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Sex & Women

2022-01-21 02:00:03

Sex & My Women (A Study)

Women are ideally designed for sex except for the connection between their pussy and brain. It seems that this connection has been modified by various entities for various purposes none of which have been to the benefit of sex. It is most probable that female “animals” originally participated sexually in accordance with how other animals around them performed the sexual act, female on all fours, the male inserting his cock into the females pussy from behind as horses, cows, orangutangs, etc. do today. Why this position has changed is only for conjecture but most likely via religious reasons. My 80+ years of experience only allows me to postulate how and/or why woman’s sexual attitude has progressed or digressed over the years.

The design of a females pussy really has not changed over time but their attitudes definitely have. Their pussy is designed such that they can receive a cock of any dimension; long, short, fat, thin - due to it's flexible nature. Physical changes are made thru necessary surgery, i.e. hysterectomies, etc. My lady has had such surgery and the result was a major change in the depth of her vagina thus allowing cocks much longer than mine to enter her pussy comfortably. This change has only increased her desire to possess large cocks, not only longer but also larger in diameter. Of course, the vagina has always been able to expand in diameter, much larger then the normal human male cock , i.e. in child birth.

My woman’s attitude towards sex? This has changed immensely in our 57 years. These attitudes have changed greatly due to the development of birth control methods and education. Also, the advancement of sterilization in men, i.e. vasectomies, have helped attitudes. Condoms have been available for along , long time but I'm not sure that women felt that they were very safe, again a reason why woman’s attitude toward sex has so slowly changed – safer condoms? I have never used a condom.

My major concern regarding woman’s attitude toward sex has been primarily the attitudes implanted in their brains, i.e. sex is bad, sex is naughty, sex is only for creation, and many , many more attitudes I am unaware of. All of these have detached their brains from their pussy's.

In my woman’s and my 57 years of marriage, my woman’s attitudes have changed immensely. From the time we met, were engaged and married, she had almost NO interest in sex. This lack of interest in sex lasted our first 30 years of marriage. However, our first child was born 11 months after our marriage, resulting from me attacking my woman as she walked thru the door of our home, she returning 350 miles across the state where she was finishing her last year of college. Things stayed pretty much the same, our sex being even more complicated by a child, until our second child was born 3 years after number one, this second child being “planned”. Of course, child number two further complicated our sex life – what sex life ? Eighteen months later, our third “accident” happened, all three my the fault, my sexual addiction.

All those years – 5.5 years – my woman “gave in” to sex, faking her orgasms, me, masturbating – an awful lot. For the next 25 years, our sex life remained the same, my wife faking and me masturbating and both of us managing 3 children (which we loved deeply) and working too hard to enjoy sex anyway. The children, however, were grown and gone from home by the end of our first 30 years.

This is when things really changed. It was my woman's period of sexual education. For the next 27 years, my woman became increasingly sexual. First thru becoming increasingly aware of peoples sexuality, sexual being, and their genitalia as part of nudism. Not swinging (yet) but just thru observation, interaction and partying. Belonging to a nudist resort and than other nudist clubs, we began having nudist parties at our home. It was at the end of one of these parties that our “swinging” began. Believe it or not, it was my woman who started the next 27 years of very enjoyable sexual activity - which continues today at 80+ and 77+!!!! What did I say about a woman being able to have sex all their life. Not only does my woman enjoy sex now but she has enjoyed sex with a number of men and women over the last years, all to our mutual approval and enjoyment.

What happened to our concern of pregnancy? First, I had a vasectomy, and
then not much later my woman had a hysterectomy. Both events ended our

concern with having children. Again, however, pregnancy was not the main cause for disinterest in sex. We believe that it was a host of things starting with ignorance, being too busy with our professions and a long list of many other things. Getting thru all the things on our list allowed us to find time, interest and the environment for SEX.

HOW, getting back to “Sex & Women”. The above is just one example as to why women seem to have so little interest in sex. A man wakes up each morning with an erection. Does a women wake up each morning with any sexual interest? Not to my knowledge. Also, women have this thing called a menstrual cycle. Another determent to sex (although some women are at the height of their sexual desire during their cycle. They just don't like the mess that intercourse makes at the time).

