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A party to remember!

2022-05-22 00:00:03

The day started out as any other , it was a Monday ,Having the next week off was going to be great so I decided to start off by going by this new massage / new way therapy’s , the next generation to help maintaining ones health.
At first I was reluctant but decided to ask what this new side of the business was . The massage parlor owner who was a tall ,dark haired businesswoman with great legs and ass. With a big smile she said Arthur you’ll love it is right up your alley and a slight evil grin appeared on her face . Well it turns out to be a enema colonic clinic with a twist as the nurses werescantlydressednce the treatments were to improve a release of sperm was required as the treatments made you very horny they took it upon themselves to help you out with a smile and cup as they would collect your load , they said for medical examination. Kind of fishy but a hell of a time and when you walked out, there it is almost a high your on for the next two-three days where you felt the best you ever could . ( unknown to me and the world it was a place where female doctors were experimenting with new drugs of all sorts to help in their quest to control their mates ,and fulfill their own fantasies of severe femdom man controlling ways . It had joined forces with the femdoms of the world secret organization . Where very prominent woman of the world could go as well as the lady next door as they were all the same when they gathered. Also having a unlimited supply of funds as donations were required as to your wealthy status.. )
This being my third visit I knew the routine of stripping down to nothing and putting on there fancy housecoat robes after showering. Then sitting having my fresh fruit juice shake the offer you before your session begins . I was sitting there when I had the honor of the owner approaching me and start a general conversation sitting across from me in her suit where the top was opened and a fine cleavage was standing out . She had been hiding her 38 dd’s under her blazers all this time . Her green eyes set off her Brazilian tanned skin , her hair flowed past her breast resting on her stomach . This I’d never seen before as she always wore it up .
Fighting to not get a hard-on and stutter from sexual tension that was as strong as her perfume that was of some value as it was like nothing I’d ever smelled before but wished it would never stop , it was entrancing me and I suddenly felt I could tell her anything and did for the next half hour as she was drilling me with all kinds of questions . Yet I couldn’t remember them two minutes later . ( she had gotten all the info from me she needed as to my living conditions and how I had treated woman during my life , being a good guy she smiled as she heard I ;d never hurt ,hit ., refused to hear no , always been respectful. Also finding out I was off work for a whole week and really no appointments .
When my scantly clothed nurse appeared . She was a voluptuous woman who fitted her nurses outfit fully and more . Her shoulder length dark hair rested on top of her breasts that were squeezed into that tight outfit. Wearing dark red whore lipstick and come fuck me heels making her tick legs look more slender and eatable. . The owner looks with a smirk I should have caught but was still in trance by her perfume. As I stood up beside the nurse another aroma filled my nostrils and I sudden felt as timid as a mouse but figuring I was just too horny didn’t even hear her talk to the owner . If I had I’d heard her say ( well he’s the one prepare him for the works and I’ll be in in a minute .
Following the nurse I was taken into a new room quite large but dingy lighting except for the light above the examination table where I quickly jumped up into as I knew . Coming over and giving me a mask with oxygen in it as before as it helped you rejuvenate , as They explained to me before. After a few breathes I closed my eyes and suddenly fell asleep.
I awoke as the liquid from a needle that had injected into a device on my arm that was sealed in place by tape as shunt no finding a vein just pump it in to the opening and it was directing put into my veins and being cold was what woke me up. Looking over I saw the owner put the large needle down and grab a large glass syringe with a small pencil size point coming out of the bottom , to big for injection I tried to ask but realized my mouth had been gagged with a rubber mouth piece with a hose coming out of the front of it Sitting between my strapped down legs with the stirrups high in the air ‘
I know your wanting to ask questions , no time as you are the last one we required to start our experiments and we need to get you ready . So I’ll tell you won’t enjoy a lot of what’s going to happen to you over the next week but you won’t die and will be a more understanding person .
Just then she pushed the end of the large glass cylinder syringe into my ass and rammed the greenish liquid into me . This is the start and is needed to bring you into health for this and also a high that will allow us to do as we need and also make you corruptive as you will see no matter what we tell you will willing do without hesitation and you may on the inside say no your actions will be yes as you have no control over that for awhile. Nurse please finish the appointment and collection . Now relax and it will be over in no time . Leaning forward she placed my semi’ hard cock in her mouth and suck me rock hard till the nurse appeared with her container and new wire set . With a smile she got up and says see you in a few days hun.
Too much too fast I thought but hell of a blowjob by a Amazon Brazilian beauty. Without a word the nurse attached all the wires and pads to my scotum and fitted a ring around the base of my cock . I small plug was inserted in my ass with wires also . Leaning back after putting a condom over my cock she just smiled , gave me a firm nut squeeze enough to make me jump she flicked a switch and a electric current start slow and ticklish at first growing in intensidity .A loud moan escaped my gag and the nurse looked into my eyes and smiled. Flicking another switch sending a painful shock into my wired pads . A scream was heard in my head only as I felt a full load of come explode out of my cock filling the condom with more come than I ever had shot before almost pulling off the condom as it filled it a quarter way with come.. Then she told me to close my eyes and rest . Wanting to keep my eyes open I felt them close involuntarily and I drifted into a drug haze .

