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It began with Rape and ended with Desire.

2022-06-29 00:00:03

I was 16 and I had invited a male friend (Mike) over to our place for a swim. He was 17 and we had been friends and had virtually grown up together as our parents were close friends.

We had been sunning ourselves on the poolside for a while and decided to go in for a swim.

The both of us did a few laps and I pulled up on the steps for a rest. He did a couple more and joined me.

We sat and talked for a while and he asked me if I had a boy friend – as he said – apart from me. In the meanwhile we had towelled off and were sitting together having a drink by the pool.

I laughed and said he wasn’t my boyfriend just a friend and was more like a brother than a boyfriend.

He got a little bit serious and said I hoped that our friendship was developing into something and he hoped was more than just being a brother to me.

I was a little taken back –I said sure I liked him – a lot - but not yet as a serious boy friend. We had grown up together and there was not another person that knew me as well as he did or shared secrets together as we had done.

Mike had escorted me to my formals and I had accompanied him to his formal activities at school etc and on a couple of times we had kissed in a non erotic way and I had to admit it did stir up the feelings inside me the last time. We had kissed open mouthed and there was a little passion there which I liked but I didn’t want to encourage him as I was seeing another boy at the time. It was a foregone conclusion between our parents that we would partner each other at the formal events that we were required to attend. I had explained this to my boy friend (Tony) and he was cool with it.

Mike asked me why I had invited him rather than Tony to have a swim.

I explained Tony was away on holidays with his parents and we were not that serious. I wasn’t going to tell him the real reason.

Then Mike floored me – he asked me if I had ever slept with Tony.

I said no way – what did he think I was.

He then said he had hoped that the two of us could get a bit more serious and he would like the two of us to be a little closer than we had in the past. He said he would like the two of us to be an item. He said I heard Tony blotted his copy book the other week – obviously he was aware I had been involved in an incident a couple of weeks earlier – evidently our parents had discussed the night Tony had virtually raped me.

I had been keeping company with Tony for a while and we had discussed having sex together – we had been doing a bit of feeling etc and touching and masturbating each other. We had slipped our pants off but he had not penetrated me. I had discussed sex and I had agreed to sleep with him. There was one condition and it would be in my bedroom or somewhere more pleasant than on the back seat of his car. That particular night he had been drinking and was not prepared to wait and forced himself upon me and my virginity was taken under circumstances I would have preferred to be more memorable. He had ejaculated inside me and I was scared of becoming pregnant. When I arrived home I was distressed and my parents noticed my torn clothing and distress. I immediately started crying and was so upset and frightened I divulged exactly what had happened. I told them everything. They understood and it was agreed no action would be taken against him realising the situation and that I had virtually agreed to sleep with him but not under those circumstances. They told me I was never to see him again. That was not going to be a problem with me. My mother asked if he had ejaculated inside me and I told her he had. She started to talk about what will happen if I am pregnant. I told her I was aware of the rhythm method and I had already worked out that I was in a safe part of my cycle. She was surprised I knew that. I learned that at Sex ed at school I told her. She would have been stunned at what I really knew.

I told Mike that I was upset now that he had found out, and that my parents must have discussed it with his. He said that wasn’t the case. It seems this guy had told a few people I was a terrible fuck and was making me out to be some sort of slut – and I begged him to do it to me. There was no mention of him raping me or taking my virginity.

I was horrified and burst into tears. I said that that was the most horrible and biggest pack of lies I had ever heard. He comforted me and we cuddled together as I wept.

After a few minutes I got myself together and said look – we are probably closer than brother and sister because of what we know about each other. I was aware he had slept with two girls I knew well – he had confided in me a few months earlier as he wanted me to find out what they thought of him. I then recounted my experience with Tony and the more I talked the better I felt – it was like a confession.

Then he said how sorry he was – because he knew me so well he could not believe what Tony had claimed had happened. He had often wished the two of us would have the experience of sharing our virginity together.

I said what about Jan and Sue - he was aware I knew he had slept with both of them and he had used condoms with them. They had told me. He even asked me what they thought of him in bed and I said well they said you were good fun and they both seemed to agree it was good..
I said how did it happen? – going to bed with both of them and they both knew. He told me he had an opportunity with Jan one night after a few drinks they both had one too many and without thinking just did it together. Than a week or so later they were all at another party and Jan’s best friend Sue told him she would like him to take her to bed like he did Jan. Jan was there with them and said she had no problems and to do it with Sue too after all they were not going together. She told them have fun.... I did.
I was a bit surprised that he had sex with both of them and Jan had suggested it. He had never told me he had hoped the two of us would have shared our virginity together.

I said I would be honest and had never considered it with him.

We talked for a while as he held me and I began to question him about the feelings he had for me – the fact he wanted the two of us to sleep together – was that a wish or did he have more serious feelings for me. The way I was feeling right then I would have agreed to do it with him right then.

He said at the time it was a wish and he had often had dreams about the two of us being together – like that - as he put it. In the past few weeks his feelings had changed and now he was seeing me as a more serious romance – he said I don’t know what I feel but I am respecting you more as a woman – things are beginning to show, your body is changing and you are more attractive to me now than just as a friend. To be perfectly honest believe I am forming a serious romantic attraction and I want to see if you feel the same way.

Now I was completely flabbergasted – I had no idea he had those feeling for me but I do admit the night we kissed I felt things inside me that I had only felt when I was with Tony – before he raped me. The things we did together sexually were exciting and it was that sort of excitement I felt when Mike and I kissed that night.

