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Meeting Amanda: Tommy Makes His Decision - Chapter 10

2022-05-25 00:00:04

Amanda was scared. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to hear what Tommy’s decision was going to be. She knew that she told her mom that she wouldn’t let it bother her if she was pregnant, but the truth of it was, it would bother her to raise the baby without Tommy there. She didn’t want the baby to grow up without his or her father around. Even though she lost her father when she was 12, she knew what it was like to grow up without him around.

Sarah sat there, not sure if she should say something, or just wait till Tommy was finished with everything he had to say. She was feeling really horrible for trying to get pregnant intentionally by Tommy and for making Amanda think that she was still taking birth control pills. If Tommy left it was going to be all her fault. This was something she didn’t want to have to live with. She didn’t want to hurt her daughter.

Tommy stood there, watching both girls sitting there on the couch. He could see just how uncomfortable they were right then, mainly because they didn’t know what he was about to tell them and they weren’t sure of what to expect. He was actually having fun letting them sit there and wonder what he was about to say, but also a part of him was feeling awful for doing this to them. Tommy felt though, that this was fair play for what Sarah had pulled on him and Amanda. He wished that Amanda didn’t have to sit through all of this, but he figured that maybe he could make it up to her later on.

Tommy finally started to talk. “Well, I have come to a decision about all of this. The first thing I want to get out of the way is what you pulled on me Sarah. That wasn’t fair to me. I don’t see why you felt that you couldn’t just come to me and talk about you wanting to have my baby. What if I don’t want kids? Did you ever think of that? Apparently not, but maybe I'm wrong about that. But I guess you’re happy that you might be pregnant. If you are, then I guess congratulations.”

The whole time Tommy was talking to Sarah he never once raised his voice. Yelling wasn’t going to change anything that has already happened. All it would probably do is make things worse than they already were. He didn’t want that.

Sarah kept looking around the room. She really wished that there was a hole somewhere that she could just crawl into and never come out. She knew that with pulling what she did on Tommy, that she had just set one of the worst examples ever for Amanda. Sarah started to cry.

“Now for what you did to Amanda. Why would you want her to think that she was still on the pill when she wasn’t? I can hardly believe you did something like that. With as much sex as Amanda and I have had over the last several days there is a very good chance that she is pregnant. So now you might be pregnant and Amanda might be pregnant. This is something that Amanda doesn’t need right now. Actually I don’t think any of us need this right now.”

Tommy was starting to sweat from all the pacing back and forth across the living room while talking to both of them. Well actually just to Sarah.

“Amanda. There is nothing I can be mad at you about. It’s not your fault that you were taking headache medicine instead of birth control. Its not your fault that your mom wasn’t on any either or that she was trying to get pregnant on purpose. There is nothing that I can gripe, bitch or complain about because none of this is your fault.”

Tommy could see that Amanda had tears in her eyes. If there was one thing he hated to see it was Amanda crying. Seeing this was breaking his heart. Tommy walked over to Amanda, knelt down in front of her, and took her hands in his.

“Amanda, you know I love you. I feel that I love you more than I ever thought possible. Now with a chance that you might be pregnant I need to figure some things out. When I moved here, getting someone pregnant was not part of the plan. Right now I’m actually scared.”

Amanda could tell that he was scared. She could feel him shaking while he was holding her hands. This was breaking her heart having to sit there and see him go through this.

“Tommy I know you love me. I can see it in your eyes. I believe you, with all my heart, when you said that getting someone pregnant wasn’t part of your plan when you moved here. You can’t blame yourself. You’ve done nothing wrong. I know you’re upset and scared right now but we don’t even know if my mom or I are even pregnant. There is a good chance that neither one of us are.”

Amanda looked over at her mom and said. “Mom, tell Tommy there is a good chance that neither of us are pregnant.” Please mom, tell him.” Amanda was pretty much pleading with Sarah.

