sucked the dark nipple into her mouth like an eager baby wanting to suckle and was delighted to hear a soft moan of pleasure escape from Julie’s mouth. "Enough for now," said Julie, "after we have finished there will be work for you to do." Then turning to Marge held out her neck and said in a throaty chuckle, "guess it's the old mistress and reluctant bitch routine, lead on Randy."

Hailey watched with utter amazement as a total change came over Julie as she slipped from the confident woman who had thrust her nipple into her mouth into a frightened and subservient woman, her shoulders hunched, face downwards and dragging her feet in such a show of reluctance that Hailey could almost believe it was true. Even though her upper face was covered in a mask Julie responded to Randy's words as he described how this was a fresh bitch to be bred by making token attempts to pull away. The crowd certainly seemed to believe Julie's act as they started to chant, demanding that the bitch be bred good and hard and they even cheered when Marge slapped Julie's rump with the crop bringing up a bright red welt. Marge dragged Julie into the cage and pulled her roughly over the bench tapping her body with the crop to get her into the right position. Hailey watched the screen as Viktor led in the grey & white husky that would have been her first of the evening and she could see that the cock was already starting to show.

Marge caressed Julie's ass with one hand as she reached under and ran her fingers along Julie's pussy lips before pushing two fingers deep into her open pussy. Driving them in and out very deep and very fast for a short while Marge then removed them and held them up to the crowd. "See how wet the bitch is, she wants dog cock don't you slut?"

"Oh yes Mistress," Julie moaned in a voice laden with lust then followed up with a slight tinge of fear, "It won't hurt will it Mistress?"

Marge reached under the husky and started to work his angry red cock with her hand making the pre-cum flow as it grew hard and started to strain against the leash that Viktor held onto tightly. Marge rubbed the juice covered fingers on her other hand across the husky's nose so he got a good smell and then Marge held them there so the dog could lick and taste Julie's pussy juices. Turning to the crowd Marge said, "she is a virgin for dog cock, do you think I should spare her?" Of course, the crowd bayed for action, no thought of mercy anywhere as Marge turned back and said with a sneer, "your slut dog pussy will welcome the cock and you will orgasm on his knot like the whore you are." Viktor released the husky who bounded over to Julie where he could smell the source of the sweetness he had just tasted on Marge's fingers and licked deeply, his rough tongue making Julie moan.

Julie wriggled her ass as if she was trying to escape the dog's attentions but Marge grabbed her hair and held her still while with the other hand patted Julie's ass in invitation to the dog. The husky rose up, his red cock jabbing wildly leaving smears of pre-cum across Julie's ass cheeks before Marge grasped the dog's cock and positioned at Julie's opening. As Marge released the dog it thrust forward savagely burying its cock deep inside and Julie's guttural moan of pleasure filled the small room. The crowd had fallen silent now as the dog started to pound Julie with fast intense movements and they could see Julie's breasts wobble and shake as from the dog's powerful thrusts.

Craig watched in awe as it was the hottest thing he had ever seen as the dog seemed almost possessed as it fucked the masked woman. Craig couldn’t help but imagine his own wife Hailey under their dog Sam and the thought made his cock strain even harder against the material of his trousers. The woman was clearly enjoying it despite her earlier reluctance and Craig leant forward for a close look. As he did so he could see the dog was now trying to knot with the woman and he got a very clear view as her pussy opened to accept the knot before sealing round it, holding him in while he bred her.

Craig could feel his mouth dry as the Mistress woman spoke. "looks like the slut is enjoying herself now and have to say it does look fun, maybe we should both have a go." With that the blond giant pulled the dog that had fucked the masked woman away who just knelt there with her shaved pussy on display and dog cum slowly leaking from her pink and puffy lips.

Marge knelt on the bench next to Julie and with her head very close to Julie whispered, 'you OK?"

Almost silently Julie turned to Marge and said, "that was very nice indeed and looking forward to the next two though you didn't have to hit me quite so hard." Marge had to stifle a giggle as Julie then said loudly as Viktor and Hugo led in the pair of dalmatians, "Please Mistress let me go now, surely one is enough."

Viktor & Hugo led the dogs round to the front of the women and Marge snarled loudly, "do as I do or it will be bad for you slut," before taking the semi hard dog cock in her hand and putting it to her mouth then starting to suck on it. As the crowd watched Julie followed suit and soon they were rewarded with the sight of the two women sucking on almost identical dog cocks. As the dogs grew more excited and harder they produced so much pre-cum that neither Marge or Julie could swallow it fast enough and it was dribbling down their chins. It was clear that the dogs were becoming frisky and in a smooth synchronised movement Viktor & Hugo led their respecting charges to the position ready to mount. As they released the dogs in prefect harmony the two dogs rose and thrust into Julie and Marge, both finding the right spot at the first attempt.

