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Garbage Dump Gangrape Part 4

2022-05-12 00:00:04

Jack grabbed Jessica by the throat and told her in no uncertain terms that disobeying them would lead to more terror. To make his point Jack picked up a piece of broken cement and punched the teen in the stomache with it. This nearly knocked the teen out and she quickly grabbed the skimpy clothing and while crying put it on. Jessica looked rediculous in the whore like clothing and just couldn't believe the predicament she was in. These thoughts were quickly interupted by Mr. Johnson throwing her up against the hood of the limo forcing her head on it and ass pushed outward. He dropped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was 10 inches long and 3 inches thick. He grabbed her hip with one hand and put his other around her neck. Immediately he jammed the hard cock into her cunt not leaving time to be "nice" he filled her to the tilt bucking in and out while choking the latin teen. This was the hardest Jessica had been fucked during the whole ordeal. He would jam in completely and pull out, only to reinsert his cock all the way in as hard as he could. Jessica was sobbing from the brutal fucking, but also had a hard time breathing as her throat was being choaked. Mr. Johnson pulled out and inserted his member in her asshole just as hard as he had her cunt. Thrusting in and out and causing the teen amazing pain. Harder and harder he fucked her as she let out blood curdling screams. He was about to cum as he pulled out and twisted her around unloading his seen all over her face and throwing her to the dirt ground only to piss all over her.

There Jessica was on the ground with her face and body filled with disgusting cum. With that Mr Johnson said "let the real fun begin" one of his associates went to the trunk of the limo and pulled out a "liberator" sex mat. It was blue and had a curved bottom so that the females ass and cunt were in perfect fucking position. It also had straps all around it and an attached piece of wood on the other end with a hole cut out the middle. Jack then picked Jessica up threw her onto the mat. As Jessica scrurmed and attempted a futule escape which was quickly ended by Jack holding her down stomach to the mat. Another man grabbed her had and put it through the hold of the wood as two other mean chained her arms and legs to the mat. Jessica knew exactly what was going to happen. She was going to get gang raped for a 3rd time.

Limos and Hummers started pulling up to the site as a procession or vehicles made its way to the scene. There Jessica was tied to this odd looking mat, head forced into the opening of a piece of wood, and all three of her holes exposed.

The next thing that Jessica saw horrified her. A video camero set on a tripod was placed feet away from her face at a 80 degree angle, another was place near her other two openings on the other end. She couldn't believe her eyes. "Where they really going to tape her degredation?

Jerry was the very first one up at her face and said "open wide slut", Jessica didn't have much physical fight left in her and did as told. Jerry lined his cock up at her opening and brutall penetrated her mouth as a couple other guys starting licking her tits from below and fingering her now violated cunt. Jerry would slide it in teasing the Mexican teen only to pull back out, and repeat the motion. Then in one instant thrust he loaded hid entire cock up to the shaft into her mouth and down her throat. Jerry would hold it in her mouth attempting to thrust in deeper, even though it was physically impossible. He would still hold in making the whore gag and tears role down her face, pulling out only to jam in again. He did this for a good 5 minutes before holding his cock all the way in and cuming right down her throat. Once Jerry backed away Jessica pleaded once more " You have me here, you have done all you could, please let me go" Laughter filled the brisk air as Jessica started to sob anew!

Two more men lined up, one at her mouth thrusting in, and the other towards her anal opening which had closes a bit since the last violation. In unison and without warning the two beasts fucked the poor latin teen as hard as they could. The rocking motion between the two, and the fact Jessica was chained and unable to move made it possible for her to take each shaft in the holes occupied. One pulled out, came in her ass, and the other once again down her throat. To Jessica's shock each man dropped a $20 bill on the ground by her face. Were they really paying the hobos to rape her? And how many were there? Jessica asked herself. Just as she was thinking about this a foreign site approached her face. It was a pussy! Jessica had never even thought about lesbian sex and now there was a dripping pussy right by her face. Unable to move all Jessica could do was scream as the pussy was lowered onto her mouth and started to lap Jessica's mouth. Then she heard the voice "hey stupid fuck whore, lick my cunt" it was an extremely sounding feminine voice that this vulger language came from. Jessica responded by asking her "how could you be a part of this?". This was quickly met with a hard slap to the face and a hand around the neck threatening to choke the teen! So without any option Jessica obliged and started licking the pussy. The girl started to squat and thrust her cunt lips into Jessica's tongue as the helpless teen was licking. Meanwhile another cock was lined up to her pussy the tip of it teasing her cunt lips. Then in one motion both the pussy and cock thrusted as hard as they could nearly impalling Jessica. After about five minutes of this the guy came onto her back, and the female squirted all of her juice into her mouth. Both stepped away and dropped a $20 thanking Jack and Jerry for the fun! Jessica was completely spent at this point, but did think to herself "the pussy was so much better than the dicks thrusting into her mouth, maybe they will let her eat pussy instead of taking cock".

This thought instantly faded as another dick thrusted into her mouth, this man being extra violent and agressive. He just held his cock down her throat while holding her nostrils together and choking the teen. You could hear Jessica letting out muffled screams thinking this was the end. Was this actually a snuff film?! She thought to herself. Then in just one minute another load was deposited down her throat and both hands were released, Jessica heaving was not allowed to let some air into her lungs as another $20 hit the ground.