“Sweetie I wish I could but then I would be lying to both of you. I’ve already lied to you once and I don’t want to do it again. You see Amanda; all the women in our family have always been able to get pregnant very easy. It’s almost like a family curse. Hell, some of them have even joked around saying that all they would have to do is walk by a man and get pregnant. The one thing that is worse than that is that twins, and very rarely, triplets, run in our family. Think about it. Look at a lot of your cousins.”

Amanda sat there and thought about what her mom had said. There are several sets of twins in their family line. Plus a few sets of triplets. Amanda’s could feel the blood drain out of her face. She looked at Tommy with tears starting to run down her cheeks.

Tommy stood up and walked away from them a little ways. When he finally turned back around to face them, he had a completely serious look on his face.

“Well like you said Amanda, there is a good chance that neither one of you is pregnant. We will just have to wait till both of you are tested to find out. Until then it will give me some time to think. So for the time being we just need to not think about any of this, if at all possible, and try to quit worrying. Worrying about this isn’t going to make it any better.”

Sarah and Amanda knew that Tommy was right. Sarah reached over to her daughter and pulled her close to her. Both girls started crying.

“Amanda I am so sorry for what I have done.”

“Mom, stop crying, it’s ok. Well just have to check in a week or so and see if were pregnant or not. Everything is going to be ok.”

Sarah couldn’t understand how her daughter couldn’t be mad at her. She knew Tommy was really upset with her but for some reason her daughter wasn’t.

“Well mom there is one thing I’m certain about and that is that I wouldn’t trade the last several days that I’ve shared with Tommy for anything in the world.”

When Amanda said that, she was looking at Tommy the whole time. She got up off the couch and walked over to Tommy and put her arms around him. For a few seconds she thought he wasn’t going to do the same thing and then she felt his arms wrap around her with such tenderness that it convinced her even more that he was the one she would spend the rest of her life with.

Sarah finally got up and walked over to Tommy and Amanda. She could see the love that they shared just by watching them hold each other. She remembered when it was like that with her late husband Jack. That kind of love Sarah really missed.

Tommy opened his eyes and noticed Sarah standing next to them. She was smiling at Tommy. She stood there for several more seconds before she started to talk.

“Well Tommy, I hope that what I’ve done hasn’t changed anything between you and my daughter. I can see how much the both of you care about each other and that is something that I don’t want to tear apart.”

“It’s alright Sarah. There is just one thing that I want to say to you.”

Sarah wasn’t even going to try and stop him from saying anything else. She knew he had every right to be mad at her and she wasn’t going to stop him. What she heard Tommy say next totally caught her off guard.

“If you’re pregnant and Amanda is pregnant I’m moving somewhere else.”

Amanda’s pulled away from Tommy and looked at him in total shock. “Please no. Please don’t let it be that he is going to move away because of this.” Amanda thought to herself. Immediately she started to panic.

“Amanda, let me finish before you start to freak out.” Tommy said to her to try and calm her down a little bit.

“When I said that I would be moving somewhere else I didn’t mean that it was to get away from you. It was so we could have a bigger place to raise our babies. Plus when I say we, I meant all three of us.”

Sarah and Amanda looked at each other in total surprise. They were having trouble believing what they had just heard.

“Tommy, did we just hear you correctly? Did you just say all three of us?” Sarah asked him.

“Yes all three of us. The way I see it is that if both of you are pregnant then all the babies should have their father around. No child should have to grow up without their father.”

“Tommy, what if mom isn’t pregnant, then what.”

“Well if she isn’t pregnant, then I am sure she would just love to be there to help raise her grand children. I’m sure she would enjoy doing that.”

“Tommy you don’t need to do that. After what I have done you shouldn’t worry about me.”

“If you’re having my kid, or kids as it may be, then I want all of us to be together. That goes for even if your not. It doesn’t matter. Beside, we seem to really enjoy each other if you know what I mean. Amanda did say that only I could have fun with the both of you.”

“Tommy your serious about this, aren’t you?” Both girls asked at the same time.

“Yes I am.”

Tommy and Amanda pulled Sarah over to them, were they gave each other a deep and loving kiss that took there breathe away from each of them.