The dalmatian was smaller than the husky but he was lightening quick and Julie could feel her teeth rattle as the dog fucked with a frenzy that was non-stop. Glancing to her side Julie could see Marge's face was screwed up as she was about to cum and Julie relaxed into the rhythm of the pounding allowing it to take her over the top at the same time as Marge. The two women howled together and the act of cumming allowed both dogs to force their knots in and they began to pump the seed into their respective bitches. With very slight encouragement from Viktor & Hugo the two dogs turned so they were ass to ass and they settle down to a steady pumping of seed. Julie looked at Marge's cum covered face and began to kiss and lick as she did the same.

After the two dalmatians were led away Randy stood in front of the crowd and bowed before saying, "and now for tonight's finale, Bruno and Roger." then waved his hand theatrically as Viktor & Hugo led in Bruno the great dane and Roger the mastiff. They were already half erect and their cocks swayed under them like two great angry red snakes.

Hailey had been watching it all on the monitor and was soaked, from her rubbing she had cum twice but at the sight of the two large dogs she knew she needed more. Her eyes came to rest on one of the champagne bottles that sat on the desk and Hailey climbed onto the desk and positioned herself over the bottle. As she watched Bruno and Roger being led to Julie and Marge she teased herself with neck, just letting it slip inside.

By now the two dogs had the full scent in their nostrils and had grown to full hardness of nearly 12 inches of angry cock and Julie glanced back under her arm to see them behind her. "Fucking hell Marge," Julie whispered," this is going to be a blast." The two men were struggling to hold back the large dogs who were straining to be at Julie & Marge until finally they jerked themselves free and half straddled and half mounted their respective bitches.

Hailey's eyes were glued to the screen and as she saw Bruno rise up and jab for Julie's pussy she herself ached as she remembered how big it had felt. As she saw Julie guide him home with fingers that looked so tiny compared to the size of the cock Hailey sank down onto the bottle. The loud groans from Julie & Marge as they were entered penetrated through the walls of the office and Hailey started to ride the bottle forcing herself deeper with each downward thrust.

Julie felt like the top of her head was going to come off as it had been a while since she had a cock this big inside her. All acting was gone now as she braced against the powerful thrusts revelling in the sensations as the dog cock drove deeper and deeper into her willing body. Marge's eyes had rolled into the back of her head in sheer bliss and the mastiff drove his massive cock in and out of her body as he fucked her like she was a rag doll beneath her.

The audience was out of its seats and gripping the bars of the cage to get the best possible view and Craig was spellbound by the sheer size of the cocks pounding the two women. By the sounds they were making they were both clearly enjoying themselves and he was sure that masked woman was actually pushing back to the dog cock. Then with mighty growl the mastiff forced its knot into the older woman’s pussy causing her to yell out loudly before she started thrashing her head as she orgasmed over and over. The dane was not to be outdone and gripping the masked woman by the back of her neck her used his large paws to give him the leverage he needed to force his knot inside. The sound she made was the sexiest things that Craig had ever heard, his wife was sometimes noisy but this was an orgasm that started from the tips of her toes and rushed through her body like a tsunami erupting in a cacophony of noise of pure pleasure.

Julie's orgasmic scream rang in Hailey's ears as she rode the bottle like she was on top a derby winning horse. Her juices ran freely down the neck and soaked the sides of the bottle as she plunged up and down filling the rooms with the deep squelchy sounds of her pussy juices. Hailey started to scream in orgasm before she realised that she might be heard and clamping her teeth hard onto her forearm squirted into and onto the bottle until she slumped sated, still squatting with it embedded in her in a semi-comatose state.

The crowd had been ushered from the room with much thanks and requests for future shows,

"that was fucking brilliant," said Julie as she opened the door to the office to see Hailey on top of the table with the champagne bottle just visible from her pussy. Marge and Julie stood for a moment taking in the scene when Hailey's eyes popped open and she tried to lever herself up but nearly fell. "Careful love you will do yourself an injury," said Julie helping Hailey off the bottle and the desk and onto the floor. Hailey's legs were shaking as she sat in the office chair and watched as Julie licked the bottle neck savouring Hailey's juices. "Clean up time," said Julie with a smile as she lifted one foot onto the desk so her pussy was open and Hailey could see the three loads of dog cum starting to trickle out coating Julie’s lip with gooey seed. Sliding off the chair Hailey opened her mouth and started to lick and suck at Julie's open pussy taking in mouthful after mouthful of the dog cum. Sensing Julie was close to orgasming again Hailey didn't ask but forced a finger deep into Julie's ass causing her to climax. That act in turn had the effect of forcing the last vestiges of cum from her battered pussy along with a copious amount of her juices.


When Hailey got home she could still taste the cum from all 5 dogs as after she had cleaned Julie she performed the same service on Marge. Hailey's pussy felt swollen and open after the bottle so she decided to take a quick shower as Craig wasn't home yet and now doubt when he did get home he would be drunker than when she had seen him at the kennels. She was wrapped in a towel when she heard his key in the front door…