I don’t know why but I kissed him and I kissed him the way I did that night only with more desire and passion that I had ever expressed with him before. He responded and the way I was laying with him I felt his cock harden in his swimmers and my nipples did the same. I snuggled against him and I moved to let him know I could feel the way he was feeling about me. I took his hand and I put it under my bikini top and onto my bare breast. The passion between us rose as I put my hand down to feel his hardness through his shorts and he rubbed my nipple between his fingers.

After a long passionate kiss we separated and I said – now I know what you were feeling when you told me you were having those dreams – I think I want to feel the same way you did. Will you do that with me – I want to feel like a woman so much – and not like a whore even though I want to be with you.
I want to make love not just have sex – I want to know what real sex feels like and I know you know. I admit I did feel jealous when I heard you speak of your time with Jan and Sue. It must have been good for Jan to suggest that you and Sue do it together. I want to feel like we are making love for the first time – it will be for me as my first occasion was anything but enjoyable and pleasant – I was raped and felt nothing. Now I want it to feel like I am making that decision for the first time. Will you?

He said I want you more than anything in the world and if we can be like this once we can be like it forever. I can tell you that the way I feel right now is nothing like the feeling I had when I slept with both Jan and Sue. That was something else – a liaison an experience – it wasn’t love for them it was their body I wanted to share and I do admit I enjoyed and from all events they did to as they compared notes afterwards as you know. Now can we go to your bedroom and do it properly – like you wished for it to happen.

Oh my god I said – this is not happening – I can’t believe it. I want this so much and with you. Here take off your swimmers and I will do the same and we can walk naked to our love nest. I want to explore and enjoy every part of you and for you to do the same with me – we have all day to do this.

The both of us undressed and I looked at his hard cock sticking straight out. It was beautiful. He looked at my emerging breasts which were already about 34 and firm and hard. He glanced at my pubic patch and said well well – that’s a bit different to what I expected. It looks beautiful – how long have you had it like that.

For a few months – I did it for Tony when we used to get together naked and touch and feel each other – he wanted to go down on me and I wouldn’t do it or give him oral sex either – that didn’t please him but now I am so glad I never agreed to do it together – this is as far as I would go. I am glad you like it – I do.

We walked hand in hand or should I say almost ran to the bedroom – neither of us wanted to waste a second we were going to do this before we realised what we were doing.

We got to my room and threw our swimmers onto the floor and we kissed hungrily and with passion. Before now Mike was an old friend now he was going to be my lover. I could feel his hard penis between my legs and rubbing against my vagina – it felt awesome. It was going to be inside me sooner than later. We fondled each other - he had his hands on my breasts and squeezing them and touching my now extremely sensitive nipples. I had my hand on his cock slowly stroking him as I had done a few times to Tony until eventually Tony reached orgasm and ejaculated – that was amazing in my mind and I watched him spurt his semen over me. On one occasion he wanted me to take it in my mouth but I would not and he did it on my face. Now I was doing the same to Mike. This time I wanted him to make love to me first. Later if he asked I would take his semen in my mouth – I was so aroused I would do anything for him but first I was going to make love with him and allow him to have his pleasure and ejaculate into me. I had done some quick calculations between the pool and my bedroom and I believed I was in a safe part of my cycle. I hoped so anyhow.

He said let’s do it – if we keep this up I will disgrace myself and it will be all over before we start.

I was going to do anything he asked of me. To me this was going to be my big moment having sex – what had happened before was not sex it was fucking and I wanted to dismiss it from my mind. Since I had been in my room passionately embracing Mike I had decided he was going to be the first man in my life I had decided this was going to be my deflowering – my first time – my sharing of my virginity with him – not that bastard Tony.

I lay on my bed naked as I had done many times naked when I had masturbated. Mike stood beside the bed and looked down at me and smiled and said you are the most beautiful girl in the world and I want to make love to her. His cock was sticking out before him hard. I will never forget the sight of him standing there ready to make love to me. I smiled back and said please make me the happiest girl in the world. I rolled over and kissed the top of his cock and noticed some moisture – which I later learned was pre cum – it had no taste and was clear unlike like semen I had seen before. Then he got up onto the bed and he leant over me and we kissed gently lips to lips and then he readied himself and looked down at me and said – that is the most beautiful sight in the world; you are beautiful, are you ready.

I said please – do it to me and make me a woman.

He took his cock in his hand and guided it to my vagina and I watched as he slipped the head of it between the labia and stopped – I could see it clearly as I had no hair on that part of me. I had my legs pulled back exposing my vagina for him to do with it as he pleased.

He paused and said is everything ok – this is what you really want? He was doing everything perfectly – no hurry, no rush, gently and lovingly. The top or helmet of his cock was perfectly proportioned and looked beautiful as he held his shaft of magnificence and slowly pressed his body to mine and the head of it slowly disappeared into my waiting body. The feel of the head of his penis then the shaft beginning to enter me was an absolute delight – the beautiful thick penis with his scrotum skin tight and full of the semen he would eventually empty into me and his hair surrounded the base of it; gradually it began to completely disappear deep into my waiting and sensual tight vagina. He pushed gently until the thickness of him had parted the sides of my vagina and slowly entered me and gradually filled the most wonderful part of me. I looked down and the hair of our pubic region was crushing together. He was completely inside me now. The sensation I enjoyed as his cock filled my body was amazing. I could feel the length of him almost up to my tummy. I had never felt or enjoyed anything like this before - it was amazing. I now realised how wonderful making love can be. My earlier experience with Tony was completely the opposite to what Mike was doing now – Mike is being soft and gentle – previously Tony was rough and barbaric the way he forced himself into me and ravished me internally and abused my virgin body. I felt nothing other than revolt ion - I was being raped. This is the way I had wanted to share my virginity with a man.