Amanda looked up at Tommy. “Hey I thought you were going to need some time to think about all of this. You certainly didn’t take very long, did you?”

“I have been thinking about it this whole time. The only thing that made sense to me was for all of us to be together. So that is my decision.”

“Ok girls. Now that we have that part of this settled I say we get some food. What would the two of you like to eat? I will say right now that I don’t feel like making anything so you need to think of something that we can order and have delivered.”

Both Sarah and Amanda stood there thinking about what they should get. Neither one of them could decide. Getting something to eat just wasn’t one of the things that were on their mind for that last 30 minutes. Sarah had an idea.

“How about we go out to eat? We do have some really good restaurants around here.”

“Yeah Tommy, could we? It would be the first time all three of us went out and did something together. I really think it would be a lot of fun.”

Tommy stood there and thought about it for a moment. He really didn’t want to go anywhere, but he did like the thought of all of them going out for dinner.

“Ok let’s do it. Is there any certain place you would like to go?” Tommy asked them.

“Well there is one place but it’s not cheap. I don’t know how much you want to spend so to help out I will pay half the bill.” Sarah said to Tommy.

“You don’t have to worry about helping out with the bill Sarah. I’m sure I can handle it. So what is this place that you want to go to? You know I am new here. I really don’t think you want me getting lost and not finding my way back.” Tommy said with a little smile on his face.

Amanda looked up at Tommy and gave him a huge smile and told him. “You don’t have to worry about that. We’re not going to let that happen. Not to our man.”

Sarah was surprised by Amanda saying that Tommy was there man. She wasn’t even thinking of Tommy as being her man. Too Sarah he was Amanda’s. She figured that she was only allowed to share him every once in awhile. She started laughing.

“What’s so funny mom?” Amanda asked with a curious look on her face.

“It’s nothing sweetie, nothing at all. I just thought of something and I couldn’t help but laugh.”

“So since this place isn’t cheap, then I say we get a little dressed up for it. It doesn’t have to be anything really fancy, just nice.” Tommy suggested to Amanda and her mom.

“We’ll have to run home to get changed. How does an hour sound?”

Tommy said. “That works for me.”

“Come on Amanda lets hurry. We don’t want to keep him waiting. Let’s see if we can make his jaw drop when we get back over here.”

“I know exactly what I’m going to wear.” Amanda already had that evil grin on her face.

“Oh no, there’s that grin of yours.” Tommy knew she was up to something. Then he noticed that Sarah had the same look. “Oh no, not you too Sarah”

Sarah didn’t say a thing. She gave him a quick kiss and started heading for the door. After she opened it she turned back toward Tommy to find him and Amanda in a long deep kiss. She ran back to them and pried Amanda away from him and pretty much dragged her to the door.

“Come on Amanda. The two of you can do that later.”

“I love you.” Tommy said.

Sarah and Amanda said in unison. “I love you too.” They both stopped and looked at each other and smiled. Suddenly they both started laughing. Both of them started running towards there apartment.

Tommy watched from the door as Sarah and Amanda ran across the complex towards their apartment so they could get ready for there night out.

Once they were out of sight Tommy finally closed the door and headed up stairs to get ready. Once he was in his room he started to go through the nicer clothes that he had. It wasn’t very often that he dressed up but tonight was somewhat special in a way. He finally decided on medium grey slacks, a light grey button up long sleeve shirt, which could have passed as being made out of silk by the way it looked, and a black pair of dress loafers.

Before he even started to get dressed, he went in and took a quick shower. Even though he was just in there a little while ago, he figured that it really didn’t count. The one other thing that he wanted to do is shave the little bit of stubble that was starting to appear. He wanted to look his best for his women.

Once he was finished with his shower and shave, he dried off and proceeded to get dressed. When he was done he put on some Stetson cologne. It was pretty much his favorite cologne to wear. Tommy stood there looking at his self in the mirror. “Damn I look good.” He said out loud to himself. “Maybe I should do this more often.