Another problem that women have faced is the pressure placed on them by society, their mother and other women around them - “YOU DO NOT HAVE SEX UNTIL YOUR MARRIED.” Of course after years and years of this brain washing, how can a woman perform like a whore on her wedding night or thereafter. Much of this stigma has disappeared with today's lifestyle, “living together before marriage”, etc.. We feel that this has helped to make a major improvement in men and woman’s sexual enlightenment and the success of marriages (even though there is still a 50% divorce rate).

My woman’s sexual awakening started with our involvement in nudism leading to her first event – a night of fun with friends, a very nice hot tub and a lot of beer, rum and coke. My lady, I and our friends when enjoying an “after the party was over” soak in our hot tub. Our lady friend left the hot tub to go to the rest room, I went in the house to refresh everyone's drink and when I returned to the hot tube, I realized that my lady's position in the hot tub had change. OK. I then returned to the hot tub. As I sat down, I realized that something was different – my lady was sitting on our male friend's lap. Again OK, so I slid my hand up my lady's leg until I came to the remains of a cock that was embedded in my lady's pussy. And YES, our male friend has a rather large cock and yes, it was totally embedded in my woman's pussy.
He and she were totally enthralled !! They both appeared to have a orgasm.

This was the start of my woman's sexual awakening !!!!

From here she/we experienced many wonderful sexual encounters, none damaging our relationship and most improving our lives. To prove this comment as true, I will relate a number of these. Many of these relationships were with couples, a few with single males but very few with single females.
Why so few with females ???

Our sexual relationship with our “hot tub” friends continued for many years. During this time period, other nudist friends joined in, most activity taking place around pool parties and the massage table. Most of this activity did not include intercourse but much manual and oral stimulation.

Another occurred with a couple that we met at a nude religious educational function. They were about our age and for some reason the four of us just clicked. This relationship involved mutually inter-couple sex and sex between sexes, female/female, male/male. There were no elements of jealousy nor any other infra-couple complications. All our sex was normal including intercourse and oral sex with both male and female. In fact, the women of our couple enjoyed initiating oral sex with me, she enjoying me cumming in her mouth then kissing me while passing my cum back into my mouth. Very enjoyable and unique. Both women also enjoyed cunnilingus. Our new female friend teaching my lady the pleasures of bisexuality – and my lady thoroughly enjoying it and reciprocating in this activity.

Another single/married female friend we also thoroughly enjoyed sex and quite often initiating sex with me while married to another. She just thoroughly enjoyed sex. Demonstrating that women can enjoy, want and search for sex.

There were also a few single males in our lives. One of these was a shay man that had never had sex with a women or a man. He proved to be very receptive, however, via my male to male attention. I met him at a nudist
resort, setting my himself, reading and listening to his radio. I noticed that he had a very nice cock, approached him, conversed, reached over and started

playing with his cock, he not resisting. He over time turned into a very close friend, he having sexual intercourse with my woman – his first time in his life having sexual intercourse with a women. My woman did not pursue more sex with this man, he being so shay that he would not initiate any sex with her. She was more than happy to have him fill her pussy with his fine cock and warm voluminous cum. He had a very nice, normal sized cock which stayed hard after ejaculating. He could cum over and over. She really liked the feel of his cock in her pussy and having him cum inside her and was eventually very sorry that she had not pursued him for sex more often. A sign of her and most woman’s sexual nature.

A second single male friend that my lady and I became attracted to and are still involved with to today, is a tall man with an enormous cock. His cock was/is not only very thick but also very long. This was my lady's first encounter with a huge cock. However, even at her first encounter, she did not hesitate to impale herself on this monster cock and continues to enjoy it to this date. She has always enjoyed him cumming in her and continues to enjoy a man cumming in her pussy. She enjoys this friend filling her pussy with his huge cock and with his warm, creamy cum.

Since my woman's sexual awakening, she has had sex with a number of men and women and our own sexual life has improved immensely especially into our waning years. She has even learned to enjoy fellatio which of course all men enjoy immensely. She has even performed fellatio on our friends huge cock but she hasn't swallowed his cum – yet, but may soon. She has swallowed my pre-cum from my Cowpers gland which she seems to enjoy, pre-cum being very sweet. Having had prostate surgery, I can neither cum nor get an erection without help from a substance called prostaglandin. This works very well !!!!!!

Life goes on and my woman’s sexual attitude continues to come and go, going up and down and at times totally disappearing, reappearing at some later date. Why? Hormones? ….... ???? I have absolutely no idea !!!!

I'm still constantly horny (for men or woman)!!!!!