I awoke to darkness unable to hear or see anything as I was sealed in a rubber and leather mask , it was then I realized I was totally encased in a rubber suit and tied to a moveable push cart . Laying on a small narrow bench on my hands and knees my head strapped facing forward . After a good length of time I suddenly felt a cold rush of new injection entering my veins and a sudden flash of light as the eyewear coving my eyes was turned on and I got a television type view on the screens in the goggles allowing a vision of what they wanted me to see .
Focusing now I saw that I was now in a large white walled examination dungeon as I saw the large bricks on the sides of the room . Being about the size of a large gym I realized I was actually looking at myself as a dark nurse approached me releasing my encased scrotom out of one hole with a painful squeeze and my cock out of another in the thick rubber suit that encased me then thru a anus opening a butt plug was about to be shoved into my ass with tubes running out of plug. With a sneer I saw on her face she pushed the well greased nozzle into my ass . It started me the quick opening of the muscle but she rubbed my nuts gently and the discomfort went away. .

Suddenly disappearing I was then left alone looking around to finally see the place e clearer now. I saw all the moveable dressers and wardrobe cabinets. , Also the bondage furniture and examination tables were coming into view now as the fog lifts from my head of drugged haze. I felt alright but I wasn’t hungry or thirsty for all the time I was out I should have been ..But it was then I realized they were feeding me annually through my butt plug nozzle.

Suddenly the view of the room was gone and a another room came into focus . It was the owner of the parlor and a another very sexy and broad woman wearing a doctors outfit with black nylons and heels with her large breasts pushing out of the top showing her nipples, her beautiful legs were crossed and her face stern but pleasant enough

So were now here going to let you know what is about to happen as after a thousand tries you were the only true nice guy who hadn’t disrespect a woman your whole life . So we are going to use you as a observer to our experiments this long weekend along with test our newest drugs to improve a mans ability to produce more sperm in a day then it would take a month to produce but to do this we are unsure of a lot of the drugs effects on the man . The side effects could be extreme horniness a, ball swelling and a euphoria do to some drugs that will make you feel well we will find out . She says. The owner then said . We are also going to be testing a bunch of drugs that could be harmful to the men we have in the sense it is the woman who will be taking the drugs , We are also testing some aphrodisiacs on both woman and men . But the men we have ready to use to the extreme are not nice guys and wills suffer greatly so they had better hope they were machinists themselves as they are the toys that we are using to test our personality change drugs on some woman to see if they can become dominate and sadistic characters unable to pushed around by anyone ever again , there are also some victims who are here to we are going to try and pull out of their afraid and depressed ways .