Jessica was left without dick for a second as the men argued who would go next sounds of "were paying good money" and "we don't want sloppy holes" filled the air. All Jessica could do was cry like a baby as she was being whored out to her soon to be rapists. Then she felt a smaller man squeeze beneath her and the pad and line his dick up to her cunt, another man mounted her from behind, as yet another walked to her face. In one instant Jessica had both her pussy and ass filled, as Jessica opened her mouth to once again scream a cock was trusted in her mouth. All three held in and in unison yelled out 1-2-3 and started to fuck her three holes. They were in perfect motion using her fuck holes as hard as they could, the man below jessice was using one hand to punch her stomach continuosly, the other hand reaching above her back to pull her hair and his mouth biting on her tits. This extra brutal fucking went on for a few minutes while jessica just imagined she was in another place attempting to completely remove herself from the situation. Then it happened all three came at nearly the same time. One in her ass, another her cunt, and the final down her throat. $60 dropped by her face as Jessica was nearly passed out from the brutal fucking. Three more filled her holes and did the same, and $60 more dropped after the unloaded their seed into her. Once that was over Jack walked up to Jessica, who was completely out of it, and took a water bottle filling her mouth with it. Jessica swallowed as this was the first liquid besides cum and piss she has had for a good 16 hours. He let her drink the entire bottle and slowly caressed her hair acting like he cared for her, this confused Jessica. Then he said "It will be over soon enough, and you will be trained, once that happens there will be no need for the bondage equipment". Jessica had no idea what he was talking about, she would never let them do this to her if she had a choice. She yelled out "fuck you prick, I am not a slut, and I will make sure you are all punished for this". That comment was met with laughter and another lewd comment from Jerry saying "you are a slut Jessica, I thought we already covered this, sluts get fucked like your getting fucked right now" and with that he pinched her cunt lups and jammed three fingers in fucking her brutally with his stubby fingers. Jessica's body just couldn't handle it anymore and she came right on the spot. Her body trembled, and a loud moun vibrated through her body. She couldn't believe she was responding to this degradation and started to sob anew. Jerry laughed as he went round to her face and stuck his fingers in her mout forcing the teen to taste her own juices. Another guy entered her asshole with a full thrust. His cock was only 8 inches, but was nearly 3 inches thick, this tore Jessica's ass apart as she was releasing animalistic grunts, the guy continued to fuck her ass as hard as he could jamming away and threatening to tear the skins between her cunt and ass. In and out he thrusted all the while calling Jessica a "fuck whore, cum slut" and the like then it happened, he unloaded his seed deep into her bowels, some dripping down her leg. Immediately another guy took his place and used the cum as lubricant to fuck her now gaping asshole, he would thrust all the way in and hold it there slapping the teens ass cheeks. He continued to sodomize the latina teen then came into her ass as well. The man was then replaced by another cock, this time targeting her cunt. He would thrust in and finger her asshole attempting to syphen the cum out as he fucked her cunt, another man went to her mouth and said "open up" reluctantly Jessica did, knowing she really had no other choice. The man had been jacking off watching the scene and didn't take long before pulling out and cuming on her face. The man fucking her cunt did the same thing, but cane on her back.

For a second Jessica was left alone to think about her predicament, it had nearly been 24 hours since she was kidnapped and gangraped, and it wasn't even near over yet. This caused her to start beggin them for mercy again, but as she did Jack came up to her and caressed her hair telling her "you belong to us now, this isn't going to end anytime soon, just learn to enjoy all the attention" Jessica still sobbing said "how can I enjoy being raped and used like this, no women deserves this abuse" Jack responded "your right normal women don't deserve it, but you are nothing more than a fuck whore, a body for us to use as we like, your only reason for existing is to be fucked and tortured, deep inside you know that" Jessica retorted "fuck you, I am not and I don't deserve this". With that Jack swiped her across the face slapping her hard and fast. And sad "time to get the party going again". Jessica just responded "fuck you", and Jack said "no little slut were going to fuck you" and laughed out loud. With that another man slid underneath Jessica and guided his cock to her overused cunt, another man started to fuck her ass, and yet another looked at her in the eyes and just shook his head yes, with that Jessica opened her mouth and spit on his face. "That was a mistake" the man said as he wiped his face and closed her nostrils forcing the teen to open her mouth, which she did. With that he started to fuck her face. So now all three holes were being fucked hard and in a rythmic motion. In and out all three holes were fucked while Jessica could just attempt to drown out the scene, this was nearly impossible! The man fucking her face was being extra brutal due to her spitting on him. He would thrust his cock all the way in, hold it there and closing off her nasal air passage, then he would pull all the way out only to jam in again when she was attempting to catch her breath! Then at once all three men came hard and fast in her holes, the one man down her throat. He then slapped her face with his cock saying "nice throat whore", she just responded "fuck you" while sobbing. Immediately Jessica saw another cock at her face and it didn't waste anytime using her as another man started to fuck her now sloppy ass. In and out they fucked, until depositing their loads into her. For a second she was left alone as Jack walked towards her face and asked her a question in a real monotone voice "enjoying yourself yet? And "having fun". Obviously this was met with a sarcastic response "so why do you think I am enoying this asshole" and "did the crying give me away". She went to spit onto him, but that was met with a fine stream of piss hitting her face and another lewd comment "fuck whore, now we are going to make sure you don't enjoy this". The rest of the night Jessica had all of her holes filled for hours. At some point she lost conscience but that didn't stop them fucking her, using her, cumming on her, and pissing on her. 100 guys must have used Jessica that night. Little did the teen know that the real "party" was about to beging the next day. With that they let her get a couple hours rest as the sun rose the next day!