Tommy finally headed downstairs to wait for Sarah and Amanda to come back over. He already knew they wouldn’t be real quick about it. He remembered what it was like growing up with his sister. She was always the last one ready to go anywhere.

Once Sarah and her daughter were back at there apartment, they headed straight up to their own rooms to get ready. It was like they were both going out with someone for the first time ever.

Amanda went through her closet, tossing clothes in all directions, trying to find that one certain dress. She finally found it. She pulled it out and gave it a good look over to make sure that there wasn’t any kind of pulls or smears of anything on the material. She then laid it on the bed. She was pretty sure that her mom was looking for a dress that was almost the same style as hers except for the color.

Once she had everything laid out she ran into the bathroom to take a quick shower. Apparently her mom had the same idea. She was already in there. Amanda figured it didn’t matter so she just jumped in there with her mom which kinda startled Sarah.

“Damn Amanda you just about made me jump out of the shower. I wasn’t expecting you to come in here.”

“Well I figure it would be quicker if we just took one at the same time. The sooner we are done, then the sooner we get back over to Tommy’s apartment and head for the restaurant.”

Sarah couldn’t argue with that. It actually made a lot of sense.

“Well let’s hurry. Tommy is probably already finished and waiting for us.”

They helped wash each other to try and speed things up a little. Once they were finished they both grabbed a towel to dry off with and ran straight for there own rooms. After another half an hour both girls emerged from there bedrooms and just stared at each other and smiled.

Amanda was wearing a solid white, spaghetti strap, low cut dress that came down to four inches above her knees. She was actually wearing a bra, which made her breast look bigger than they really were; a lacy white thong that her mom had bought her from Victoria Secrets and a pair of white four inch high heeled shoes. The dress clung to her body to the point of being able to see every curve you could imagine. She also sprayed on some Vanilla Fields body spray. Damn she felt totally hot.

Sarah was wearing an even lower cut peach colored dress that hooked together behind her neck and was the same length as her daughters dress. There was no back to it so she wasn’t wearing a bra. She did have on a thong that was exactly like Amanda’s but hers was pink. She was also wearing the same style of shoes as Amanda except hers were the same color as her dress and tied a little ways up her ankle.

“Mom, Tommy won’t know what to say when he gets a look at us.”

“Well that’s what we were going for wasn’t it? You know you look great when a man can’t speak a single word. I can already guarantee that we are going to make a lot of heads turn when we get there.”

“I hope so. With any luck we just might get to see a few have to make a run for the bathroom.” Amanda said with a little laugh.

“Well, my dear daughter lets go surprise Tommy.”

They headed down stairs and out the door, straight to Tommy’s apartment. Amanda noticed that the two guys that were out at the pool were outside at that moment with there mouths just hanging open. She nudged her mom and pointed them out. That just made them want to wiggle their asses even more.

Tommy heard the doorbell ring and opened the door. He wasn’t even prepared for what he saw. Tommy just stood there with his mouth wide open. Every time he tried to close it, as if he wanted to say something, it would just fall back open again. After seeing the way they were dressed he kinda felt a little under dressed. He finally forced himself some words out of his mouth.

“Damn! The both of you look so beautiful. Wow!”

“Looks like we did what we set out to do mom. He had to really fight to say that little bit.”

“I noticed. He might want to try and keep his mouth closed or something just might fly in there.”

Tommy jerked his mouth shut and started to turn a little pink in his face.

“Wow I think he’s blushing. I like that.” Both girls were happy with the results.

“Damn he looks good dressed up like that. Almost makes me want to rip those clothes off of him.”

Tommy started to regain his composure and asked them. “I take it that the both of you are ready to leave?”

“Yes we’re ready to leave.” Amanda said while checking him out from head to toe. Even just seeing him dressed like this was starting to make her pussy wet.

The three of them climbed into Tommy’s car and left for the restaurant. Sarah gave Tommy directions on how to get there. After a fifteen minute drive they arrived at and Italian restaurant. When they were finally parked they got out of the car and started to head for the entrance to go inside.