There will be many freedoms here bringing there girls to make them woman out of them so they are going to test out or character changing drugs also . Then there will be some like ourselves who are here to just torture men for the fun of it she says and a smear appears . Pushing a button my vision was changed to a another screen , it was a past taping of there evil torture , enemas, and cbt , everything .
There was a nurse shoving a Hugh nozzle into this screaming man. . His screams to stop made her smile and she welcomed them and his pleading as she left it hanging half out and grabbed a mouth gag with a inflatable bulb on the part going into his mouth and secured it . A couple of pumps and he was quiet except for his moans .
Returning to where he hung from the ceiling with his ass being the lowest part as his legs were held up and spread exposing his genitals fully to her excess. The with one quick shove pushed the nozzle over it’s widest part allowing his stretched anus to come to a 2 inch wide opening from the butt plug hung two rubber tubes which she connects to two liter enema bag. The other to a bulb which she pumps up few times inflating the bulb inside his ass.
With a quick snap she releases the stopper allowing the water to drain into his ass. Oh by the way I made that a mixture or Tabasco sauce and lemon juice. His eyes widen and bulge out as he realizes the pain coming his way. As the Tabasco sauce enters his ass he moans in pain and twists and turns struggling trying to get away from it like that was possible. The sadistic nurse say don’t worry about that as I will have your attention elsewhere and grabs his exposed balls and squeezes hard . Trying g to scream was useless but he was showing signs of fainting from the pain. Releasing his scrotum she places his cock in her mouth and sucks gently. Not being able to enjoy this at all as he knew it was only going to lead to his painful downfall he knew was coming.
.Biting down hard on his head of his cock she drew blood as she released his flaccid dick now from her mouth licking away the one drop running down his chin. Grabbing a bucket he attaches it to the parachute attached above his balls
Realizing the bucket from a foot high from it’s stopping point the weight yanks his scrota downward pulling the nuts tightly up against the scrota skin Then with a out loud laugh she grabs a small baby bulb with a pointed nozzle. Releasing any contents from your ass will go directly into the bucket. . Pulling out the nozzle quickly from his ass he clenches down hard on his spinster muscle shutting his asshole tight but having to stay tensed up to do it as his asshole had been stretch open for several days . . Sweat beads appear on his forehead as he stays tense to the max. attaching a hose to his mouth hose he lets the other end go into the bucket. If you can when you release as I am leaving you like this till morning.
Just as he feels he ‘s got it under control and as she leaves she sees this and jams the baby bulb up his fully exposed asshole and squashes hard. That was a mixture of water soap and baking soda. Enjoy your night. Leaves the room to his muffled screams . The small amount of baking soda when it mixes with the lemon juice will cause a reaction and extreme painful cramps .I continued to watch as he struggled to hold it to now anvil . Almost ripping his balls off from the force of his expulsion you could hear the laughter and jeers of the woman watching this from the sidelines . Holding back as much as he could because it weighted heavy in the bucket he tries to drink what is in the bucket up the clear hose to his mouth. By morning he would be a changed respectful man willing to do as told as he will never forget how much he had to endure to live thru the night with his balls intact. Then he would have no choice in the matter as his bowels expulsed another quart . The woman loved it as he had tears from the pain running down his cheeks.

Then his vision switched back to his fandom’s , He ends up losing his nuts during another session where they released a over lee induced drugged woman into his space she hated men deep down and the drugs allowed her to realize them wrongs done onto her and she loses it when she comes upon him. After smashing his nuts in her hands as she smashes her fist into the other hand that holds his stretched out scrotum. His pleads are ignored but bring us running forum the fear we heard in the screams. Then getting to his srotum awash his next rival . Then she decided to Spiderman his scrotom by swinging from his nuts like a Tarzan . Tearing his scrotum skin away from his body to his frantic screams of pain and shocked. Not a one person even bothered to even look or help him in anyway. Then he looked over to scream out as he watch her pop them into her mouth and chew them up and with a smile of contentment swallowed them. .
She has now got a satisfied look on her face and calmly walks away leaving the man bleeding and crying for his lost nuts as his purpose in life was now gone and he was a it.

Returning to the examination room he is now being untied from his total bondmen on the table. Still totally incased in his rubber suit of hell where only his crotch area was exposed it the drafts.
A sudden cool ness fills his veins and he rushes into a euphoria of sexual bliss and acceptance to what he just saw.. The new nurse wearing street clothes that were very tasteful is preparing a inflatable nozzle. Then turns and orders me to stand and come to her voice and bend over at the waist . Thinking yeah right but in horror watch myself do just that . I held no power to be me anymore . .
As I bend at the waist I feel the nozzle slip in and inflate . Attaching a bag from the fridge on the plug hose to the one running into my ass. This is going to be a real test so I’m going to allow you to help out around here as we approach the event this weekend.
This mansion I now realized I was in , was at least a hundred rooms big and they were filling up with new people coming in all day just to be here for this historic event
The woman and girls were all beautiful as money can buy but they had that snobbish attitude of wealth people. A few of the teachers and professors and doctors who were privilege to attend from local wouldn’t get there till the last minute but trying to get the early arrivals into the clinic for a check up and enema to help them and also when we would drop the special mixture we had for each of the newest members second generation. .
Still totally incased in rubber and walking only to the what is televised to my goggles I arrive at the clinic