Oh god I said – this is what I have waited 16 years for – it has happened and now I am a woman. I could not imagine anything so beautiful.

By now I could feel him really deep inside me and he was laying on my body – he kissed me and then lifted himself and began to lift and drive that wonderful penis to and fro inside my body and he soon had a rhythm going that I could not do anything but lay there and enjoy. It was without doubt the most wonderful sensation I had ever enjoyed.

Is there anything I can do to make it better for you I asked.

Wrap your legs around me and hug me to you with them, move with me and we will make love like you have never made love before.

Somehow I thought that was funny – I said I am not Jan or Sue – this is my first time remember.

And MY first time with you – this has to be the best time of my life.

Better than with Jan and Sue I asked?

Far better –he never broke the rhythm of his lovemaking- slow strong and gentle- stroking himself to a regular beat. I love you and I didn’t love them – we were doing it for fun – not for love and this is love for me. Making love feels much better than just having sex for the fun of it. We are together making love – with them it was fucking raw fucking. We were each doing our own thing – you and I are as one making music.

You are telling me you haven’t made love before. What about Jan and Sue, you fucked them.

Not love – I had sex ----- I fucked them. It was raw fucking with both of them – fast furious and virtually without feeling I was just using their cunts to get me to cum. Being with you feels completely different, we are happily and unashamedly naked together then seeing you completely naked really turns me on and now you are just laying there naked is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.. I love the look and feel of your lovely firm tits and your hair all shaped and feeling the warmth of your body holding me into you. You look absolutely beautiful – virginal. I have never enjoyed anything like this before. Yes is really great fun and I love it, and love YOU too. Both Jan and Sue have soft tits and they are like two fried eggs on their chest. But they wiggle when we fuck and that’s fun watching them. We just took our clothes off and fucked it looked and felt completely different to being with you – loving you.

Ok let’s have some fun – now I know what it’s like to have a real man inside me and a cock that I love the feel of - what can we do.

Look let’s just fuck and get used to us being together like this – the feeling of my cock inside you and the wonderful naked body caressing me. We have really felt what it is like for us to be together making love now we can then go like mad and see if we can make you cum - then we can do it again and try another way of doing it. Maybe we could try two or three ways – I feel I could make love to you all day and night at the moment. I am sure I could do this with you three or four times or as often as you want me to.

The way it feels at the moment I never want it to stop but after you have cum we will see. I want to see if I can cum myself while you are doing it to me. I will see how I feel then and work that out after we have done it and see how I feel but I think I am like you and want to do this forever. How many times did you do it with Jan and Sue again?

I have fucked Jan twice and three times with Sue. Jan never came either time. Sue didn’t the first time until we did it twice one day and she managed to cum the second time. Jan was the first girl I fucked and had an orgasm with and Sue was the first girl to have an orgasm with me. It was amazing, I had no idea girls had orgasms until then. We did it again so she could have another one and I really enjoyed having it with her. My ambition is for you to have one every time we do this.

Great – now I don’t want to be a party pooper but can you fuck me like you did to Jan and Sue. I want to be able to compare notes with them one day. I am sure what we are doing now won’t be a secret for long – I want to tell the world I know what a real lovemaking fuck feels like and WE have done it. I want to see the look on their faces when I tell them we are lovers and you and I am an item. I hope that they won’t be getting any more from you.

Now I have you – it’s finished between you and them – I hope – I want quality fucks now - not quantity and you are giving me that already.

Look let’s just fuck this way –It’s called missionary – why I don’t know - I want this to be really good – I can look at you while we fuck and see your beautiful face and the pleasure on your face, as well as your tits just moving a bit makes me feel fantastic and I don’t want it to stop just yet – I am loving the feeling of being naked with you – feeling your skin against mine - having my cock in you and fucking you like I have never fucked a girl before. We can do it the other ways again later on there is plenty of time and lots of ways -Then I want to finish it inside you – you are safe aren’t you?

Not really I said – I think I am – I am not on the pill but I think I am in the safe part of my cycle – I am close to it and I might be lucky and be in the middle of it but I don’t care – this is amazing and I want you to finish making love to me and if you give me a baby – then we will worry about that then. If you do I know my parents will be happy that it is you and not him. That’s if my parents would be happy for their 16yo daughter to be pregnant – there would be a bit of a scandal then but I don’t care – I love you and I want your baby. What happened when you fucked Jan and sue – they are not on the pill – are they?

No I pulled out and came on their hair except for the last time with Sue – I did finish it inside her – we both sort of came together and I would have had to pull out before we both came so she was prepared to risk it.
Neither of them has cut their hair like you yet – yours looks beautiful.

Then we fucked like there was no tomorrow the both of us fucked each other bucking and bouncing and his cock came out of me a few times but it went straight back in without a problem – it was hilarious when it came out and we saw it all wet and covered in my cunt juice.

After about 10 minutes or great fucking when we both behaved like depraved animals and he grabbed my tits and I rubbed my clit and actually touched his cock while it was going up and down inside me - he said shit I am going to cum – are you sure you want me to finish it inside you – I can pull out and cum on you rather than in you.

No I want to feel you cum my first time – I had no idea Tony was cumming in me before - he was like an animal. He grunted like a pig while he did it in me. When he pulled it out it had blood on it where he ripped me open. He was so proud of himself – he said look virgin blood – that’s fucking fantastic and apart from everything else that really made me cry.