Tommy walked with Amanda on one side and Sarah on the other. The three of them walked arm in arm. They noticed several people stop and stare while they walked across the parking lot.

Amanda just couldn’t help herself. She stopped walking and let go of Tommy’s arm, and then started looking around on the ground as if she had just dropped something. She knew she hadn’t drop anything, but the chance to give some the people that couldn’t just keep on going, without staring at them, a shot of something they were not expecting.

“What’s wrong Amanda?” Sarah asked.

“Oh there’s nothing wrong. I already know what she is getting ready to do.” Tommy said to Sarah. The whole time he was watching Amanda. Then he asked Sarah. “Do you see the three men and two women over there?”

“Yeah I see them. You are talking about the ones over there that look like they are probably in there late 50’s or early 60’s? What are they doing?”

“Nothing yet but they will in a few seconds.”

Then with out warning Amanda bent straight over with her legs spread and pretended to be picking something up off the ground. When she did that her skirt road up about 8 inches, just enough to show a little bit of her ass. Amanda was caught off guard when the wind picked up just a little bit and lifted her skirt up onto her back. She felt it come all the way up but pretended to not even notice it had happened. She wiggled her ass a little and then slowly started to stand back up.

Sarah stopped herself from laughing at the five people that were watching Amanda. The two women looked like they were in shock and the three men were standing there with big grins on their faces. Sarah could already see the outline of their cocks in their pants.

Tommy reached behind Amanda and pushed her skirt back down off of her back. When his hand went across her ass he gave it a light squeeze. He could see that grin on her face.

“Well how did I do? I’m pretty sure their wives are really upset about the view that I just gave their husbands.”

“Well I would say they aren’t very happy about what you just did. Their husbands are though. Makes me wonder when the last time was that there cocks ever got hard. This is probably a bad thing to say but I am actually proud of you Amanda.” Sarah said and then gave her daughter a kiss on the cheek.

“Ok girls. If the show is over can we go inside?” Tommy held an arm out to Sarah and Amanda. They gladly took a hold of them.

Once they were seated, a waiter, that couldn’t have been older than 19, brought them some menu’s. While they were starting to look through the menu they noticed that the waiter kept looking at Sarah’s breasts. With the dress she was wearing, there really wasn’t a lot of material to cover much up. A little more than half of each breast was exposed.

Tommy noticed he was staring and was also starting to get a very rigid erection. It didn’t bother Tommy that the waiter was staring because he didn’t blame the poor boy at all.

All of them decided on what they were going to order. Sarah asked Tommy if he had changed his mind about her helping with the bill.

“You don’t worry about it. It won’t be a problem. Trust me. I figure this wont cost anymore than $100 to $150 total.” Tommy explained to her.

“I wish I could say that.” Sarah said. This is one of those places that we eat at once a year and that is only when I get my tax return back.”

“Well I guess your going to get to eat here even more now.” Tommy said while looking at her and Amanda.

Once the food arrived and they ate Amanda looked around the room. She noticed that there were about 10 to 15 others in there with them. She wanted something good for desert but wasn’t quite sure what was good. She looked at Tommy and asked if what was being brought out to another table might taste good. Once his head was turned Amanda ducked under the table. She knew exactly what desert she wanted.

When Tommy turned back around he noticed Amanda was gone. He looked over at Sarah to ask her where she went but all he got was that evil grin. Tommy started to feel a hand on his crotch which made him about jump out of his chair. He now realized where Amanda was at.

Amanda couldn’t believe that she was getting ready to suck his cock from under the table while they were in this restaurant. It was one thing to be able to show your ass when wearing a thong but to do something like this was way more than she had ever thought she would do in public. She really surprised herself by being this bold.

“Well I kind of feel left out. That’s ok though. There really isn’t a lot of room under there for the both of us.” Sarah said to Tommy.

Tommy was looking around the room to see if anyone was watching. It seemed like nobody noticed Amanda crawl under there. He couldn’t believe how bold she was being while they were sitting in the restaurant. Tommy was starting to have trouble keeping his eyes from rolling back in his head. He was totally enjoying this but also hoped that nobody noticed. Before he realized what he had done, he started moaning. That right there got several people to look his direction.

