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Another Night for the Libido Parts 1 and 2

2022-01-19 02:00:03

I am not sure why I want to write about this or other rare experiences at places devoted to gay sex. It obviously is a risk that the wrong people will read it, even after my passing. But part is to remind myself of great experiences when I no longer can have them. Part is to tell those similarly inclined that a fabulous experience can be realized. Part is to celebrate sexual freedom unabashedly, unashamedly, and even a little proudly.

Part 1

Ok, it was May 2018. I am 69 and need a shot to get an erection. I live hundreds of miles from the LA gay sex club. Needless to say, I don’t get there too often. I arrived before the 8 pm start time on a weeknight, so ended up being the first one (there was no line). I asked if there was a discount for the first customer, but got no response! The employee did ask me if I knew this was a gay sex club. I said, “Sure, do I look that straight?” He said his other employee told him to ask me that.

Only about 5 older and heavy guys followed me for the first hour and a half. It gave me a chance to explore the many areas of the club, as some areas I had never really seen due to them being occupied. I was beginning to think it was going to be a quiet night, and even an employee said it was unusually quit. However, by about 10 pm, some thin and younger types entered, though they showed little interest in me. Then, I saw several more potentials coming in and decided I should inject to get my 30 minute erection to be ready.

Since I go so seldom, the checklist has several items for this top. Get head, give head, make out, have sex. I went up the steps to the glory hole area, and picked a tall, thin, older black man. He opened his mouth immediately and gave a uniform, hot suck for as long as I wanted. I caressed his head and chest as a small compensation for the great head I was getting.

Eventually, I either needed to come or move on to avoid getting sore. I thanked my new friend and wandered into the orgy room. It had been fairly tame earlier but now the padded bench had three naked men leaning over it, with their asses exposed and inviting. The condoms are in a box on the wall so I practiced my “how fast can you open the package and put on” routine. I picked the youngest and thinnest of the three, but apparently he wanted a little more foreplay and pushed me gently back. Fully hard and never knowing how long it lasts, I immediately stepped 20 inches to the left and found a warm and wet ass. He moved in circles so I did too, and felt very good if not beyond the point of no return.

The third guy was tempting but I couldn’t see him well due to the darkness and wasn’t that comfortable, so I left the room to clean up in the bathroom. I followed the black guy around until we got alone in a more private room. He knelt for more head but didn’t begin, so I suspect I wasn’t fully cleaned up. I offered to give him oral and felt a nice tool that hardened immediately but he declined. I suspect he didn’t want to come yet. I thanked him again for the great head and wished him fun for the evening.

I returned fairly quickly to a room full of sexually stimulated, half naked men. One young guy was leaning over getting entered from the back. He had a cute ass and the top left soon, so I condomed up. The young guy flipped on his back and raised his legs so I entered missionary style, where I could play with his chest and kiss his neck. Like a lot of guys, he had not interest in making out. He felt very good but I didn’t stay too long, as I still was wondering what fun “lay” “ahead”.

I got cleaned up and wandered, but ended up back in the orgy room. I hooked up with a young Asian, who like me was into making out. I gave his short but thick

member a lips to base oral experience, then went back to French kissing and grabbing both dicks together. Eventually, the making out and jacking off was such a turn on that I came in buckets. Sometimes I have to fantasize to get to that point, but not that night.

When I was younger, that would not have ended the night, but I had been there 3 hours, so I grabbed some coffee and headed out. I had gone from low expectations to sex with two, giving and receiving oral, and making out. Four hot guys, 40 minutes. When the body and mind sometimes remind you that you are getting older and less capable, it is great fun and relief to know that horny guys still will get with you!

Part 2

My Visit to a Gay Men’s Club

I am in my 60’s, in good shape and not overweight, and bi. I have ED, which reminds me of my age, though my sex drive mysteriously didn’t follow, as I think of sex all day.