Then Mick started to grunt and work hard at fucking me, I hadn’t realised we were both hot and covered in sweat we had really been working at fucking hard. He was looking down at me and saying its cumming its cumming and then a loud OOOO HHHH SSSS HHHH IIII TTT then a groan and FFFUUUCCCKKK as he ejaculated and another groan then another groan and a jerk and a grunt and then three more big grunts and I could feel him cumming in me –his cum going in and the jerking of his body and cock as his load gushed into me, then each spasm of my now highly aroused cunt milking every drop out of his magnificent cock. I knew this was something special. It wasn’t the first time I had cum in me but it was the first time I wanted it – my first ‘I want it’ fuck rather than that previous help me I am being raped and the fear of becoming pregnant fuck as he came in me. I was disgusted and frightened that time, this time cannot believe how wonderful it is feeling and my desire for it to happen – far better than I could ever have imagined.

Then an amazing thing happened while he was cumming. I started to cum and my clit was so sensitive and my insides began to spasm as my tummy muscles jerked me as I felt the orgasm happening like when I masturbate only this was better – I wasn’t doing anything – he was doing all the work and rubbing my clit with his cock and now I could feel it all wet where his cum had filled me up and was now overflowing and coming back out of me. My first real fuck and I was cumming – this was better than I could ever imagine. My whole body was shaking with the wonderful feeling of my orgasm going right through me. I was grabbing my nipples and pulling them as the feeling of me cumming went right through me – I moaned with delight and kept saying fuck me ........fuck me hard....... fill me up – oh god fuck keep fucking me...... Ohhhhh....... I am cumming...... Ohhh shit....... I am cumming....... this is....aaaahhhh..... oooohhhh fffuuuccckkkk... ing .....amazing.
OOOOOHHHHHHHAAAAHHHHH. OOOOHHHH SHHHIIITTTT.....I thought my clit was exploding. My whole body was like a fish on a line. I was all over the place. How Mikes cock stayed inside me I don’t know. I must have sounded like a whore. I had never ever felt like that before. My brain was in a misty cloud of sexual heaven. I had never felt anything like it during my orgasms when I masturbated – It overwhelmed my whole body and I burst out crying.

Mike realised how much I was enjoying it and seemed to go crazy and began to fuck me hard and fast again and it was the most amazing sensation. Within a few seconds I started to cum again and this time it wasn’t as strong at the beginning as the first one but it felt good all the same – and then it really hit me..... It must have lasted about 30 seconds but it felt like it was never going to end - it was so intense ...I stopped crying as I could hardly breath...my tummy went into spasm again and I was jerking a lot more than before as each spasm hit me hard. I shook and bucked as my legs thrashed about and he went really hard and fast on top of me and he had his arms beside me and my legs outside of them so I was spread wide and his cock was pounding into me. I could only feel my clit at first and it was so sensitive and his cock was rubbing it and I screamed at him....... stop.......... stop ..........I can’t it take any more.....ohhhh shit .......take it out......fuck ....... please.... take it out.
I started sobbing again – really sobbing. My whole body was shaking with me sobbing – real hard sobs – It wasn’t pain or anything it was something inside me I can’t explain that just overwhelmed me – it felt wonderful but painful at the same time. It felt like my vagina was on fire.

He immediately pulled back and I felt his cock slip out of me – it was like a ton weight had been lifted off me. He then lay on top of me as I sobbed and gasped for air – this was something I had never imagined or expected. – I saw his face was worried as he didn’t know what he had done. – I had to ask him to get off me as I had to pull my legs back right onto my chest into the foetal position to ease the feeling inside me, my tummy was so sore from the cramps or spasms I had and put my arms around them and pulled them to and hugged myself with them. I was still sobbing. I was sort of rolling back and forth and then put my legs down and put my hand over my cunt to sort of hold it. It was all soaking wet and felt like it was on fire. It wasn’t really sore, it was just so tender and touchy – even when I touched it, it made me jump. I was gasping for breath and my heart was racing like mad. I could not stop sobbing. I could hardly breathe and my whole body was sort of tingling or something, my nipples were so sensitive they were sore to touch too, my tummy muscles had spasmed so often they were aching, my clitoris was so sensitive I couldn’t touch it and my legs were trembling. It was a strange but sort of satisfying feeling. My whole body was shaking now with the anti climax. That had been the most amazing orgasm I had ever had.

He said shit what did I do.

I waited for a minute until I had stopped crying and said – you made me the happiest girl in the world- I actually came on my first time. I think what happened was I came and loved it and I hadn’t really finished cumming and then you started again and I came a second time – I have read about it - it’s called a multiple orgasm and they are rare and now I know how intense they are – God I have never cum like that in my life – it was a bit frightening at first but then I could feel all those wonderful feelings when you cum and while it got so intense it was a bit frightening it was also the most amazing sensation I have ever had. I thought for a moment I was going to pass out. It was so much better than the first time I came when I masturbated and I thought that was good. You did something for me that is so special when people make love – I am going to remember that for the rest of my life and who did it for me – you were wonderful – two of the most amazing experiences in my life. I hope you enjoyed it with me too.

It was fantastic but it frightened me when I saw you in what looked like agony. I think I know what you felt like –Jan and I were playing around one night and she sucked me off and when I came she swallowed me and then just kept sucking and a few minutes later I came again – I had cum twice in a couple of minutes without stopping - it felt like I had been kicked in the balls. It was so painful and I couldn’t get my breath back either. It frightened both of us as I thought I was having a heart attack.

He was still breathing pretty fast and we both sat on the edge of the bed and slowly got our breath back to normal. I was leaking cum on the floor – he had cum into me twice.