As I walk into the clinic I was suddenly told to go over to the lowering chains and leather. My hands are clipped to my side and my legs are spread wide and secured a board is put to my back and strapped to me back and head. Then suddenly I was lifted level with my legs spread wide and 45 % angle from my ass exposing my crotch area. I was then trolled out into the next room where 4 mistresses were and there daughters too who weren’t too interested in sex as one could see as they stood in the corner gossiping and joking about this adventure with their mothers. A sort of rebellion on their part. But it won’t last for these 15-18 year old girls who all were still baby looking .
Here is the list of things that need to be done along with the amounts which have to be perfect..
These old mistresses all showing their aging bodies dresses in their best leather corsets and boots were checking me out and were wondering why I wasn’t in some kind of of situation as I lay there exposed to the world yet enclosed in heavy rubber and inflated to hide the special goggles I worn. They were starting to make me nervous as to their opening to all the cabinets exposing all the water toys of enema and watersports equipment.
I’ll handle this drug mixture you three drag those girls over and get them into their new enema stocks. (First their feet are trapped spread about 3 feet apart .Getting on their knees they push their asses thru the steel stocks where they are now strapped in.)
After much arguing the four girls finally agree to this and settle into therir spots and after strapping them in there asses are uncover to their protests all which are beautifully rounded and young..
Now forced to face me they aren’t ready yet to disobey their mothers . Bringing out four nozzle bulb containers with the new experimental drug in it. Each mother grabs one and ignoring their screaming daughters they plunge the nozzles in and squeeze to contents are emptied.
Still yelling they suddenly begin to mellow out and drift into a drug haze of euphoria. Now quiet they turn their attention to me and the next enema they now will give their daughters next. Well bulbs anyways this time ice cold .as the medicine came from the fridge and needed to enter the system cold. But the oldest nurse has now begun to question my situation and has decided to put me in a position close to their daughter when they are released . So she lowered me down and put me on a table where I was half in one room and sealed into place leaving only my crotch exposed towards the soon to become raven sex addicts who could turn dangerous if wrongly giving there experimental drug.

I could still see everything going on the other side of the wall . A cold chill as my newest drug is given to me . A large enema of 4 quarts of mixture is hung and a box of different size nozzles are placed on the table along with the needed acceriories. . Then the four of them then pick a place to begin their adage to this session by putting two of them at each side of the wall The first two attach there hoses from there underwear special made to my mouth and plug hoses. A warm feeling is filling my mouth but the drugs have actually made there golden nectar taste good and I gulp it down eagerly. While I feel a hot stream begin to fill my ass. The two filling my ass both had killer size bladders . Leaving me to feel the newest drug effects and their added nectar They return to their mellowed out daughters and see they are right out of it . Not for long and they administer the second cold bulb . All of them spring open their eyes and yelp out of discomfort . A small powerful wireless egg is also pushed into their rectums . Swathing them on caused them to squirm and squeal. Lets leave them now for awhile. Well with me in full view as they positioned me directly in front of them my crotch fully exposed and growing from the newest drug to where it hurt and still kept getting bigger I felt . The head nurse came by and placed a one inch wide steel ring around my base of my cock . Well you better stop soon or these spikes on the inside of the ring will be causing you a pain fulltime . Then grabbed my mouth hose and relieved her Hugh bladder into my mouth . Feeling full of piss now I felt the urge to piss coming on fast.

The girls then heard a click and they were released . Everyone in another room watched as their daughters began to look around at all the accessories in this lifestyle .Then the oldest tallest one approached me crotch area.. Reaching out she felt the exposed crotch area gently squeezing now. Then the others approached as she put my cock into her mouth and began to suck me off , she was a natural and soon I felt the pricks of the collar touching my skin and I felt it and I was peerless to do anything and I was experiencing the first touches that these daughters ever done before to a male . Each wanting to feel it and have it in their mouths and I’m not supposed to get excited. Well after passing it on the oldest one looked into the cabinet beside us and was there for a few minutes . Just as the last one put the dick to the back of her throat the oldest brought out a plastic tray that was able to attach to my anal hose. . I was now fearing of the thought she’d figured it out . As the girls watched she put the tray between her legs and emptied first her bladder then pushing it back further and pressing it firmly against her crotch emptied her ass also . Looking at my cock she reach over grabbed my scrotum and pushed my testies between her fingers causing a great deal pain . My muffled moans were heard and smiles appeared on all of them and they began to all want the pleasure of making me moan. Feeling my as becoming filled with her piss and shit water was inexpertly a turn on as I look into their young faces eager now to bring discomfort onto men.
Blood now dripped from my collar and I was so high I didn’t care. I closed my eyes as I could watch their first feels and abuses anymore without causing major holes in my dick.
But also expanding guts had me worried . Suddenly the collar was taken off and a piece of rubber was places over my cock and it was attacked to my mouth hose The youngest one then held my balls in her palm of her one hand . Then with a swift but direct open hand slammed it down on her other hand crushing my nuts filling my eyes immediately with tears and a sick to my stomach. It was then they all laughed and their faces changed to a evil look . MY owner of the parlor the ran in as she was watching and ordered them away from my space . She then was heard saying it works too good good but we can live with that.. Unable to make a sound yet as there was something stuck in my throat . I then Passed out cold!!!!!! end of part One