When the pills quit working, I got a pre***********ion for an injection. It gets me hard for 40 minutes or so. It requires refrigeration and about 5 minutes to inject, so takes some planning to have sex.

My pre***********ion had run out for a while, so I hadn’t had sex with another for over a year. Armed with my ice chest and syringe, I headed to the Slammer Club in LA one Sunday in the spring of 2017.

My age makes me uneasy that I would be repulsed by younger or not fit in, so I had the usual anxiety on the way there of “what am I doing?” But over the years, I have had some of the best sex experiences in gay clubs and baths. There opportunities don’t come often, so I told myself to go through with it and if not a good experience, then I can convince myself I am too old to ever do again. In fact, I am writing this to help me reminisce when I no longer go to these places.

Some places have rooms and you walk around with a towel on, but you keep your clothes on in this place. It has group and individual rooms, though it is very dark and you often have to guess or grope to see who you are next to .The more lit area is the oral stage, where you stand next to half walls with ovals cut in them and guys on the lower level love to give head.

I started walking around to all the areas to get a feel of the place. There was a skinny, older guy getting great head on the oral stage. He was naked from the ankles up, and looked like he could be homeless, though this place isn’t cheap to get in. The fascinating part was he had a very thick and long dick, so it was easy to see part of it while it was being mouthed from below. I watched for a while, felt my own dick stirring, and decided to inject in the only bathroom that has a lock on it.

I didn’t feel a stiffening immediately, so I as usual wondered if the injection was going to work, but I headed for the orgy room just in case. My usual offering to a stranger is to touch a pec and rub a nipple to see if there is interest, half expecting to be brushed off. To my delight, while some of my encounters moved away after a bit, none rejected my touch. I pressed against some groins but didn’t find any really hot guys. The good news was the dick was hard, and I released it from my clothing to see if anyone wanted to give some long awaited oral.

I didn’t get any takers, though there are more bottoms than tops in the gay world so I was hoping. I decided to pull my pants together and saunter to the oral stage. There I saw this really attractive black/latin guy giving head to a tall thin guy. The giver was naked from the butt up, and had a smooth round ass clearly visible looking down his back from above. He had a baseball cap on backwards, which is kind of a signal that he is someone who wants to give head.

I watched as he gave enthusiastic head, then he left. I told the guy he looked like he gave really good head and the guy just said “yeah”. I waited next to the hole where the oral guy had been in hopes he was cleaning his mouth and would return. (There is an area with hydrogen peroxide for mouth rinsing.) To my surprise he did return to the hole I was standing at. I dropped trou and felt a soft hand on my tool, followed by a warm mouth on it head.

What followed was one of the best mouth sex I have ever had. He took me all the way and was relentless in his fast head movement up and down my shaft. It felt so good that I clutched the railing at the top of the wall and pushed into his mouth all the way.

He probably sucked with the same motion for more than five minutes, and I was thinking I either need to come or get a rest before it gets sore. I reached down but could barely touch his hat to caress the head of this wonderful guy. I pulled away once to see if he would lick the shaft or balls, but he just put his head back and waited for me to re-enter his luscious mouth. I did so and he immediately resumed the fast and long sucking. It wasn’t much further that I felt the rumbling orgasm building. I moaned and grabbed his head to letting him know I was coming, as he had options.

But he didn’t take them. He continued to suck deep and hard as I pumped a large volume of cum deep down his throat. I had to grab his head to slow his movement, and put my head down on the railing to support my spent body and mind.

I slowly moved away, patting his head in thanks, and he moved away as well. I saw him later servicing others but never had a chance to thank him for his service, or to feel his hot butt.

There are basically ten or so sexual things you can do with another guy, and I had got off doing only one. Since my opportunities are seldom, I wanted to see what other things I could do before I left, as I had been there less than 40 minutes at that point. The things are 1) get head, 2) give head, 3) fuck, 4) get fucked, 5) neck/kiss all over, 6) be necked and kissed all over, 7) play with pecs, 8) have pecs played with, 9) rim, and 10) be rimmed.