We both sat there and kissed a couple of times and watched his cum leak out of me. I opened my legs and we both looked at it leaking out as it dripped onto the floor – we were fascinated. Then we went to the bathroom and had a pee and got most of his cum out with my finger, then washed my cunt clean. I was not really worried that I would get pregnant. He had a pee and I washed his soft cock for him and I had a bit of fun with it and it got firm but not hard again. I looked at it closely as I dried it off and asked him about the rim of different coloured skin under the head of it and he said it was from being circumcised. I took him by the hand and lead him back to my bedroom, it felt really nice walking around together nude – I loved the sensation. I Googled multiple or simultaneous orgasms and we learned all about how and what happens when you do that. We both had a classic experience it seems.

We went to the kitchen for a drink and then back into the lounge room still naked and we talked about how we both enjoyed my first real fuck. We sat cuddled in each other s arms He played with my breasts and nipples gently as we kissed a few times and it felt really nice. Being nude together was wonderful. I told him how much I enjoyed what we did and for me it will always be my first time making love – while I will never forget that night when Tony forced himself into me – I will never consider that to be my first time. This time I wanted to do exactly what we did and not being forced to do it. Mike said if he ever sees this guy he will kill him.

He asked about how my parents accepted what happened and what they would do or say if they found out we were fucking each other.

They really felt sorry for me – but were concerned about my age and me wanting to have sex with him but they were worried I didn’t know as much as I should about birth control. My mom said I wish you had confided in me before hand.

As for you and I - don’t know – but I believe they will understand and I will think about whether I tell them or let them find out. They know I have had sex even though it was rape but I had said I would do it with him. I am only 16 and I know they feel I am too young. I really think I will end up telling them if it works out that we become real lovers and not just fuck buddies like some of the girls at school. They fuck because the boys expect them to or they want to feel they are more adult than kids. I know Jan and Sue enjoy fucking – to them its fun. You would know that. I can just imagine mom wanting to sit down and have me tell her all about how it happened and what we did. That scares me as it was hard even telling them I had been raped.

While I sat there we talked about Mike and Jan and Sue and now me and that he has fucked all three of us now and we talked about the different things he had done with them. He had done more than just fuck them it seems.

I said now I am interested to see what it is like doing everything like that. I didn’t want to ask him who the best was because I knew he would say me and I hadn’t done everything he has with them -----yet.

Then he said why haven’t you asked me who is the best one in bed.

I know you would say ‘me’ so it doesn’t matter. I know you are the best fuck I have had – by far.

Mike replied and what we just did was the best I have had – by far... too. I am not saying that – I loved what we did and when Jan and Sue did it with me it was more fun that serious and while it was fun it wasn’t serious like we were. I really loved what we did and loved you for doing it with me.

I changed the subject and said - I have never sucked a cock before – can I do it to you. Does Jan swallow your cum or Sue.

Yes – they have both sucked it and but I haven’t cum in Sue’s mouth – she said she doesn’t like the taste. I knew then she had sucked somebody else off but she wouldn’t tell me who it was.

I said I know because she has told me.

Who – Mike asked. I said I won’t tell..... I promised, but I am sure he will or she will next time you two do it together.

There may not be a next time – from now on if you don’t mind – you are going to be the only girl I do this with until you get sick of it.

Oh good I said – I have a lover at 16 before I am 17. Believe it or not I am going to confide in my mother that I have slept with you and get her to organise the pill for me. I will have to tell her we are using condoms till then. She will be horrified in one way but realise it’s what I want and it’s not Tony. She couldn’t believe I had agreed to have sex with him in the first place; she didn’t really like him and said that’s what I would have expected of him – but not with you. I certainly wasn’t her favourite daughter when I told her I wanted to with him. But afterwards she told me she really loved me –and could understand how I felt. She consoled me and we talked about sex. She even admitted she and dad had sex before they got married. She lost her virginity at 18 and not 16. It will mean a long and detailed discussion about sex I am sure.
I know she will really give you a real talking to because we have already done it and I want to continue with you. The next time you are here – I will make sure we are together and knowing her she will want to discuss our sexual habits – I am positive she will agree for us to keep going but she will lay down rules about where we do it together and probably how often. My guess is she will insist if we do it it’s in my bedroom and nowhere else – she won’t want it around town I am shagging you. It will be- believe me- all over the school in days. What with me skiting and Jan and Sue will shoot their mouth off when they find out. Tony will really get the shits when he knows I am fucking you.
I am going to ask her if you can sleep over with me sometimes – I don’t know what she will say about us having sex and they know when we are doing it. I know they won’t try and stop us because they will know I want to, and I understand what I am doing and all the ramifications of having sex .If they only knew what we have done and how wonderful it was. I can always say I know when they do it together and why shouldn’t I. Times have changed.
They will freak out.
Oh can you get condoms until I can get the pill. That will be cool doing it like that – I have heard so many stories about what it’s like with a condom – I want to find out for myself.

Sure – I have always had some in case I get lucky.

Have you got any now – I want to see what it feels like being fucked with one.

No but next time I am with you I will have some in my wallet – just in case.

No – to be sure – because if they are all like the one we have just had there are going to be dozens of times. I want to be your whore. There won’t be time for the pills to work before the next time and I don’t want to risk getting pregnant just yet. It may take a whole month before we can fuck without condoms.

Now – I have never sucked a cock and as we are going to be fuck buddies and I am going to be your whore – I want to start being a whore right now.

Shit – any time you like – there is only one thing better than getting it sucked and we have just done that. I have had first prize let’s see what second prize is like.