Sarah sat there watching Tommy. She could see her daughter was doing an excellent job down there and that at the sound of it, she figured Tommy wasn’t going to last much longer. She even noticed some of the other customers look over at Tommy when he moaned. Sarah spotted a couple of them pointing under the table they were sitting at. They couldn’t see Amanda completely but just with her being that close to Tommy’s crotch and the way her body was moving, they knew right away what was going on under there.

Amanda was getting so turned on from sucking Tommy’s cock in public that she had to reach down and rub her pussy. She never realized that this could be such a turn-on for her. “This is something I think I could get used too.” She thought to herself while taking one of Tommy’s balls into her mouth and sucking on it.

Sarah looked around the room again and noticed that there was more action going on then anyone thought. Three tables had one person missing from each of them. When Sarah took a closer look under each of table, she could see the feet of the wives and girlfriends sticking out from under the table cloth.

“Damn Amanda, I think you’ve started something. Three other couples are doing the exact same thing your doing. I bet they’ve never had this kind of excitement happen in this place.”

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” One of the older men said aloud.

Sarah looked around and saw a man, probably in his 60’s, sitting in one of the corner tables with his mouth and eyes wide open and a very big smile on his face. She noticed something lying on the table where his wife had been sitting. It was her false teeth. She could see the old woman going to town on her husband. Sarah had to stifle her laugh.

The old man noticed Sarah looking his way and gave her the thumbs up sign.

Tommy blurted out. “Oh shit!” Tommy was close, very close. He knew if he was to cum in here and everyone would know what was going on.

Suddenly, Sarah jumped up and started giving Tommy a long, deep and passionate kiss. She could here all the slurping sounds Amanda was making down there and knew she was starting to really go at it. Right then Sarah knew Tommy exploded in Amanda’s mouth. She was able to keep most of the sounds Tommy was making from getting any louder by keeping her mouth over his.

Tommy felt like he was going to knock over the table from that orgasm. Even after he was done cumming, Amanda just kept on sucking like it was the very last time she would ever get to do that.

All of a sudden Tommy heard moaning coming from other tables. He looked around the room and noticed what was going on. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Amanda finally crawled out from under the table. She was still licking her lips and wiping her mouth. “Well I’ve had my desert.” She said with a big smile on her face.

Tommy looked at her. “You are bad. You are so bad.” He was still trying to fasten his pants back together.

“Well Amanda, you should be proud of yourself. Look what you have caused in here.” Sarah said to Amanda while pointing around the room to several of the other tables.

“I wonder if this could be considered a health violation.” Tommy asked.

“I don’t know but I think that maybe we should leave before someone notices.”

“Yeah mom, I think your right. But I did enjoy that a lot and I know you did also. Didn’t you Tommy?” Tommy didn’t say a word.

Tommy called the waiter over, who had been apparently watching from the corner by the size of his erection, so Tommy could pay the bill and they could get out of there.

When the waiter came back with his change Tommy just told him to keep it.

The waiter stood there with eyes as wide as ping pong balls. He asked Tommy. Sir, are you sure? This is almost $50 in change!”

“Yeah you deserve it.” Tommy told him.

“Wow, thank you sir.” The poor guy couldn’t put the money in his pocket fast enough.

When they started to walk past the waiter, Sarah walked up to him and grabbed his cock through his pants. The poor guy was already so excited that he came just from her grabbing his cock.

“Oh what a waste that was. I bet it would have tasted so good.” Sarah kissed him on the lips and placed one of his hands on her breast. She let out a soft moan.

Tommy grabbed her hand and started pulling her towards the door. “Come on Sarah. It’s time for us to go.”

Sarah stuck out her bottom lip like she was pouting. “But what do I get to play with?”

“You can play with me mom. Let’s have some fun.”

“Mmmmm. I like that idea.”

Tommy could see right away this was going to be a very interesting ride home.

To be continued…

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