I went back to the orgy room and saw this young Hispanic, who was thin and athletic looking as I like them. I played with his pecs and groin, kissing his neck. He responded well, so I worked his pants down and felt a soft but long dick, now growing in size. I have a good technique for blowing a guy, so I dropped to my knees to see if I could get him hard and off. He liked it when my lips went to the bottom of his dick, which I could even though he was fairly thick. I started doing my hand/mouth combination, where I rotate the hand for stimulation as it goes up and down the shaft, with the mouth covering and moving up and down the head and upper shaft.

This was working as he was getting harder in my mouth, but still not rock solid. I went to deep sucking, risking a gag, then back to my hand/mouth technique until he got nice and hard in my mouth. I kept my technique and increased the rhythm. I could hear his moans and knew I was about to have lunch. The precum tasted good on my tongue and soon my mouth was filled with his juices. I sucked hard but slowed the tempo, owing to the tenderness of a just shot dick.

We patted each other in recognition of a good encounter and I headed to the sink and peroxide rinse station. Ok, I had two things done, but still hadn’t kissed anyone. I headed back to the orgy room. The room is very dark and sometimes crowded, so unless you see someone entering from the dimly lit hallway, your hands on your only guide to how sexy guys are. There are times you can’t move at all. I am not attracted to pot bellies, but there were quite a few feeling me up, one even gave me oral, and sometimes it takes a while to move away in the crowd. Two pats with a hand tells most guys you thank them but are not interested, but some are not easily dissuaded.

I felt up and was felt up by quite a few but no long connections. I was thinking it was time to go, but I walked around the outside area just hoping to find someone new arriving that would be hot. I have a weakness for black guys, and there was one Cuba Gooding Jr lookalike, but he showed no interest in me even though I groped him in the orgy room earlier. There also was a really attractive, young, thin black guy with glasses that I had spent a little more time with, but he seemed to move away from me and others after a short connection. I had felt his groin, but he turned around and pushed his butt into me, which told me his interest. He pushed back and up, and I knew he would be a great fuck if I only had any ammo left! He left but came back soon and I thought he was looking for me, but ended up making out with the guy next to me. I still think he maybe came back to do that with me but in the darkness missed!

I went back to the orgy room thinking I would be leaving soon without making out with anyone. Just then a young 20 something guy walked in and came right up to me. We touched each other’s pecs with our faces just inches away. Not everyone is into kissing, so I kissed his cheek first to measure his interest. Feeling no pullback, I moved to his lips. What followed was one of the best mouth to mouth I have had. As we groped our bodies, we kissed and traded tongues for minutes, our saliva being exchanged and his warm soft lips ever on mine.

He was getting hard with a good size member, so I unbuttoned him and headed down to serve this hottie. He got hard very fast and tasted good. I used my techniques on him as he headed for orgasm, but then he pulled me up. He said he just got here and wasn’t ready to cum, which I understood. I kissed him again and complimented him on his kissing. He said he was a sucker for kissing, and he was!

I moved away to let him have some other experiences, and was just standing near the lit doorway to see who might come in. Standing in the dark was the young black guy. He came right up to me and kissed me passionately. I raised his shirt to feel the ribbing of a great six pack. His skin was soft and the muscles underneath hard, and the texture was so smooth. It may just be skin conditioner, but I am convinced that black skin is smoother and softer.

I was enjoying feeling his warm lips and exploring his mouth with my tongue. As usual, he left as quick as he had come up to me, but he gave me some fantasy images for future masturbations. I walked around once more but knew my time was up, so got a cup of coffee and left.

I had had great, hot interactions with four, plus at least four others that I had briefly groped, licked nipples, rubbed dicks, or necked with. I had thoroughly enjoyed these contacts and felt I had served others who came for the good experiences as well. Not sure when my time for hot sex in a gay men’s club will be over, but thank God it is not yet!