I got up and stood there looking at his cock rising – he didn’t have to touch it, it just got hard while I watched and stood straight out and up a bit. I said. That looks really inviting. I want to know if you like something special or if I am not doing it right – this is my first time but I have watched a few girls on the porn do it so I have a reasonable idea of how. Let’s see if what I have seen I can put into practice.

He lay back on the lounge and spread his legs – I got down on my knees between his legs and took his cock in my hand and I stroked it a couple of times – I hadn’t done that before to him but I had with Tony and made him cum. He moaned softly as I did it a few times before I went down onto it.

I lowered my head and looked at it closely – the eye of it had a little bit of moisture and I said is that pee no he said that’s pre-cum the stuff that comes out when I get worked up without playing with it. It’s ok to lick it off it doesn’t have any taste.

I held it in my hand and slowly lowered my lips to the top of it and kissed the top and then opened my mouth and let them slide over the top or glans as I have heard it called in sex ed.

I looked up at him and he was watching me, our eyes met and I got goose bumps with excitement. He smiled as I slowly slid my lips over it and got the head of it into my mouth and then I licked all around it.
I though shit this is really sexy – sucking a guys cock for the first time – it had a different feel in my mouth to the feel of his lips when I kissed him, the skin is all soft and it feels great. As I had seen on the net I took his cock in my hand and stroked it and slid my lips up and down at the same time and he said to me

Are you sure you haven’t done this before – it took the others a couple of goes to do it like that. You are perfect the first time – I think you were made for sex.

I looked up at him and without taking his cock out of my mouth I shook my head and sort of garbled – my first time – I love it.

I used all my time with him to practice sucking on his cock. I had never done it before and I hadn’t realised how good it was to feel his cock in my mouth – it was a great feeling and I had no preconceived ideas of what it would be like – I just did what I thought was the right thing to do. He gave me a couple of hints and told me not to suck all the time as it would make my cheeks sore, then he told me what he liked – like running my tongue around the rim of his head and holding his balls in my other hand. The other thing was to take it out and lick it from below the head of it up along the shaft along where there was as sort of join – he loved me doing that but not all the time. Also I had never held a guys balls before and after holding them in my warm hand the skin changed from being a bit leathery to being soft and pliable and his two balls hung down in a soft skin bag. It was amazing the difference between being all tight and being soft. I loved the feeling of his two balls rolling around in my hand. He said just be gentle they can be very touchy. I was learning a lot about cocks and balls. I didn’t know if he wanted me to suck on his balls so I asked him and he said not this time.
He was laying back on the lounge and watching me suck on his cock slipping my hand and head up and down and holding his cock between my lips. We both were having a lovely time – every now and again he would hold my head and run his fingers through my hair or play with my ears which I loved. I gathered he was enjoying me sucking his cock. Occasionally if I did something he liked he moaned softly – just like I do when I masturbate and I am getting close to cumming. I had been working on him for about a quarter of an hour and he was beginning to get restless – he was moving his leg’s about – just like I do when I am getting close to cumming. His tummy was twitching again like I do.

I let go of his balls and put my hand up and touched his nipples like I did to myself – my other hand was stroking him harder now as my head bobbed up and down faster and I was sucking hard. He jerked and moaned and then held my head firmly onto his cock with both hands and he sat up and I could tell he was about to cum – shit I am cumming – shit I can’t stop – ahhhhh its cumming, its cumming ooooohhhhh ---- aaaahhhh shit - I had no idea what it would be like for him to cum in my mouth or what his cum would taste like but I wanted to do this as much as I wanted to be fucked so I just kept going and he began to shake and grunt – it was like when he came while he was fucking me. I knew then he was going to cum any second and then he did – there was a huge loud moan and I felt this warm stuff in my mouth – he held my head hard and I felt him jerk and grunt two or three times and my mouth was full of cock and cum so I had to swallow it. I though shit that’s what he put inside me when he fucks me - then he came again this time not so forcefully and he let go of my head. This time there wasn’t as much cum and he pulled back and took his cock out of my mouth. I was still between his legs and I still had a mouthful of cum. I had swallowed the first lot so this time I kept it in my mouth and swirled it around and I got the feeling of it – warm and sort of slimy – I wasn’t sure about it and the taste was unlike anything I expected – but really I had no idea of what to expect. I had seen Tony cum often when I wanked him but I had never touched or tasted it. I felt it was a bit salty or sour, not as strong as vinegar but it had that sort of taste. I wasn’t sure of what it tasted like but It wasn’t disgusting or terrible but it was strange. I didn’t know if I liked it or not. All I know was he enjoyed what I had done for him and I had now sucked cock and tasted cum. This was not going to be the last time I sucked it for him –I knew that already the taste of his cum wasn’t that bad. He really enjoyed me doing that to him. I really was his whore. I noticed then my cunt was really wet with the juices I had made while I sucked him and got worked up.

He sat up and said that was fantastic – sorry I came in your mouth – is that ok – it’s a bit late now if it isn’t........ Was it ok..... you aren’t mad at me?

I said no I am the happiest girl alive – I would not have wanted it any other way. That was amazing – now I know what it’s like to suck a boy and get a mouthful of cum.

He said I am sorry once more but it didn’t matter it had happened even if he asked me I would have said yes. I didn’t mind and now I had done something for the first time which was amazing and no doubt would be the first time of many many more times and I knew what it was like to have a guy cum in my mouth and what cum tasted like – if anything it was a bit more complex than him cumming in me when he fucked me.

He began to laugh and said You should see yourself – your hair is all over the place and you have cum running down your chin. Kiss me – you are so beautiful.

I got up and kissed him still with the taste of his cum in my mouth – I didn’t think and he pulled back a little when he tasted his own cum on my tongue and lips.

Shit he said – that’s what you got a mouthful of – it’s not the best taste.

We kissed passionately for what must have been three or four minutes – our hands were everywhere – on our nipples or cock and cunt – and our tongues down each other throats – this was probably the most passionate kiss I had ever had and my mouth tasted of cum – his cum.

After we broke it up he said – wow I have never had a experience in my life like that – that was amazing.

I said not even with Sue or Jan.

No not even close with them. I have never felt so good cumming in my life. You were amazing. Something else – I have never tasted cum before and when I kissed you I could taste it – what did you think when I came in your mouth.

I said I had no idea of what to expect and it happened so fast and you were really enjoying it so I didn’t want to spoil it for you .I got a mouthful of it and I had no other choice but to swallow it and then the second lot was not as much and I still had your cock in my mouth. It was only then I got to feel it in my mouth and taste it. It was not what I expected but then I had no idea of what to expect – I imagined that it might taste like piss but it didn’t. It wasn’t as tasty as I would like it to be but then again it wasn’t bad enough to spit out. I didn’t need to do that but I have heard some girls do– it wasn’t that bad. It was a bit like when you have a cold and you get the phlegm in your mouth.– Now I know what it’s all about – I won’t have to worry again – any time we do that I am happy for you to cum in my mouth any time. I am even a bigger whore than I was half an hour ago and I love it. Next time I watch a girl do that on porn I will know exactly what she is feeling and tasting. I might wash my mouth out though until I get used to the taste in my mouth.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned my teeth – that took the taste away.

Then he said – when you touched my nipples that made me really cum intensely – where did you learn that. That was amazing.

I have seen a few boys do it on the net – when they are cumming. I didn’t realise when I was doing it that it would have had that much of an effect – it does to me but I am a girl and my tits are part of my sex pleasure, I love it when you or somebody plays with my nipples or sucks them. You have done that so you would have noticed how horny I get when you do but I didn’t know it happened to guys too.

Have you watched guys masturbate on the net?

Yes the Gay boys do it a lot - I love watching them when I masturbate – I am surprised at how far some guys can spurt it. Tony could only do it about 6 inches – how about you.

I guess about the same – we will have to measure it some time. Now any time you want to play with my nipples you are welcome especially when I am about to cum.

Shit I can’t remember having such a fantastic time ever before – we were made for each other. I never realised just how complex and great fucking is and especially in the nude.

I said there is only one problem – this day will end before we have finished all the things I want to do and then I will have to go home and remember all the things I have done to make you happy.

Don’t worry – I will remind you now I know how good you are at having sex – my own lovely whore. I am so proud of you.

He milked the rest of his cum out of his now soft cock and went to the bathroom to clean himself. When he came back we sat together – with our bare skin touching and my head on his shoulder and all our bits and pieces where we could see and touch them.

I said to him – have you ever given Jan or Sue oral sex.

No – neither of them has mentioned it or shown any interest and I certainly didn’t give it a thought – we fuck and suck and that’s that – they are more than happy to just fuck, sucking is not really their thing. I think it’s the taste of my cum.

God would you like me to do that to you. That could be our real virgin thing. I haven’t done that to another girl.

I think I would – I have never done it and as you say that can be our virgin thing together – would you mind.

I am not sure how it’s done but I am sure we can work it out – if I do anything wrong tell me or if you want me to do something you would like let me know. God this will be something else – your vagina is the most beautiful one I have seen and I love the way you have shaved your hair. I would shave mine off if you want me to.

Let’s leave that for another time – I want to see what it is like now.

I got up on the bed and opened my legs and he said do we do it 69 or just me on you.

Would you mind if it’s just you doing it to me – I want to know what it feels like and to enjoy it – if I suck on you I won’t be able to concentrate properly because I would be wondering if you were enjoying me doing it. I promise I will do it to you again as soon as you finish on me.

That’s fine – you have done it once for me – now it’s your turn to enjoy it.

He got down and lay on the bed with his face right up close to my vagina, he looked at it and said I hope it tastes as good as it looks. He used his fingers to spread my lips and I could feel his hot breath on my skin. Then he licked the opening to my vagina right up from the bottom to my clit. He said it’s all nice and wet and shiny with juice. You don’t taste as bad as I do, you aren’t bad. I can’t taste any of my cum in there. You must have got most of it out. Then he just ran his tongue along my slit a few times and I moaned with the absolute pleasure of him doing just that. He stopped for a minute and said it not only looks good it has a nice taste too. I can smell the body lotion we used when we showered, but I can’t taste it.

I can tell you that I have never ever experienced anything like this– you have now taken my virginity orally – all I have to do now is cum - I can tell that it will be something else when I do – the feeling of you down there is unlike anything I have ever felt before. It’s far better than masturbating.

Then he just licked and sucked and slipped a finger into me and then two and then three while he licked my clit. Tony knew how to excite me with his finger on my G spot. I never knew I had one till he showed me so I told Mike how to find it and what he had to do. I have never enjoyed anything like it ever before – it even felt better than when he fucked me and that was fantastic in itself. I had the most amazing sensations as he did it to me and he changed from fingering and licking and flicking my clit with his tongue. Then he put his lips over my clit and sucked it out of its sheath and licked it. God that was the most amazing sensation – I really jumped when he did that. It felt awesome and I spread my legs as wide as I could for him. Never ever have I enjoyed a sensation like this ever before – from now on I was going to have him lick me out every time we had sex and I would suck him, I had never imagined that having sex could be so wonderful - after the experience with Tony – I thought that sex was horrible – until today.

I could remember my mother saying to me – try and forget what happened – you will realise when you get older that making love can be a wonderful thing. Next time you will need to pick yourself a better man. She held my dad’s hand and looked at him when she said it -. I had never before imagined Dad and Mum having sex together – I know they do and now how wonderful it is. I wonder if Dad and Mum go down on each other. I will ask them – ha ha. What they didn’t realise is that I would be lying naked and with a man I now love doing what I had hoped I would do with Tony within a few weeks.

If they walked in to the room right now I would be overjoyed at them finding us together and telling them what we have dome already and how wonderful it was or IS. I don’t know how they would take it seeing Mike with his head between my legs but I am sure we would end up having a lot more in common than ever before. I giggled to myself and Mike said what’s so funny.

I just imagined my mom and dad having sex and doing what we have done – wow that would be something else watching them. I know they do it fairly often because I have heard mom going to the bathroom not long after they go to bed. Also they close the door, that’s a sure sign they don’t want me to see them at it. Now I know why. I bet mom makes some amazing sounds when she is cumming. I never imagined what mom would look like getting fucked –I bet she looks good.

I stopped talking and concentrated on Mike sucking my clit and taking my oral virginity. Mike kept going and I just felt him between my legs and it didn’t take me long to get the sensation I wanted to feel. He was using his fingers and his tongue and lips to satisfy my craving for this. It didn’t take long especially when he sucked my clit out of its sheath and rubbed his tongue on it – the feeling was sensational and made my entire body quiver with the sensation – I grabbed my nipples and rubbed and pulled them while he was really giving it to me now and I knew I was going to cum –after the number of times I have cum when I masturbate I knew all the signs and this was going to be good – I could feel it from the tips of my toes to the top of my head and it was going to happen fast. God if I cum like I did when he fucked me – Oh my God.

Then I came – words cannot describe what it felt like – OOOOOOOHHHHHHH FFFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKK I screamed Fuck, fuck fuck, don’t stop oh shit don’t stop then I shivered and came again it was awesome.
Ohhhhhh ssshhhhiiiittt keep going....... keep going...... I screamed. I was bucking about on the bed like a buck jumper. He really worked hard to keep his mouth on me and his fingers inside me and lick, suck and whatever. I was really pulling on my nipples now.
My whole body was in spasm as he fucked me it was amazing this was absolutely mind blowing and I have never ever experienced the sensation in my cunt that I was now. He was working his mouth, lips and tongue all over my vagina and he knew I was cumming and was going to make the first time really special.
Then it happened , my tummy went into spasm and I half sat up with the cramp and then collapsed back on the bed OOOOOO hu...hu...hu.......FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK I screamed and wriggled and squired – like that fish on a line I had imagined before. I could feel the tension there and that virtually forced me to tighten my muscles in my cunt and suddenly – it all happened – I had another of those absolutely mind blowing orgasms. I silently hoped that I didn’t pass out like I nearly did when he fucked me.
I didn’t.

My first oral orgasm was great – my body had experienced or suffered from the double orgasm when he fucked me so I think I was prepared more for this than I had been for that.

I don’t know but I just felt exhausted when I came – it wasn’t the same as before but it was still good. The two of us kissed a bit and I said shit look at the time mom will be home soon and I don’t want her to find us naked together – I want to break the news to her I am having sex – but not just yet – it’s a bit soon after what happened.

We both got dressed and we kissed each other a lot as we did. I said I am not going to put my pants on – I want to feel it all wonderful bare and naked under my skirt – it will remind me of all the things it did for me this afternoon – wonderful things that I know now it was made for.

Mike said next time I will bring my camera and we can take a few photos of ourselves so I can remind myself of how wonderful you look nude.

I said I want one you with your cock hard and another soft. I must see if I can get a video camera and we can video ourselves having sex in all the ways we did it today – that was the most wonderful introduction to sex I could have imagined – just better than a fuck – we did it all and I loved it. It’s a pity we didn’t have it today to see you share my virginity – well I am going to call it that.

Mike said that’s easy – we have one at home – I will buy a new SD card and we can keep it to ourselves. That will give us a few hours of us together – wow that will be something else making that. Maybe we need somebody to do it for us.

I said if we use Jan or Sue they will want you to fuck them and get videoed too. I won’t mind if we are all together – I wouldn’t mind watching you fuck them and take a video of it. Wow I am a real whore now aren’t I. Just so long as its only when I am there to watch it and I know about it – now I am your whore you have to be faithful to me - except when I say you can do it with somebody else.

Go home before I have to fuck you again – that will be a sure way to be found out.

I showered and got all the sweat off me – I then sat down naked at the PC and began making notes on how I was going to explain to my mother –I have started having sex with Mike- I want the pill – I was going to continue to have sex with Mike as often as I can. I want him to sleep over and have sex with me in my own bed. I want them to realise what I have done and what I want to keep doing it, I won’t mention that we have done oral sex with each other .I don’t know how long it will last but I hope that its forever. I know what I am doing and I am happy to discuss what we do together if she wants to know – I am proud of what I am doing. She will talk to me I am sure, and I only hope she doesn’t tell me I am stupid – if she does I will tell her we will do it even so – I love what it feels like. She knows I masturbate and she knows I was raped by Tony. I am not a virgin anymore but Mike treated me like one. We made love and I could not imagine anything better. She must realise I have feelings for Mike like she does for my dad – they do it together and why shouldn’t we.

Only time will tell.

It took me two weeks of regular sex with Mike for my mother to realise what we were doing. She talked to me one afternoon – I had been fucking Mike and had come home and she asked me straight out if Mike and I had be